ATARI XL / XE tips and tricks


Alternate reality: the city
Load the game as usual and select a temporary character. When the loading procedure ends, press RESET.
Load a disk copier into memory and using this copier, you can copy DISK2, SIDE 1 of the city
to any blank disk. You are now ready to do the following trick: Load the game(using your original disks)
as usual and create a NEW CHARACTER. as players og this game will know, when you enter ANY
Guild for the first time, you are given an increase in on of your "STATS".
Enter any Guild, then leave and press 'P' to pause. Then insert the NEW disk (NOT any of your original ones!)
and press 'S' to save your character. If you carry out the foregoing procedure, your character will be able to 
enter Guilds and increase his/her STATS as many times as they require.

Alternate Reality: the Dungeon:
When you pick up the GOLDEN APPLE it adds 15 to your Hit-points. Unfortunately, it then disappears so 
when you first pick it up immediately drop it, pick it up again then drop it again. You can do this as many
times as you like, but you have to be quick and SAVE regularly (only AFTER you have dropped it).

The game: You are being abducted from earth in a gigantic spacecraft, and taken to another planet;
an Alternate Reality. After this, you will find yourself in a room with only one exit. This faces the Dungeon
and is covered by a force field with numbers spinning around above the lintel. As you pass through, the 
numbers freeze as the Dungeon guide remarks: "as if you had pulled the lever to a cryptic slot machine."
Their frozen status -referred to as stats for the remainder of the game - determines your levels of stamina,
charm, strength, intelligence, wisdom, skill, health and hit points. Youu are now in the Dungeon, where
the fun starts. In this mazxe of corridors and sewers you can meet all sorst of creatures - and probably will.
Near the entrance is the Damon and Pythias shop where you can buy almost anything. And don`t forget
to barter with the owner, he nearly always gives in.
Scattered throughout the Dungeon corridors are lots of doors, but if you thought that doors were just doors
you`re wrong. In this game there are magic doors, invisible doors, and those that you can only open from one side.
Some commands: P=pause, U=use item you are presently carrying and D to drop an item if you get too
overburdened with stolen goods.

Bidding to the blacksmith: You say hi (hail) or walk away (leave) to avoid a fight with the creature on the market.
(you have nothing to fight with)  You go to the blacksmith to see if you can buy a stiletto or dagger. When you name 
your price, first go for half the price, then somewhat higher until he agrees. If you begin too low, you`ll get kicked
out and it will be difficult to do the same again, since he remembers you well.
Then find something to sleep. (Inn) Choose especially in the beginning for the maximum time of twelve hours,
and make sure it is light again if you wake up. Sun: up 4 o`clock, under: 17 o`clock, with until 18.00 hours light.
So early to bed it is....that is if you have cash. If not, you loose points to tiredness and you are not able to
defend yourself anymore.
Remember that if you fight a commoner and kill it, his collegues become more aggresive.  Paupers are weak and
defenceless. If you fight them, you will be seen upon as mean and notice that in your points.
At the bank you can invest, but not loan money. Don`t put everything one one account, because you can loose 
your money. Also you can sell gems and juwels. Prices in Smithys en shops vary per day and in taverns the 
menu varies per hour, so it is not always possible to buy water and food. Watch for pemmican, it is also a
foodpacket and cheaper.
Watch out with alcohol, even a sip can cause drunkness, so you get kicked out everywhere except an Inn.
(try to reach one drunk...)
Weapons: all kinds are in this game. Some are better than others. You need especially magic weapons
for nightcreatures. (you`ll find them sometimes on your victim. Some are cursed, some not. It depends
on your wisdom in the game if you can see the difference.) If you decide to take a weapon, do this
secundary. If it is cursed, you still have your primary weapon. A cursed weapon you can get rid of by 
treating it at one of the guilds. (watch out when you drop the weapon it is the ex-cursed one that is 'ready'.)

The Amulet: (Tiara software)
Tips: Don`t use large senses. Say 'fill lamp' (not: put xxx in the lamp), as there wasn`t enough room in the game 
for large senses.
At the oasis: (pool of brackish water) Neither e'xamine pool' nor 'examine water' will work. 'Examine oasis' will.
N=move north  S=Move south  E= Move east  W= move west  U=move up D=move down
A=again  I=inventory  L=look  Q=quit  X=index.
NE=northeast NW Northwest SE=Southeast SW=Southwest.
Hints: Getting started: DMJNC TDSFF.HFU TUPOF.V.V.O.
The oasis: DSPTT PBTJT.
Yard: once you have the door open: FYBNJOF EPPS.
PS: you can adjust your screencolour by repeatedly pressing OPTION key.
HELP: typing HELP at any time you will be referred to that section.

Airstrike II:
To shoot rockets leave a bit of space behind you to reverse and tease the rockets out. If the bombs falling
from the ceiling are bulletproof then pause the game till they move to a different position, then fly round them.
If the doors in the girders are too difficult to shoot, pause the game. Bombing fuel and ammo trucks is tricky
sometimes. Be careful on harder levels because then the ammotrucks fight back.
Moving mouths of caves can be beaten by pausing the game. You stop moving but the cave mouth doesn`t stop.
Shooting defenders must be shot dead centre. Their bullets can be shot too. The odd things like two squares
hled by a rubber band can be removed by getting yourself in a safe place and pauseing. They keep going past you.

To get infinite lives and enable yourself to finish the game:
1. make a BACKUP of the original, and work on the backup.
2. Using a sector editor, make the following changes to bytes 58, 59 and 60 of sector 89:
Byte no:     Original:       Change to:
58              CE                 EA
59              F4                  EA 
60              31                  EA

For a higher score and an extra life just that little bit earlier select the following:
4 player - Melee combat - Flipover Defence
The other ships (not being able to move or fire) are easy meat and can be picked off quickly. Each ship
is worth 1,000 points by virtue of the flipover defence.

When there are only 1 or 2 small asteroids left, thrust up to the top right-hand corner and wait. When a saucer
comes, shoot it either direct or using the wraparound effect. Doing this a few times will bump up your score a lot.

Atari Artist
On the main menu, if you position the cursor over the centre of the Atari logo and press the fire button,
a piece of music is played!

Basil the Great Mouse Detective
The five objects that are needed to get to the second level: Cigarette - Gun - Dagger - Key - and something
that looks like an alarm clock.

B.C`s quest for tires:
When you come to the turtles and the lady, wait until she has swung her club twice. When she brings the club
down for the second time, jump almost immediately and you will have an easy crossing over the turtles.
Once you have cleared the cliff (travel 80 mph!) the vulcanic eruption starts. Move to the right of the screen
and keep pushing to the right. Keep your fingers crossed that a boulder doesn`t hit you, and, when you come
to the turtles at the cave entrance, you will be able to jump whenever you like without drowning or being
killed by the dinosaur.

Behind enemy lines:
Level 1:
Climb to the top of the red bridge girders and jump from one to another until they end. When you get to the missile 
lorries DON`T climb on top of them as you will probably get killed by the soldiers. Instead you should go along
the bottom of the screen killing the green soldiers and the grey soldiers from the right by laying down and knifing
them. At the end of the level lie down, facing right and holding out the knife all the while(hold down the fire button).
You can also shoot the soldiers with the bazooka if you want.
Level 2:
Travel along the bottom of the screen using the bazooka and the knife as above to kill the soldiers. When the
parachutist falls down lie down facing right and the bombs will not hit you. When the parachutist lands you can kill 
him just the same as the other green soldiers. Do the same for the second parachutist, when you get to the
dogs you can kick, shoot or stab them. (kick them by pressing fire, stab by lying down and pressing fire. You
don`t have to be lying down to shoot them).
Level 3:
Walk along the bottom stabbing and shooting as for level 1. When you get to a big white building climb to the 
top and drop off the end. Kill the parachutist as desribed in level 2. You will need the bazooka for the helicopter
at the end of the level. To do this go to the right as far as possible and then face left. As the helicopter lands and 
comes towards you shoot it. You will need to repeat this 3 or 4 times before it ends up as a heap of scrap.
Level 4:
Travel along the bottom stabbing and shooting as level 1. Use the method in level 2 if you encounter any 
parachutists. At the end of the level you will have to use the method for the end of level 1 (lie down, face right, 
hold down fire button all while or shoot with bazooka). When enough soldiers are killed you are greeted with the
highly original message of "Mission Complete".

Bounty Bob
Level 1: After flowerpot press 1 and START same time, goto level 4
Level 2: (utility host): first get all mutants, then get the walpaperroller en press 3 and START same time,
you then go to level 22.
Level 3: (suction tubes):after picking up the mug( the little thing up left) press 5 and START same time, you
then go to level 15.
Level 5: after coffee press 8 and START same time, goto level 8
Level 10: hayfork,  press 5 and START same time, goto level 14
Level 16: put suction tube one to the left, get the apple pie, press 9 and START same time, goto level 19

Bounty Bob Strikes Back! - Cheat Code
Press F3 to enter the option screen.  Use the down arrow to move to the "Special Code" line.  Use left/right arrow to select 61800.  Holding ESC will cause the numbers to advance more quickly.  Hold the "F" key on the keyboard and press F3.  Now when you're playing the game you can type any two numbers to jump directly to that level; for example type "05" for level five.
Thanks to Marc de Wolf

Blue Max
Try bombing your own hangar in this game, instead of landing and you may find a hint or two for up-and-coming
programmers to illustrate how games are programmed!

Bruce Lee:
Tip if you have at least two joysrticks, one of which with autofire:
First connect the joystick with autofire to the second port, then connect another to the first port.
On the title screen, select one player versus one opponent mode, then start the game as usual by pressing start.
When you start playing, switch the joystick in the second port to autofire mode, you`ll see that Green
Yamo keeps punching at nothing. Normally, when you select this mode, the computer will switch back
to the default mode if there is no response from the second joystick, so the autofire prevents the computer 
from doing this. This means that not only will Green Yamo be too busy to fight you, but you will have ten lives
as well, making it far easier to complete the game.

Blinky`s scary school:
You must watch your timing. This will lessen the amount of energy you will use. A good knowledge of the 
lower screens is useful as you will need to complete them in the dark.
First, get the flour. Rush through the Falling Spike screen and carry on until you fall down the left passage.
Jump over the snails and get the perfume. Go down to the next screen which is 'blacked out'. Go to the left and try
to judge the jump. Get the Toilet roll and fall down to the next screen. Go left until you reach the toilet.
Jump on it and you will be transported to the Scroll screen. Put the items in the Pot and go back to the screen with the
two snails. Go left and jump up onto the ledge. On the next screen, fall down and go right to the next screen and get the
Fish. Go back and jump over the Spikes until you get to another Toilet Roll room. Get the Roll and fall down.
Carry on until the Mouse comes up to you. Then you will have a clear run to the toilet. Put the items in the Pot and 
you will fly up to the ledge. Go left until you reach the Spike screen. Jump over the mouse on the 3rd Step down and 
carry on. Get the Newt`s Eye and get to the Bars on the left. Carry on up the Bars until you reach the Wasp screen.
Dodge the wasps and get the Scone on the next screen. Dodge the Birds and carry on all the way to the end.
Get theAir and make your way to Pot 2 and drop the items. Use the Bars to get to the Snail Ledge and jump over him.
Dodge the mice on the next screen, carry on and get the Gum. Put the Gum in Pot 2 and go back to Pot 1.
Carry on until you reach the 1st Toilet Roll screen. Get theRoll and then go up to the next screen and get the Light.
Now go to the Sea Entrance. Go down to the bottom and thenright. Work your way to the top, then go right. Jump 
onto the Ledge and jump over the snail. The Spikes on the next screen are frustrating! Just run really far onto them 
and jump -( you won`t die). Carry on to the end, jump onto the Gravestone and get the Alarm Clock.
Go back to the spikes and don`t get near them. Jump overthem and go back to the Sea Entrance.
Float to near the top left of the surface of the water and jump up. Go onto the Toilet and work your way to Hamish.
Jump above him on the Bars. The Alarm will sound and he wakes up. You have now completed the game... 

Boulderdash II
If you can enter your "exit" exactly as your time clicks to zero, you will have a brilliant surprise!! This only
works on the early stages though and requires precision timing.(tried it but didn`t succeed...)

Breath of the dragon
On the title screen, press a key from 1-6 and you will start on the corresponding maze.

Remain stationary and keep shooting. This will build a 'tunnel'into which the centipedes will fall.

Cosmic Pirate:
If you`re in debt because you have to restart missions, then on the options screen press reset and you will
then be paid up. This works even though you have completed some missions so you can carry on
from the mission which you left.

First of all, go to the PLAY SIM icon and play the free simulations. Instead of fglying around shooting,
remain facing in one direction andshoot very carefully. Once there are only a couple of aliens left, press ESC to
return to the main menu and play the free simulation once more. Repeat this procedure until your shooting 
accuracy increases to between 20-25.
Now launch and fly towards the crosshairs. You will arrive at a Space Station. Follow the crosshairs to the centre
of the space station and a map will appear. There are 2 pirates on this map - one is you and the other is an enemy.
Choose one of these sprites and move it one square closer towards the Space Truck. If the enemy doesn`t move
then you must be the other!
You will now be back in space and can, again, enter another Space Station. There are also icons which you can
collect which replenish Shields, deplete Shields, add to score and collect Smart Bombs:
Colour of icon:    Meaning:
Red                    Automatic Smart Bomb      
Green                 Bomb
Yellow               Extra Points
Purple                Decrease Damage
On the game map, the Black squares are toll-free, but the Green squares require a toll:
Dark Green = 1000 credits       Light Green = 2000 credits
Once you gain access to the Space Station and the Map appears, move another square until you arrive at the 
Space Truck. Then destroy it by shooting at the vital points when your crosshair is over them. You will then be
presented with the message "Mission Completed" and you will be awarded money. Now select another mission
and repeat the procedure, this time with Bigger Space Trucks. If you are lucky enough to win more money,
you can buy more shields etc.

Some other tips:
-Once you start earning credits, DO NOT buy a larger gun as this will tend to hinder you by making the 
simulator practically impossible.
- Blast everything regardless of your shooting accuracy in the actual game. (auto-fire recommended)
-You have to accumulate over 6500 points if you want to make a profit.
-The no. 2 simulator is the easiest one to play. DO NOT shoot the heads straight away as this reduces the amount 
of points you can earn.

On the OPTION screen enter RAISTLIN then press Space to activate the Cheatmode.

Cloak of Death:   -solution-
N-get chest - E - look desk - get bible - S - lookfireplace - W - W - Get chair - N - Drop chair - stand on chair - 
look - look cupboard - get matches - get knife - S - E - drop bible - look - go corridor - drop cheast - kick chest - look chest - get key - W - get candle - E - open door - light candle - drop matches - go door - get iron - up - S - drop knife
- get bible - up - W - pull cord - drop iron - E - down - get knife - go corridor - go door - E - get hammer - get saw - S - drop saw - get rag - N - E - drop rag - W - W - up - S -up - N - N - look shelves - pull book - go passageway - up - E - remove nails - drop hammer - go hatch - get wire - S - push table - W - diown - W - S - W - go annexe - get goblet 
- E - E - S -down - go corridor - go door - E - S - drop bible - get saw - get bar - cut bar - make cross - drop saw -
get bible - get cross - N - W - up - S - W - N - look sink - get water - S - E - up - N - E - exorcise cloak - drop goblet
- get painting - open safe - 1327 - look safe - get key - drop cross - drop bible - W - S - down - E - get coal - W - 
go corridor - get matcjes - go door - E - E - drop coal - light coal - open gate - E -  .....to freedom.....

Crystal Castles
In the first field, go stand in the left upper corner. You are now transferred to level 3.

Crystal Raider:
If you put a heavy weight on the space bar the game goes much slower so allowing you to complete it.

*When you start the game, hold down the FIRE button and press START. You will become invulnerable!!

Crack up:
B = Go directly to the next round.
C = Catch ball and release it by pressing fire.
D = 2 balls
E = Bat gets larger
L = By pressing fire you can shoot at stones.
S = slower ball
X = Extra life.

You are in a topsecret nuclear submarine from the American marine. It has sonardisturbing equipment which
makes it invisible for the enemy. The enemy enlists a spy to sabotage the submarine and to get the equipment. 
The game begins after the spy gassed the crew while you were working in a airtight room. It is your task to
save the secret equipment and your own life!
You are in the escapetube with your tools (tiny screwdriver) Here the gas also comes through so 'hold breath'.
open the gate and go down. Now you have 8 moves time to do something about the gas, so hurry to the 
'weapons locker' to 'take mask'. Now go to the 'equipment bay' to get a 'radiation suit'. Now you can look around.
(do that within 18 moves, or you have the enemy behind you). When you are in 'ballast control', 'push red button'
and the sub dives. Let it dive, it can do no harm. On this dept you are safe for the enemy, but the spy (traitor)
is stiil on board and he won`t be killed easy... That goes as follows: Get the knife in the galley, with it you
can open the closed grate in the shower stalls (unscrew grate with dull knife). If you now go into the ventilation duct
you`ll see the traitor through the pipe. Get the shampoo (shower stalls), the wrench from the torpedo room and
the cable cutter from theradio room. Go to the Sonar Sphere and you will have a murderweapon: a radioactive
'sonar unit' (it glows) The cable you cut with the cable cutter, but before you do that, see in the sonarstation if
the scanner is blank. If not, push green and it is off, just as the high voltage on the cable. And then: cut cable
with cable cutter. Then grease bolts with shampoo, turn them loose and get the unit. With the unit under your arm
you go to the showers, get into the ventilation duct and throw the unit on the traitor`s head.
Go to the fan room, get the gun and you will notice that it has only one bullet. If you now save the game (S - Return)
and shoot on something that has no result, then press Reset, load the game with Select and and continue until you 
decide to shoot on the door in the forward passage. If you have done that, you will get access to the captain`s room.
Type 'look suicide note' and 'examine captain' and you will find a key and identity card. Then go to the mission control.
Use your new card to get access to two new rooms. Go now to Lower Missile Bay and open it with the key.
When you go up you`ll see the launching site. (gold and silver button) With it you can direct the torpedo, but where 
to point?? The answer is in the navigation center. Look on the display and note X and Y. Go back to Upper Missile
Bay and direct X and Y by pushing the gold and silver button (gold = X silver = Y) If they are correct, go to Missile
Control. To fire the torpedeo press the white button...... mission accomplished.....

On screens 4 onwards all the pods will be in the same place at the start of the screen. Move in close and smart bomb.
you get points for the pods and the swarmers inside them. To destroy swarmers, get in behind them and follow them 
closely. They won`t turn around and they won`t fire back. If a baiter is after you and you only have 1 or 2 aliens left,
go after them and ignore the baiter. You don`t have to shoot him. If you have 1 humanoid left and are close to levels
5, 10 etc., then leta lander pick him up, shoot the lander, catch the man but don`t put him down. The landers get
quite frantic about this and can be picked off easily.

Go to a room which has a Morph slab with a rat running across it. Leave the rat to drain your energy, and as he is almost
about to touch you to drain your last drop of energy, pull down on the joystick so that you will turn into a frognewt.
When you return back into Frognum your energy level will be flat but you will still be able to kill everything without
being killed yourself. You can now walk through all the nasties - except the Tyrant Beast! You have to get the
Necromancer`s staff to do that. To get the staff, first collect  the Eye of Serekos and then proceed back up to 
the top level and the room where the Morph Helix was found. In the upper half of the room - at the far right -
a section of wall has now disappeared. The necromancer`s Staff is in the next room. Once this is obtained, the spells
can be collected and these in turn can be used against the Tyrant Beast......he still takes a lot of beating, though....

Donkey Kong Jr.:
When the game has loaded press Start. Then press shift and hold it as you type the word BOOGA. If you now
press K you will never be killed as you play the game and if you press S you will be able to skip levels.

Dallas Quest - solution-
Drop money - E - take all - N - take glasses - N - give glasses - enter barn - drop owl - take shovel - S - S - S - W -
take bugle - W - W - W - blow horn - dig - look - read stone - E - N - open desk - take pouch - N - N - W - W -
N - look plane - give tickets - take sack - open sack - put ring - take chute - close sack - use chute (or jump) -
open pouch - give pouch - close pouch S - S - look huge - tickle anaconda - S - S - enter boat - open pouch - 
give pouch - close pouch - row boat - blow horn - S - pull  curtait - take mirror - drop bugle - take light - open
pouch - give pouch - close pouch - drop shovel - drop chute - open sack - put pouch - put mirror - take rope - 
take suspenders - close sack - drop rope - drop suspenders - drop sack - on light - climb ladder - drop light -
E - S - take sack - climb ladder - take light - W - off light - open sack - take ring - take photo - take pouch -
drop sack - show photo - take all - W - open pouch - give pouch - close pouch - give eggs - give mirror -
wave ring - heat eggs - on light - drop ring - look - take map - on - give map...... completed.......

Dark Crystal: (see also the movie to more easily solve the game)
Make sure that:
-talk to Ursu before he dies (to find out what the riddle is)
-study the spiral under the moss(to find the answer to the riddle)
-listen or talk to the Brook (to see what it is babbling about)
-examine the hieroglyphics in the ruins(to find out about two objects you need, a special ability of Kira, a place
  you need to go and a symbol you need to enter it)
-examine the shadows in the valley of the stones (to lead you to one of the above objects)
-use that objecty to correctly identify the shard.

In the early parts of the game, you may be attacked by the Garthim at random intervals, if this happens, either move 
away immediately (N,S,E,W, Run Escape) or throw one of the smoke seeds at it. (you`ll find these in the pouch under
the beetle shell) You can also prevent the attacks happening in the first place, as each attack is preceded by the 
appearance of a crystal bat. If you kill the bat by slinging a pebble at it, the attack will not occur.

And for the full solution:
Look - W - W - W - N - talk ursu - S - E - E - E - E - get shale - N - W - W - dig - get flute - N - N - cut lily - 
E - listen brook - get pebbles - N - (insert disk 2, side a) - N - sit - N - (insert disk 2, side b) - get moss - stare spiral - S - 
(insert disk 2, side a) - S - E - get sling - S - (insert disk 1, side b)  - E - E - N - N - float lily -(insert disk 2, side a) - N -
E - look - look - look - look - help - yes - say moon - look shard - play flute - get blue - go window - S - W - help -
(insert disk 2, side b) - turn shell - get pouch - go shell - W - W - W - ride landstriders - W - W - W - (insert disk 3,
side a) - W - W - S - S - W - jump - hold kira - E - send fizzgig - through gate - look - unlock gate - open gate - S -
(insert disk 3, side b) W - S - W - look - S - run - go hole - up - untie aughra - E - S - W - E - E - go curtain -
N - N - W - get scepter - E - E - E - use hook - E - up E - jump - no - fix crystal - kiss kira. 

Death Race
Tip: Keep tour speed to around 250 mph. Keep to the left hand side of the track and only dodge
cars when you have to.

Domain of the dead
Unlisted special keys:
Option - Music on
Select - Music off
Start - Pause (to unpause move the joystick)

Tips: The bouncing balls change lane every bounce, and they are the only thing to change lane.

Encounter (Atlantis)
Tips to get you a lot further in the game: Watch out for the missiles and as soon as you see a missile flying
towards you, put your tank into full reverse and start firing. Once you have completed a screen you have
to go throuugh a black hole. Look between the sights and when you see an asteroid appear, move the
joystick to one side and you should be able to avoid it without having to move around too much.

Press space to toggle between long and short range fire. Also if you allow the music to play once then press
reset, the game will begin and you have music all the way through.


F15 Strike Eagle
You can fly without any fuel by turning the F15 into a sort of glider with power. If you realise that you have mismanageds your fuel and have run out, just press A and from then on you can fly along on fresh air.

Some tips:
*Sprites, fireballs and lightning can be dodged but you must not run away!
*Villagers and travellers can be changed into Zombies. Villagers, being of low intelligence are more susceptible to
  order when in a zombie state. They will walk in the direction you indicate but won`t leave the limits of their own territory.
*The cpmpass points to leanoric.
*To get a lot of spells, go to the Herb Garden. To find the garden, when you appear on the screen if you move
  UP you will see a fence and a gardener. Follow the fence around until you come to a entrance. Enter and collect
  as many herbs as you can before the gardener comes and drains your energy. If you hang around for too long
  your brother will arrive.
*When mixing spells, stand in front of your cauldron and press the FIRE button, then move your joystick left and
  right to turn the bottom of the spell book. When the book is opened to the required spell, release the FIRE
  button if you have both the ingredients. The spell will be mixed and you will then be `armed` with it.
*To cast a spell, you need to be armed with it. If this is done at the mixing stage, push the joystick UP and release
  the button to cast a spell. Some spells may only be used once, whilst others can be used a number of times.
  Different spells can be cast by turning the spell book pages whilst holding down the FIRE button, similar to mixing spells.
*To collect Herbs stand in front of the herb and walk towards it. The wizard will bend down and pick it up.
  Successfully picking up the herb will be shown on the spellbook.
*Spells and ingredients:

A. Teleport = dandelion+burdock
B. Protect = piperwort + ragwort
C. Sprites = snapdragon + toadflax
D. Zombie = devilsbit + bones
E. Swift = speedwell + mad sage
F. Freeze = bind weed + bog weed
G. Doppleganger = foxglove + atsear
H. Invisible = chondrilla + hemlock
I. Reverse = thistle + skull cap
J. Heal = balm + feverfew
K. Fireball = dragonsteeth + mousetail
L. Lightning = cudweed + knap weed


Try taking a look at the food before you pick it up. If it has a SQUARE on it then it is fine but a TRIANGLE
indicates poison!

Fighting the Black Death: If you have the magic key, you can by pushing a key(spacebar for player 1, keys 0-9
for player 2) kill all black deaths on the screen. 

SPACE  pressed on the title screen yells "GHOSTBUSTERS"
OPTION turns off the "pips"on the franchise screen
SELECT returns to the Vehicle Selection screen.

If you type FANDA, you will have extra lives and be able to start on the next level.

Guild of Thieves:
Some tips: *How to walk over the coal: Rub you feet with the succulent from the stable. *Let macaw talk:
feed him a piece of coconut.

You are a Sheriff and must eliminate some of the bad people in the Wild West. First you must get the ones with a low
reward (11$) For every next bandit it raises with 11$. ( after shooting 9 different bandits, you start again with bandit 1.
And the rewards start over again with 11 for the first etc.) Your gun has 6 bullets. You can refill to 6 by walking into the 
sheriff`s office. (cost no money) Sometimes you have to take on an Indian, who has bow and arrow.
You can also collect 'deeds', If you have 15 'deeds' you have saved the city and are the hero. (picking up a deed gets 
you 100$)  You can buy an extra life (you get 3 in the beginning) this will cost you 500$. This you can do by going
into Doc`s house. You can win or loose money by going into the casino and gamble. The stake is always 10$.
* Your joystick must be in port 2.
* Don`t walk into a building to a wall and fire, you loose all 6 bullets and are an easy target when going out again.

                                                                                                             undertaker (ins.)---barber (ins)                                   trading st.(ins)---casino (ins).
                                                                                                                      |                       |                                                     |                         |
to casino<----house/livery------ livery------ livery------livery/house------- undertaker------ barber-----new hardware store-----trading store----- casino----->to livery
                                                                     |                                                                                                                              |                         |
                      store (inside)                       cemetary                        sheriff`s off.(ins.)---- jail (ins)                                          wilds------------- mines    
                           |                                         |                                                                                                                              |                         |
to house<-----store------------dry goods----houses-------houses------sheriff`s office---------jail-------------jail outside------------house-------------house----->to store
                                                                     |                                                                                                                              |
                                             k.o. coral----street                                                                                        doc`s-----------------house
                                                                     |                                                                                                                              |
                                                                 street         hotel (ins)   liquor store (ins)       saloon(ins)                                         houses
                                                                     |                 |                      |                             |                                                        |
to street<---bank--------------street--------street-------hotel---------liquir & store---------saloon------------street-----------------street-------------street----->to bank

Gunslinger:You are Kipp Star, an ex-policeman and must save your best friend James Badland, who is falsely accused
in a cell and will be hanged in two days. A nice feature is the compass, which can transport you fast from one 
location to another. Place the cursor on the side you want to go and press the button.
Some tips: Drinks and pickles are bad for you - Indians are fond of mirrors - People who cheat with cardplaying
should be shot.

the solution:
E,E,N,N,W,W, GET FUSE, WEAR FUSE, (at this stage, you should get caught for stealing the rope, Just walk around
for about twenty turns, until you find yourself in a prison cell) WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, WAIT,  GET SPOON, GET BOWL,
W,W,S,S,S,S,S,W, GET RIFLE, MOUNT HORSE, E,E,N, DISMOUNT, (again, you can take a walk, but you should
return to this alley as soon as you hear the bells ringing) W,N,E,E, LOOK WESTERN WINDOW, SHOOT ROPE,
GO SOUTHERN WINDOW. "This is it! you have just completed GUNSLINGER".

Logon word: Australia; Security check 1: Magma,ltd; Security check 2: AX-0310479; Security check 3: Hydraulic;
Security check 4: Australia.

Hardhat Mack
Press 1,2, or 3 to START on that screen.

Henry`s House (Mastertronic)
Programmers cheat code: On the title screen enter CPM while the music plays, and a picture of a
little bug will appear. You now have infinite lives!

In the beginning of the game, you are bound to a chair. To get out of it, you obviously have to become 'the Hulk'. 
How to do that: there are different ways: 'Rock Chair'(you will fall and hurt yourself) or bite your lip, cheek, tongue, or skin.
You can also hit yourself or pull your hair. When free, you can discover the dome. You will find: a mirror, a handfan, a gem
and a broken chair. You don`t need the mirror to solve the game, but take a look in it...Further there is a strange ring
in the ground, which you can not pull.(As soon as you got free, a gas entered the building and you became Bruce Banner
again. This happens every time you try to become the hulk. The solution is later in the game, presented in a strange way)
The only exit is east and you get in a tunnel with a button and a sign. If you read the sign, is reads that there is a deadly
forcefield further on. If you press the button, a voice says:'dealy on'. If you change into the Hulk now, you have one
move time to go outside. You get to a field where there is nothing but the dome. Being the Hulk, you can dig deep
holes in the ground. You will find a gem there. (Don`t dig too deep, because you will get to the centre of the earth
and must begin the game again.) Before digging, drop the chair. Now it is time for some body building. Lift the
dome and you will get a gem. Go east, you will get in a hazy environment with a sign. On it is the message that you
must drop the gems and with Score ask for your score.  If you go east now, you will find another dome.
(there are 3 dome next to each other. Each time you go from the hazy environment to the east, you will find one
of the 3 domes.) Here also: dig holes and body-building.  If you enter this dome, you will find a piece of beeswax.
You can not take this; the killer bees won`t like that.  In the wall of the dome there is a hole the size of a bee. Go
outside (think of bite lip) and wave the fan. (wave fan, at mesh) If you enter the dome now, you can take the wax.
Go outside again and East. Again, drop gems, Score, East.  You will see the next dome. But there are holes in
the ground. What is that for? there are prey-ants coming out of the holes... The ants get into your eyes and you come
in heaven. After promising improvement, you may go on with the adventure. You have 2 moves to do something.
So you have to go past them a couple of times to dig and lift the dome. In you enter the dome, there is a gem in
the tunnel.  In the dome itself is also a gem.  Bite your lip, and an old friend appears, Dr. Strange. He points at
the skirting board and disappears. 'Examine baseboard' and you`ll see the opening to where the gas enters.
This opening you fill with the wax. ('plug outlet, use wax') Bite your lip again and dr. Strange appears again.
You can now talk to him. ('talk Strange') and he will tell you something about your worst enemy. Talk 3 times with
him and he disappears. Get the gem he leaves behind and the wax. Go outside and East. Drop the gems again.
Go North. You get in a room where there is a Bio Gem and an Energy-egg. Also the gas is here, so you become
Bruce. The egg decides to explode and you are dead... How to handle the egg? you have to become the Hulk and 
for example eat the egg. But the gas makes you bruce again and again! wait, what did Dr. strange say:"Follow his 
advise in the hazy environment and you will get very, very angry..... Now you can eat the egg. (don`t take the Bio 
Gem for now) Scratch the wall and a crack appear in the ground. Through this you get to a space where there
is Ultron and an little cage. Ultron is a weird robot made by Ant-Man. He has turned against him and locked
him in the cage. Every day Ultron reads to him from a magazine. Ant-Man get really sick of this and wants to be freed!
If you try to free him, a super energy stream forces you back. Ant-Man gives you the advise to bring in his friends.
Who can that be?  To the ants it is. To be sure they don`t get into your holes, do the following:  "Close mouth, Plug ears, 
use wax, hold nose" Then go to the ants. Close your eyes and get the ants. Watch it: do as it says on the screen, or it is
bye bye Hulk.... East, remember nightmare, N, go crack. You are now in the cave where Ant-Man is and he thanks
you by leaving a gem.  This should be the last gem. You can now take the Bio Gem and go to the hazy environment. 
Drop all gems and ask for your score. if this is 94, drop the Bio Gem and ask again. This is now 100 out of 100 and 
Scott adams appears and congratulates you with solving the Hulk. 
(tips: *Go one time to the east from the hazy environment. You will get in a room where the Chief Examiner is.
Search the desk and get the gem you will then find. Go to the door, and the C.E. sends you back to the hazy 
*Before going north from the hazy environment, you must pull the ring in the first dome. Bite your lip,
think of your worst enemy and you`re SuperHulk again. Pull the ring now and an opening appears to the room
with the energy-egg. this space is for leaving that room again.)

International Karate
Tip: If you hold down 'X' on the keyboard and a number between 1 and 4, you can change the speed of the game.
4 is the slowest and 1 the fastest.

James Bond: Living Daylights
has a bug in it that has reversed the icons for two of the special weapons. These are:
The pen is really the ghetto blaster and the ghetto blaster is really the pen.

To complete the second level: Position your player with just your foot touching the shadow of the door,
then either kick or punch and the door falls down, after a few moments it will go up so pass now.
If you touch the door you will loose some health points. Also if you arrive near the princess, run towards
her otherwise she will kick you and kill you. Press the SPACE BAR abd B and the player will bow.

Knockout Boxing
tape: when prompted to "rewind tape to 000 to restart" -Don`t! because then you can instead load in
all the other opponents.

At the crossroads, walk slightly to the left. When the first granade is thrown, walk to the right and wait for another.
Then Immediately walk to the left and fire forwards. Carry on doing this until the hostage is brought out, then walk to the
right-hand side of the road. Position your character so that his left shoulder is exactly level with the left-hand edge of 
the paving stone (third from the left) Carry on firing forwards to kill the "Baddie".

Leaderboard Golf
Press OPTION to leave the game and go to the next course.

League Challenge (Atlantis)
Here you can get better results by NOT playing. In order to gain a better place in the league, it is important
to have fir players so if you don`t mind NOT trying to win the Cup, you can have NONE of your team
playing in the 2nd match of the season ( a CUP match), and then ALL of you players will be fully fit to
compete in the league games!

Living Daylights
has a bug in it that has reversed the icons for two of the special weapons. These are:
The pen is really the ghetto blaster and the ghetto blaster is really the pen.

Lode Runner
Press CONTROL - F you get extra lives (up to 100 extra) and CONTROL - U to skip levels.

Miner 2049er - Cheat Code
Start playing the game then stop Bounty Bob in a safe area.
Type in Big Five's old phone number: 213(space)782(space)6861.
Now hold shift and press the number of the level you want to go to.
Use zero for level ten.
Thanks to Marc de Wolf

Mirax Force (Tynesoft)
Programmers cheat code: On the title screen enter CPM while the music plays, and a picture of a
little bug will appear.  This disables the collision detection.

Ollies Follies
Passwords for screens 5,9,15 and 19: they are FRANK, FANDA, NORBI and ZOOOM.

Get down low and only shoot when the aliens do, as they only shoot when they are on the same
level as you.

Phantom (Tynesoft)
If you have the cassette version and cannot complete a level, simply QUIT the game and the program
will then allow you to load up the next level from tape, so you can go on through ALL the levels
on just one life.

Pharao`s Curse
Password: SYNISTOPS.

Price of Magik (lenslok version)
Here you can gain a big advantage when you die. Just enter RESTORE and when the Lenslok screen appears simply type in the wrong code 3 times for the game to restart from where you died, only now you will have 251 stamina points and retain your equipment!

Rockford (mastertronics):
Press reset for infinite time on levels.

Speed Ace
Push the joystick upwards at the options screen and keep it there as you press '0' to start the game.
This will give you a much faster start.

There are a number of passwords for the varoius levels

Star Wars
Tip: On any of the trenches stay as low as possible and then blast a couple of shots down the tube.

Temple of Apshai:
You must choose the character and select the weapon. Then go enter on of the three tempels. (Temple of Apshai,
Upeer Reaches of Apshai en de Curse of Ra.) In total these have 568 chamber together where 37 different
ghost are, from skeletons to angry housewifes. There are even Guinea-pigs, but it isn`t recommended to kill
them. Each temple has 4 floors.
The game is played with the keyboard and a joystick (in port 1)
The commands for the keyboard:
F = fire a arrow
M = fire a magic arrow
A= give a blow with the sword 
T= Give a knock with your sword
P= Another blow
H= Put a healing salve on you wound
Y= Drink a healing elixer
S= Seek traps
E= seek (secret) doors
1-9= number of steps forward
0 =refill energy(unlimited)
! = ask monster if you may pass
L= turn left
R = turn right
G=get a treasure chest
O=open door
Q=Listen if monster approaches
I= Inventory
D=drop something
Control+S = Save game

Joystick commando`s:
Up: walk
Left: turn left
Right: Turn right
Down: Rightturn
Fire+down: fire arrow

If you find an old coat: don`t throw it away. It smells horrible, but protects from monsters.
Ask the antman if you may pass. Oh dear, it kills you! 2 things can happen now. OR you will be eaten
as lunch by a monster OR you will be taken by one of three passer-by`s to a local pub where the 
landlord says a magic spell to bring you back to life.

Twilight world:
Are you stuck trying to go through false exits? Well, every screen with false exits has the real exit at the bottom.
So, on screen D go as far as possible to the right, then right down to the bottom. On screen J go to the top line
and then right until you collect a key. Now go down to the bottom then left and open the 5th door.


Winter Wally:
You can skip rounds by pressing select on the title screen. The level you begin at is shown at the top of the screen.

World Soccer
The only attribute that a player needs is ability to win a game.