To skip level:
Hold Option 1 + Option 2 while running into a donut or through the Donut shop. This
will fill your quota and return you to the Police Station.

Level 99:
Complete the quota, then hold Option 1 + Option 2 at Officer Bob's parking space. Game play will resume at level 99 with random quotas each time it is completed.

Fast refuel:
Locate the double gasoline pumps on Highway 12. Park exactly between both pumps and refuel at double the normal rate.  

Awesome Golf

Enter LANDLORD as a name. Press Option 2 to tee off, then press Option 2 again when the ball is in flight.


Michael Jordan:
Enter MJ23 as a password. A player with Michael Jordan's attributes will be your partner.

Edit pause message:
Pause game play, hold Option 1, and press Option 2.

Enter one of the following passwords to begin game play at the corresponding level.

Level  Password

1-1    AAAA
1-2    BBBB
1-3    CCCC
2-1    DDDD
2-2    EEEE
2-3    FFFF
3-1    GGGG
3-2    HHHH
3-3    IIII
4-1    JJJJ
4-2    KKKK
4-3    LLLL
5-1    MMMM
5-2    NNNN
5-3    OOOO

Super passwords:
Enter one of the following passwords to begin game play at the corresponding level with maximum power-ups and shooting ability.

Level   Password
1-1    999Q
1-2    P99R
1-3    9P9S
2-1    PP9T
2-2    99PU
2-3    P9PV
3-1    9PPW
3-2    PPPX
3-3    999I
4-1    P99J
4-2    9P9K
4-3    PP9L
5-1    99PM
5-2    P9PN
5-3    9PPO


Batman Returns

Cheat mode:
Press Up(8 times), Down(12), Left(15), Right(19), Option 1(27), A at the title screen when the Batman
logo appears. The following cheat functions are now available.

Level skip
Pause game play and press Option 1.

Pause game play and press Option 2. Note: He is still killed when he falls of a building .

Once the cheatmode is activated, it is cancelled if you press the jpoypad or option 1 on the title screen. That includes 
pressing restart during a game, so let the game return to the title screen in its own when a game ends.

There is no indication that cheatmode is on. If it doesn`t work, turn off the power, then try it again. You are probably hitting a diagonal on the joypad, which would count as a press for each direction.

Bonus energy and batarangs:
Locate the large red box with a bow on level one. Stand on the right edge of the top of the box. Motorcycles 
will break of the right side of the box. Jump down and enter the box to receive ten batarangs and extra 

*How to kill the Penguin Duck Combo?

The goal at the end of level 1 is to hit the duck head, not the penguin. Watch what happens when you hit the duck in the face. Just get on the platform, bend down, and throw those batrangs. Don`t miss the energy at 
the right edge of screen after you kill the duck. The duck must be hit in the head several times. When a hit registers, the duck closes its eye. 10 or 11 hits will do.

Protecting yourself from exploding mirrors:

When standing in front of Shreck`s store before it`s windown explode, look around. There is one thing in particular that would block flying glass.


Batman Returns strategy


1. Most important is keep moving. Don't sit still in one place or you will be pounded. Do not use your baterangs or acid 
vials in the first stage when you fight the clowns, goons, machine gun weirdos, etc.  They can be destroyed by either 
jumping over them and/or punching them. This is most important. When you reach the duck, you should have 70 
batarangs and about 13 acid vials.

 2. To defeat the duck, stand on the top ledge and TIME your shots. This is most important. Do NOT jump off or down 
the ledge you are on otherwise the penguins bombs wil hit you and take off a lot of life. The most important thing to 
defeat the duck is watching the ducks pattern and timing your shots.

3. After you defeat the duck, walk to the right and get your life vial.

*You have a much better punching range when you duck down and punch.

*After getting past the first sewer cover where you encounter the fat clowns, go past the second street lamp and find 
a power up there. Also there are power ups  behind the first two street lamp(posts) as you encounter the knife women. 
Also 2 powerups inside the Gift Box. (enter it from the right).

2ND level:

The idea here is to keep moving , but be very cautious. Your worst enemy is the shotgun cops. Because their bullets
will make you fall to your death if the bullets hit you while jumping. (Look and shoot before you leap.Watch out for
the boxes when crouching to shoot cops. It is better to take a few bullets than to be blown up by a box.)

1. Grab all power ups.
2. When you are about to jump from a ledge, fire a batarang to the right. If you hear someone dying, fire another.
This will stop the shotgun cops from blowing you out of the air. Note that this must be done quickly. If you stand in
one place to long, another shot gun cop will come from behind you. Don't worry about the normal police shooting you.
Their bullets don't take off much.
3. Don't shoot like a wild man. Don`t shoot at every goon either. Shoot the shotgun cops. You can punch or jump
over the rest. However, if you are about to jump off a ledge, then shoot the bad guys to the left or right of you.
4. Beware the yellow crates on the ground for they explode. What you do is jump on one and then jump to safety.
In about 2 seconds it will explode.
5. When you fight catwoman, you will need at least 30 batarangs and 10 vials. Again timing is important. What you
 should do is jump a lot as this will not let her whip hit you. All the way to the right, you will find a life power up.
 Get it if you are low in health.

3rd level:

Run! Shoot the big penguins as quickly as possible. You can avoid the other enemy shots. Use the vials at the end
of the level. (the glowing stuff is toxic waste. Touching it gives Batman a sizzling sensation.)

*The total of penguins you have to kill at the end of the level is about 50. Make sure you pass the open pipe facing to 
the right so the penguin counter will start. There are a few semi-safe spots, and the vials are very useful there. You can 
also kill penguins behind the pipes.

 4th level:

*Look for mr. Shreck in this level. He is going for a dip in the toxic waste.

1. Your first order of business should be to avoid the penguin and head for the power generator at the end of the stage.
You must duck and punch the little box on the ground (the one with the lightning bolt on it) until the generator blows up;
this will stop the cage from lowering the Ice Princess into the murky depths. 

2. The Penguin will slide and attack you while you're doing this, but you should shrug him off by jumping over him and
hitting him with a Batarang or acid vial to send him momentarily into the pool.  The Penguin will not die until you've
destroyed the power generator, so don't waste too much time attacking him at first. Once the generator explodes, send
him a few well-placed acid vials or Batarangs.



Invisible car:
Select the female driver with short blond hair at the character selection screen. Select the green car, and keep this vehicle highlighted. Hold Option 1 and press A and the car will turn black. This car will be invisible to radar and normal vision during game play.

Unlimited ammunition, rapid fire:
Select the male driver with blonde hair at the character selection screen. Select the tan car, and keep this vehicle highlighted. Hold Option 1 and press A and the car will turn red with a black top. Unlimited ammunition and rapid fire weapons will be available during game play.

Paint sprayer:
Press Option 1 + Option 2 while on foot.

Locked view:
Hold B while selecting an alternate view, hold Option 2, then release B. Your view will be locked in this position until B is pressed again.

Battlezone 2000

3D version:
Press Option 1(2) at the tank customization screen with the red flashing bars, then hold Option 1 and press Pause. A 3D version of the game with 2000 levels may now be played.

Getting Started:
First off: how to get to the easter egg game:
Go to the tank customization screen, press OPTION 1 twice, then press and hold it, and also press the PAUSE button, 
which will do the reset. This is best done right when turning the unit on... if it didn't work, turn it off and try again.

~~ The Map Screen: ~~  
This is a HUGE game.  There are different kinds of terrain, spread out among 2000 squares (50x40). Also, every one of these seems to have a different layout of walls and enemies and power-ups and other stuff. On the map screen, these items are shown:  
>> Terrain Type  
>> Tanks to Destroy  
>> Fuel Canisters  
>> Other Canisters  
>> Radiation Level  ["Z-Rate"]  
There is also a multi-colored bar just under the radiation-level.  That seems to be a chart of different radiation-amounts 
for each color, increasing to the right.  
~~ Tank template screen: ~~  
Here you choose your tank type (A-F), or restore a previous tank.  
>> ZT.Restore - Input password of previous game  
>> ZT.Build   - Creates standard tank  (can adjust after built)  
>> ZT.New     - Select parts yourself to create tank  
You have the same parts available to you whether you use ZT.Build (which places the parts for you) or ZT.New (where 
you do it yourself).  
Watch out that three of the tanks (A-Shanker, D-Sprick, F-Gigan) have an OVER capacity of either detectors or scanners.  Unless they are hiding something from us, there can be only 12 spaces of scanners and 10 spaces of detectors used.  This is wasted space on the tanks, then.  But, they might have lots of what you want...  
~~ Tank build screen: ~~  
Even if you choose ZT.Build, all of the items available to you are not placed. 
Be sure to go back through the list, adding/upgrading where possible.  
>> Engines  
>> A       MOTIVE UNIT   MaxPw: 0400   Eff: 0.75   Wader Class      2h  
>> B       MOTIVE UNIT   MaxPw: 0400   Eff: 1.0    Ellel Class      4s  
>> C       MOTIVE UNIT   MaxPw: 0500   Eff: 0.75   Zorbach Class    4s  
>> D       MOTIVE UNIT   MaxPw: 0500   Eff: 1.0    Azra Class       6h  
>> DriveTrain  
>> A       JO-KA DRIVE       Accel: 1.0   Flat Terrain              2h  
>> B       STERIUM DRIVE     Accel: 2.0   Hilly Terrain             4s  
>> C       EPICYCLIC DRIVE   Accel: 4.0   All Terrain               6h  
>> Fuel  
>> A       FUEL CELL       Standard Core    90J Cpcty      Disposable   2v   val 9   
>>              (a standard level will need a few of these)  
>> B       FUEL CELL       Daru Core       200J Cpcty      Slow Charge  4s   val 20  
>>              (this one seldom drains completely in one level)    
Fuel is moderately interesting.  If you have lots of fuel space, and you have a B cell available, you should certainly put it in.  But watch out -- you don't often find these, so if you run out of gas, you will have to replenish it with a 9-pack (A).  Just try to leave a 2v space open for a replacement, so you don't lose a 20-pack.  
>> Missile  
>> A       BTX MISSILE     Cursor Aim       400 Impact     1000 Range          2v   qty  9  
>> B       RADX MISSILE    Radar Track      600 Impact     1500 Range        4s   qty 30  
>> C       LZX MISSILE     Laser Guided     800 Impact     2000 Range         ??   qty ??  
>> D       CAMX MISSILE    Camera Guided   1000 Impact     2500 Range   6h   qty 30  
>> Razer  
>> A       ZAPP RAZER      Range: 1000      400 Impact     Drain: 100          4s   qty: 70  
>> B       PULSE RAZER     Range: 1500      600 Impact     Drain: 175         4s   qty: 70  
>> C       ION RAZER       Range: 2000      800 Impact     Drain: 250            4s  qty: 70  
>> D       GAMMA RAZER     Range: 2500     1000 Impact     Drain: 300      4s   qty: 70  
>> Shield  
>> A       MIN SHIELD      9k Protect      Quart Defense   Low Drain     2v    val 9  
>> B       WIDE SHIELD     9k Protect       Half Defense   High Drain    2h    val 9  
>> Dials  
>> A       BEARING MONX    Relational 360  Reliability.99  Drain: 252        4s  
>> B       ABS CO-ORD      Acc: +/- 20     ISO Calibrtd    Drain: 200            6h  
>> C       EXPOSURE CNT    Optimsd X-Ray   Auto De-Flux    Drain: 100   4s  
The A (Bearing Monx) measures angles in degrees just as in trigonometry, with 0 degrees pointing to the East (that is, to the right) and proceeding counter-clockwise (90 degrees is North, 180 is West, 270 is South). The B (ABS CO-ORD) measures location in Cartesian terms, with the origin (0,0) at the lower-left.  The range of positions is 0-200 on either axis.  
>> Detector  
>> A       FUEL DETECT     One Point       RO Display      Drain: 150     2v  
>> B       PICKINZ DETECT  All Types       RO Display      Drain: 200     2v  
>> C       TANK DETECT     Zone Limited    RO Display      Drain: 300   2v  
>> D       ZEEK DETECT     One Point       RO Display      Drain: 200    2v  
>> E       MAP DETECT      Detect All      RO Display      Drain: 150      2v  
A (F)uel -  displays all fuel canisters within a given range  
B (P)ickinz - displays all 'other' canisters within a given range  
C (T)ank - displays all tanks within a given range  
D (Z)eek - displays all zeeks (see below, Enemies) within a given range  
E (M)ap - puts a pop-up overhead map of the entire level (including walls!), with your tank as a filled-in square, and other 
tanks as empty squares.  Tank positions are not updated automatically, but you can keep the cursor over the M-icon and repeatedly double-click.  
>> Scanner  
>> A       DATA SCAN       5 Terrabyte     Auto Translat   Range: 30       4s       Drain: 1000  
>> B       PICKINZ SCAN    Icon Gen        Mount Advice    Range: 30     4s       Drain: 1000  
>> C       TANK SCAN       Multi id        90% Accurate    Range: 50         4s       Drain:  200  
>> Control  
>> A       CONTROL   --  Activate by A   Cursor Pod     8h      L/R=Direction   U/D=Gear  

~~ Game screen: ~~  
After selecting 'OK', you are dropped into the seat of a powerful tank.   
On the right side of the Lynx display is your button assignments.  By default, OPTION 1 switches between Select mode and Move mode, and 'a' and 'b' are assigned to weapons systems that you have installed. OPTION 2 is the pick-up/put-down/
place button.  All but OPTION 2 can be reconfigured  
Scattered across the edges of the rest of the display are all the items you placed earlier, with the current quantity loaded, if applicable.


~~ On enemies: ~~

To begin with, there are four types of enemies that I have dealt with:
TANKS:  No surprise here, I hope.  3D, polygonal.  I have so far only seen them shoot missiles.
Not too bright, as I have often found them facing a wall or in a corner.

ZEEK:  These are the annoying little bouncy-guys on each level. (I found the name when a couple of those guys chewed 
up my armor, and the end-level display said "zilled be zeek.") 2D, bitmapped.  The pictures are different on every kind of 
terrain type, but they are all nasty and hard to kill.  After five minutes in a level, you will often find a little group following you. 

MISSILE-BOMBERS (for lack of a better name (they may actually fall under "Zeek," but I don't know)): 2D, bitmapped. 
These meanies fly around, and when they are near, launch missiles at you.  They can even fly across walls and stuff.

UNA-BOMBERS 2D, bitmapped.I don't know where they come from, but they come directly at you and blow up. They must lead rather depressing lives.
Best way to get rid of these guys?  Missiles, usually, will do the best job. But, you often have a small supply of those, and they are kind of hard to aim. You have a greater quantity of razers, and can aim them fairly well, but they will "bounce off" often, it seems.

Watch out that you don't back into an enemy, particularly a zeek.  From what I have experienced, that's the end for your armor!

It also seems that you can blow up oncoming missiles, when you use the razer.  I am not sure if missiles will  do this.

~~ On better control: ~~

First, here are some tips on entering passwords:  
Even though passwords can reach over 15 sets, it could be much worse.  Putting the code in, the order of characters is "A...Za...z0...9A..."  
Yes, there are a lot of characters!  However, there are some things in the coder's favor:

* The code is retained from the last code you put in.  You can edit/ fix a bad code, or recover a partial one if you hit the 
wrong key.

* The 'B' button -- this flips case!  a->A, R->r, etc.  This is also good for getting to/from numbers quick, (e.g., if you are at 'a', you're super-far from any numbers.  But hit 'b,' then back up, and you are in the numbers.

    * Every time you add a letter, it is copied from the last one. (e.g., if your code currently is rC, and you hit right at the C, which adds a char, the string will be rCC.  Thus, for a code of rC2C-eWC, do the r, hit over, find a C, then replicate this until the last repeat of C, then go back and fix the rest...)

     * The OPTION 2 button -- goes to end-of-input.  So, if you accidentally hit the accept 'a' button, you can jump back to the end of the password, to finish it.  Don't forget the OPTION 1 button, acts like a delete key. Level passwords are comprised
of only CAPS.  Hit 'a' to finish...

There are two modes of operation during the game: Select mode and Move mode.   
To switch between the two modes, use the key currently assigned to 'CONTROL' (OPTION 1 is default).  'PAUSE' is the 
only way to stop the action in either mode, regardless of what is activated, like a scanner or even the map detector.

You start out in Select Mode, the more complicated of the two, so I'll cover that first.

~~ Select mode controls:  ~~

JOYPAD MOVES CURSOR.  If the cursor is on an item in your inventory, its name will display.  Also, if this item can be 
linked to a button (see below), the word "key" will display with the cursor.  'a' or 'b' or OPTION 1 -- double-clicking any of
these on a "key" item will make that button activate the item (these are: Control, Missiles, Razers, Scanners).

If the cursor is over a Pickinz or a Fuel, it will activate that item  (i.e., it will bring up that HUD or use that fuel tank), leaving button assignment the same. (Does this go for shields, too?)

If one of these buttons is pressed while the cursor is over the viewscreen, it will activate its associated function.

OPTION 2 while on your inventory will drop a canister in front of your tank, and change the cursor to the item you chose. 
You can move the item somewhere else in the highlighted region, or drop it by pressing OPTION 2 again while in the viewscreen.

If the cursor is over a canister on the viewscreen, this button will pick up the item inside, giving you an icon for it, as well as a highlight area where it is allowed to be placed.

Here's a little hint: You can drop anything in inventory, just not if there is a canister already right in front of you.

If one of your banks of missiles or razers runs out, you will need to reassign you keys to non-empty ones, as it will not be done for you.  Fuel and shields do this automatically.

~~ Move mode controls: ~~

Joypad -- control direction of the tank.
Up -- accelerate forward.
Down -- accelerate backward.
ight -- turn right
Left -- turn left

'a' or 'b' or opt.1 -- activate its associated function (Be sure to double-click to activate a scanner on

OPTION 2 -- the original sheet says this "toggles music on/off"(not tested yet)

>> Do the controls seem a bit sluggish?  Double-press any direction on the joypad, and see the results.  Your tank really 
starts to fly around!

~~ "double"-joypad -- speedy control. ~~

 UP -- if speed is over 20, go to turbo (speed 99) for duration of keypress.  A 'T' replaces the '+' in the control panel.

 DOWN -- immediate full-stop, regardless of current direction or speed

 RIGHT -- turn quickly to the right

 LEFT -- turn quickly to the left

Always pick up the tank "droppings" -- left by dead tanks.  It's usually at  least a used missile bank, but sometimes it's better, 
like a new drive-train and stuff.

And, lastly, here is an unexpected way to get stuff:

When you input a code, you still get the choice of equip that you would have had you chosen ZT.Build or ZT.New.  That 
means you have all your stuff, plus MORE that is allocated.  Bug?  Maybe, but it makes for powerful tanks!!

Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure

Level Password 
Egypt 1700 B.C.     C68K BD02 W1T1 0G0D  
Egypt 1500 B.C.     B87C RXDF X1EY 0ERE  
Rome 60 B.C.        4000 0002 ZF6P 0H1S  
Europe 1700 A.D.    Y1YS FJDG 8GBX OMKP  
Rome 70 B.C.        4A33 7L03 I4C5 6WZ1  
Texas 1880 A.D.     4000 00DD Z43L 6WNA  
San Dimas 2691 A.D. C8S9 AG07 7HH9 71D2  

*To get past creatures, run.  
*Keep the scare stone on at all times while in Egypt 1500.  
*The ankh is helpful for water travel.  
*In Egypt 1500 BC, in two player mode, both of the characters have to be in the boat when you travel 
 to the Great Pyramid.  
*Lions of stone may stay of stone with the sound of a harp.  
*Egypt's Paradox deals with the pillar in Egypt 1700 BC.  
*Don't try to talk to any of the walking guards in Rome. They have a very bad temper.  
*Get a boost from the fountain.  
*The lion of the dungeon is fond of a certain Roman instrument.  
*The guards in the sanctuary building dislike a certain European musical instrument.  
*Due to a glitch in the games, it's best to collect the notes in Rome 60 BC in the pattern of FOREST /
  SANCTUARY / CITY. If they are collected in another order, you will end up with 79 notes, instead of 80.
 The game automatically thinks that you have already picked up the 80th note, thus making the needed
 note disappear and never to be found.  
*Something black will get you past Rome's Paradox.  
*In Europe, hesitating will be the death of you.  
*Dracula's tomb holds something of magical importance for you.  
*The axes in Europe can only be crossed when they swing and temporarily stop in your direction.  
*Texas' Paradox deals with gold and time forgot.  
*Check the skulls.  
*In Texas, the train ticket is used for a ride on the tracks.  
*Dynamite and Billy the Kid are a pair made for escape.  
*'HELL' is a perfect name for this extremely frustrating level. Wait for the path stones to flash twice
  before moving to another one.

Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure solution

First of all, collect all the notes you can get and find the gold nugget. Now go to the guarded building and give the
nugget to the guard. Enter and find the man that tells you about the staff. Return to the telephone booth and travel
to 15OO BC. Use the scare stone. Find all the notes you can get  (remember to count by sixteens!). 
Enter the valley and find the paper note about the fake staff. Travel back in time and put the note at the pillar.
Go to the South-East of Egypt and find the royal ankh (You must wade through shallow water).  Travel to 15OO
again and find the boat at the South-West part of Egypt. Use the royal ankh.  Find your way through the water
(it's like an invisible maze). First go to the place where you found the ankh in 17OO BC. Enter the temple and find
the  secret passage which leads to the harp. Return to your boat and go to the pyramid.
Go into the pyramid and open the door by walking over the red spots on the ground. Then, when past the wall/door,
walk over the four other red spots and take the staff. Find the two keys and open the corresponding doors. To
get rid of the two creatures guarding the room,  just lure them out of there and then run away. When you return to
the room they will  be gone. To take the staff, use the harp.  Return the staff  to the man to get the flute. Use this
flute in 17OO BC at the North-East to scare the animals over there.  Then find all the notes that are hidden under
the trees to find a phonebook-page.  Travel to Rome.
First, enter the dungeon.  Find all the notes and the two keys:  Blue and black.  Remember to visit Caesar at the north
of the arena when you have enough notes.  Outside the arena you must once again find notes. When you think you
have all of them, go to the statue. Push the four pieces around the statue in place and the push the statue.   Now do
this again and then go stand in the middle yourself.  After you get launched, find all the notes around the house, but
don't enter it.  When you got all  the notes, walk into a roman to get kicked out of the garden. You are now outside.
Go West, to where a roman is guarding the entrance of the city. Now go down and find your way through the forest. 
Somewhere in the forest there is the next page of the phonebook.  You must collect all the notes in the forest and 
you must also find the little building.  Enter it and find the way through the maze until you find an apple.  Leave the
building and  go to the guard.  Give him the apple and enter the city. If everything is right you now have 8O notes.
Travel to Europe.  

In Europe, enter the mansion.  To avoid the furniture,  stay on the green dots on the floor.  This may take some practise!  
Find the white key and then find your way to the backyard.  Use the black key to  open the gate. Go to the North-West
of the screen to find a red key. Use it to enter the small house nearby.  Avoid dracula  and take  the magic wand 
next to his coffin.  Return to the mansion and find the organ. Use the wand to shrink it down so you can carry it.  Return
to the phonebooth   (The wand causes the furniture to stop).   Travel back  to Rome.  Do the  trick with the statue and
this time enter the house while using the organ pipes. You can now safely walk thru the house to the backyard to take
the lyre. Return  the lyre to Ceasar and  you will get another lyre.  Enter the dungeon and use the lyre to scare away the
lion that guards the white lock. Use the white key to open the lock and take the page of the phonebook.  
Travel to Rome 7O BC and enter the dungeon.  Use the black key and put it back where you found it  (Bottom-right).
Now travel to Texas. Collect all the notes you can get.   Somewhere,  hidden under a skull,  there's a golden coin.
Go to the station and buy a ticket. Walk to the train and use the ticket.  Now use the train to find the remaining notes.
You must also find the golden nugget, hidden under yet another skull.  Travel back to Egypt and replace the golden 
nugget at the place where you first found it. Now travel to San Dimas 2691 AD!  Yeah, most radical, dude!  
Be careful on the step-stones as you can only jump from one to another if they are in the middle-position.  Again find 
as many notes as you can and find the dynamite. Return to Texas. Use the dynamite to  release Billy the Kid. 
Return to San Dimas. Go to the  place where you  usually get overwhelmed by enemies and use the harmonica. You 
can now safely enter  the next part of San Dimas.  Every time you pick up a note in  this part, a block will disappear
somewhere else, thus letting you reach other notes after which you will be rewarded with a golden key.  Return to Europe.
Collect 16 notes. Use the golden key to enter the previously unaccessable house at the swamp.  Here you will find a
mandolin.   You can use this to enter the previously locked part of San Dimas. The Grim Reaper welcomes you, and 
you're now ready to play his game. As the exact route isn't easy  to explain in a solution like this,  I'll just tell you what
to do. The objective of this part is to collect yet another 16 notes. Sometimes it is necessary to shove blocks over the
lava in such a way that you can go  to other parts of  the playing field.   The princesses have got the last note.  If you
succeed in rescuing them you should have 144 notes by that time.  To get back to the entrance of the playing field, 
go east from the place where your rescued the babes.  The go south and walk clockwise (ie: south, west, north).
When you are standing against the north wall,  walk west to the corner and go counter-clockwise. Once in the northeast
corner you must go west, south, west and north to the exit. You'll have to find the correct tiles to jump on all the way 
yourself. Now you must return to the phone booth.  The Grim Reaper is guarding it,  but when you play your guitar he
suddenly realizes that he has LOST!  Enter the booth and travel through time to finish the game!

Blue Lightning

Landing upside down:
Upside down landings are allowed on level 6. Pressing Option 2 + Left or Right to perform a barrel-roll. Keep the plane upside-down and press Up while over an airstrip to land. After landing, the cockpit will open from the fuel tank and you may take off again by flying backwards.

If you fly as high as possible in level 7, you will see a Runway in the sky at about the middle of the level.

Bonus points:
Activate the afterburners as you enter the canyons on level 4 (BELL)to receive a "Gutsy" bonus of 30,000 points.(“you`ve got guts!”) Activate the afterburners again immediately before entering the second set of canyons to receive a "Lunatic" bonus of 65,000 points. (“You`re Crazy!”)The bonus points are added to your score after landing. If you do both, it will only display the Lunatic Bonus. (points for both)

Level     Password  
1   AAAA  
2   PLAN  
3   ALFA  
4   BELL  
5   NINE  
6   LOCK  
7   HAND  
8   FLEA  
9   LIFE  


Level 1 --  AAAA You fly through enemy lines destroying as many planes a spossible.
Level 2 -- PLAN:  It is your job to fly through hostile territory and make low-level bombing runs against ground targets, pouncing
on tanks and convoys with your guns and missiles.
Level 3 -- ALFA:  You must engage and destroy convoys as they move through dangerous snow-covered mountains, farmlands,
and other terrain.
Level 4 -- BELL:  Fly your plane through dangerously narrow desert canyons and take out tanks while avoiding hitting the canyon
wall and other mesas.
Level 5 -- NINE:   You are to fly over an island chain where enemy radar installations are hidden and destroy them.  Also, take out
battleships, subs, aircraft carriers, tanks, etc.
Level 6 -- LOCK:  It's your duty to deliver secret documents to airstrips deep in the enemy territory. Destroy anything you can and
land at airfields to deliver documents. While flying, look out for missiles, tanks and spy planes.
Flying Trick:  When landing at the airstrips, turn the jet upside down and push the nose down.  The jet will then land upside-down
and the cockpit will open up through the gas tank.  The jet will also takeoff from this position, but levels out when airborne.
Level 7 -- HAND:  Once again, you must fly deep into enemy territory and take out some hidden radar installations.  While flying,
bomb railroads, sink ships and destroy planes.
The Mysterious Sky Runways:  There are two strange runways in the sky at about the middle of this level.  To find them, take your
jet up to it's highest possible altitude, after take-off, and fly there until you come to an area where the clouds part and the sky is clear.
Now, move your jet down just a little and sooner or later, two floating runways will appear.  There is no way of landing on these,
they`re just for looking at.  They are a glitch that was accidentally left in the game.
Level 8 -- FLEA:   Fly over enemy cities and mountains in the dark of night without being detected and without firing a shot at
anything and bomb the last of the remaining radar installations.  Watch out for enemy planes, as they will be firing missiles
randomly through the skies to shoot you down.
Level 9  -- LIFE:   For the last time, you are to fly over the battlefields and destroy enemy tanks,without accidentally destroying friendly tanks.  All the friendly tanks are colored blue, but your computer is color blind and will lock-on to them anyway.  So, be careful when firing missiles.

California Games

Four player mode:
Use the Comlynx connection to link up to four Lynx systems together. Several attempts may be needed
for a successful connection, and game play will be slow.

Clear BMX path:
Position your bike approximately one pixel above the location where the grass meets the dirt to avoid
all obstacles including the hay bales.

Crashing BMX:
If you`re going really fast when you cross the finish line and jump just a little after crossing it, you will
end up crashing into something you can`t see way to the right.

Pelican ride:
Run your last surfer towards the bottom of the screen during the final few seconds of the surfing event.
Your surfer will land on the pelican that flies across the screen until time expires.

It is possible to do an UREAL 360 (5*360`s) for 1200 points (as opposed to 600 for a quadruple 360)

Faster footbag spins:
Jump, hit the footbag with your head, then immediately spin to spin faster than normal.

Rescale screen:
Press Option 2 while skating in the Half-pipe event to rescale the screen.

(In order of conversational logic)

Say there son, move back a bit.
Get offa me, the crowd can't see!
I'd like to do one for my fans...
Viva Las Vegas!!!
Big Love, Big Heartache.
I'm a hunka' hunka' burnin' love.
Blue, Blue, Blue Suede Shoes...
Aaaaain't nuthin' but a hownd dog!
Wanna be in my next movie??
I like to shop in Michigan malls.
Fast cars and fast food...
This is my real hair?
Is someone calling me?
Time to return to my spaceship.

Do I look very depressed?
Have you been winning here??
It's just not fair....
Pat Quinn told me not to...
... I thought I hadda' ...
All I needed was one more seven...
Maybe If I'd taken one more card?
You call this having fun?
Steve Szpytek warned me about this.
Next time I'll set a budget.
This table understands me...
I should have stayed home.
Maybe my luck has changed..
Oooohhh, I need aspirin.

This is the greatest!!!
Better than Moose Lodge 101.
Best convention ever!!!
Much better than McCormick Place.
Have you seen the Atari booth?
Wanna see my secret handshake?
Where is your hat???
What did your barber do to ya?
Where is the waitress???
They don't like counters here.
Steve Ryno can sure play slots!
Can you always win?  Always??
Can you lend me some dough?
Can't seem to find a taxi...
Isn't bungee jumpin' hazardous?

So many games, so little time.
Where can I convert some yen?
Have you photo'd the volcano yet?
Very picturesque...
I'm going to need some film.
Do you like the Mariners???
Godzilla vs. Mothra is the best!
Bambi meets Godzilla was good.
Are you interested in HDTV??
Is George Bush feeling better???
Does sushi mean 'dead fish'??
Do you own a Harley-Davidson?
Who is Sergio Leone???
Atari, Atari, Atari Forever!!
How do you get to Caesers??

Casinos are sooo exciting!
I'm just naturally friendly.
Yes, I do come here often.
These shoes are killing me!
Aren't you a bit young to be here?
Are there pit bulss in here?
I can't decide what to play next.
I'd like to try some slots.
Roulette is the game for me.
Who is this Robb Mariani?
Louis is just wonderful!
Cliff Falls has the best voice!
I just love Scrapyard Dog!
Do you see a clock anywhere?

Howdy pardner!
Whhooo doggy!  I love casinos!!
Darn right I'm from Texas!!!
I been lookin' for a new Eastwood.
Hang 'Em High, son!!!
Jumpin' Jehosafat, A Blackjack!
Keep an eye on these shifty dealers.
Home, Home on the range...
I'd vote for Schwartzkopf!!!
What a Ren & Stimpey look like?
Excuse me, are you the Wadester?
Oil ain't everything, son.
What say we round up some fillies?
Let's go get some prime rib.
Can ya' steer me toward the circus?

OLD WOMAN:  Can I help you young man?
Ehhh???  What's that???
Speak up!!
You really ought to speak up.
Hmmmmm...  Hmmmmm...  Hmmmmm...
What's that you say???
Are you Larry Siegel???
Where is Craig Erickson?
Where is Robert Urich now?
Do I hear Elvis singing?
My joints tell me it's going to rain.
How fast can a Jaguar go?
Which is faster, Viper or SR1 Turbo?
Such a nice young man.
Which way to Bally's???

Championship Rally

Multi-player mode:
Use a ComLynx cable to network with one to three other Lynx systems. Select versus mode to play the
game in a hidden multi-player mode.

Checkered Flag


Top speeds when using manual transmissions:

Gear: (7-speed)    top speed:
1                   29
2                   55 
3                   83 
4                  107 
5                  148
6                  179 
7                                 219

Gear (4-speed)     top speed:
1                   49         
2                  106
3                  172 
4                  219 

Course information:

RIDGEWAY          Odo   Side
SHANGHAI          0.3   Right
PORTFOLIO(w/pic.) 0.7   Right
CYBERBALL         1.0   Left
ATARI CORP.       1.2   Right
[atari logo]      2.1   Left
ST (w/picture)    2.7   Left
Total lap dist.        2.9 miles

GRIZZLY FLATS     Odo   Side
ATARI CORP.       0.8   Right
SLIME WORLD       1.3   Left
SHANGHAI          3.2   Left
[atari logo]      3.7   Left
Total lap dist.         3.7 miles

SKULL VALLEY      Odo   Side
WARBIRDS          0.2   Right
RAMPAGE           0.9   Left
AWESOME GOLF      1.5   Left
PORTFOLIO(w/pic.) 2.3   Right
Total lap dist.         2.7 miles

GREAT BEND        Odo   Side
SHANGHAI          0.5   Right
AWESOME GOLF      1.4   Left
SLIME WORLD       2.3   Right
ATARI CORP.       3.0   Left
RAMPAGE           3.5   Right
Total lap distance: 3.8 miles

PALM SPRINGS      Odo   Side
ATARI CORP.       1.0   Right
PORTFOLIO(w/pic.) 1.2   Right
ST (w/picture)    2.0   Right
TT (w/picture)    2.4   Right
[atari logo]      3.3   Right
Total lap distance: 3.7 miles

DEATH VALLEY      Odo   Side
KLAX              0.2   Left
STUN RUNNER       0.6   Left
ST (w/picture)    0.8   Left
RAMPAGE           1.1   Left
CYBERBALL         1.4   Right
MS. PAC MAN       1.9   Right
[atari symbol]    2.7   Left
ATARI CORP.       2.8   Left
SHANGHAI          3.3   Right
PORTFOLIO (w/pic.)4.1   Left
Total lap distance:  4.2 miles

REED POINT        Odo   Side
LYNX (w/picture)  1.0   Right
CYBERBALL         2.2   Left
Total lap distance: 3.1 miles

LOGAN SPEED       Odo   Side
GEO DUEL          1.0   Right
MS PAC MAN        2.3   Left
STUN RUNNER       3.5   Left
Total lap distance: 4.7 miles

WOODLAND          Odo   Side
KLAX              0.2   Left
STUN RUNNER       1.0   Left
PORTFOLIO (w/pic.)1.2   Left
MS PAC MAN        1.4   Left
Total lap distance: 1.7 miles

EAGLE BEND        Odo   Side
KLAX              1.1   Right
CYBERBALL         1.8   Left
AWESOME GOLF      2.3   Right
TT (w/picture)    2.9   Right
[atari logo]      3.8   Right
Total lap distance: 4.0 miles

VICTORVILLE       Odo   Side
CYBERBALL         0.5   Right
SHANGHAI          1.3   Left
MS PACMAN         2.4   Left
KLAX              2.8   Left
GEO DUEL          3.7   Right
ATARI CORP.       3.9   Left
Total lap distance: 4.0 miles

PHOENIX           Odo   Side
STUN RUNNER       0.9   Left
RAMPAGE           1.1   Left
ST (w/picture)    1.6   Right
LYNX (w/picture)  2.2   Right
[atari logo]      2.5   Right
ST (w/picture)    2.7   Right
ATARI CORP.       3.0   Left
TT (w/picture)    3.1   Left
AWESOME GOLF      3.6   Right
SLIME WORLD       4.2   Right
Total lap distance: 4.4 miles

FARMINGTON        Odo   Side
WARBIRDS          0.9   Right
RAMPAGE           1.8   Right
LYNX (w/picture)  2.8   Left
Total lap distance: 2.8 miles

MIAMI             Odo   Side
TT (w/picture)    0.3   Left
LYNX (w/picture)  0.6   Left
GEO DUEL          2.0   Right
AWESOME GOLF      2.5   Right
WARBIRDS          2.9   Left
Total lap distance: 3.1 miles

BLACK CANYON      Odo   Side
RAMPAGE           0.3   Right
ATARI CORP.       0.7   Right
CYBERBALL         2.2   Right
Total lap distance: 3.0 miles

MOUNTAIN VIEW     Odo   Side
LYNX (w/picture)  0.1   Right
TT (w/picture)    0.4   Right
GEO DUEL          0.8   Left
(atari logo)      1.6   Left
CYBERBALL         2.4   Left
ST (w/picture)    2.7   Right
Total lap distance: 3.2 miles

WARBIRDS          0.4   Left
LYNX (w/picture)  1.0   Left
PORTFOLIO         1.4   Left
AWESOME GOLF      2.1   Right
SLIME WORLD       2.8   Right
TT (w/picture)    3.0   Right
Total lap distance: 3.2 miles

DARLINGTON        Odo   Side
MS PACMAN         1.9   Right
STUN RUNNER       3.1   Right
ST (w/picture)    3.6   Right
Total lap distance: 3.7 miles

Chip's Challenge

Fractal: The code for entering the program is MAND. After entering, a picture will start to form on the screen. DON`T touch the
buttons until the picture is done!
When it is done, you can move around and zoom in. (takes time)

B button: It will create a box outline on the screen which you can move around. When pushed again, the image will zoom away.
A Button: Willl also create a box outline. Pressed again, it will zoom away.
Option 1: Create and vanish the box outline.(always take the outline off the screen after you`re done with it.
Option 2: This will create the box outline and starts the color cycling on the screen.(one push: forward, another push: backwards, third:
stop cycling.To change the color of the cycling go to the Index)
Pause button: This will cause the MANDLEBROT / JULIA SET EXPLORER INDEX to appear on the screen. Here you can change depth, 
color and cycle rate of the fractals and create own pictures.



X:                       FE0000000000
Y:                       FE0000000000
STEP :               00.0800000000
DEPTH :            0100
PALETTE:         00
XJUL:                00.0000000000
YJUL:                00.0000000000

You can change anything you want. It will not hurt game. But before you change any of the X,Y,XJUL,YJUL settings, look at all the
different images that can be found in the pictures on the screen. You can change the palette and cycle rate without messing up the
programmed images. Note: There are two different programs to play with in this game. To see the other images other than
MANDELBROT: go to the index and push OPTION 2. It will change from MANDELBROT EXPLORER to JULIA SET EXPLORER.


1              EDHP     LESSON 1
2              JXMJ     LESSON 2
3              ECMQ    LESSON 3
4              YMCJ     LESSON 4
5              TQKB    LESSON 5
6              WNLP    LESSON 6
7              FXQO    LESSON 7
8              NHAG    LESSON 8
9              KCRE     NUTS & BOLTS
10            VUWS   BRUSHFIRE
11            CNPE     TRINITY
12            WVHI    HUNT
13            OCKS     SOUTHPOLE
14            BTDY     TELEBLOCK
15            COZQ    ELEMENTARY
16            SKKK    CELLBLOCKED
17            AJMG    NICE DAY
18            HMJL     CASTLE MOAT
19            MRHR   DIGGER
20            KGFP     TOSSED SALAD
21            UGRW   ICEBERG
22            WZIN    FORCED ENTRY
23            HUVE     BLOBNET
24            UNIZ      OORTO GELD
25            PQGV     BLINK
26            YVYJ      CHCHCHIPS
27            IGGZ      GO WITH THE FLOW
28            UJDD     PING PONG
29            QGOL     ARCTICFLOW
30            BQPZ     MISH MESH
31            RYMS    KNOT
32            PEFS      SCAVENGER HUNT
33            BQSN     ON THE ROCKS
34            NQFI      CYPHER
35            VDTM   LEMMINGS
36            NXIS      LADDER
37            VQNK    SEEING STARS
38            BIFA      SAMPLER
39            ICXY      GLUT
40            YWFH   FLOORGASBORG
41            GKWD   I.C. YOU
42            LMFU    BEWARE OF BUG
43            UJDP      LOCK BLOCK
44            TXHL     REFRACTION
45            OVPZ     MONSTER LAB
46            HDQJ     THREE DOORS
47            LXPP      PIER SEVEN
48            JYSF       MUGGER SQUARE
49            PPXI       PROBLEMS
50            QBDH    DIGDIRT
51            IGGJ       I SLIDE
52            PPHT     THE LAST LAUGH
53            CGNX    TRAFFIC COP
54            ZMGC    GRAIL
55            SJES       POTPOURRI
56            FCJE       DEEPFREEZE
57            UBXU    STRANGE MAZE
58            YBLT     LOOP AROUND
59            BLDM    HIDDEN DANGER
60            ZYVI      SCOUNDREL
61            RMOW  RINK
62            TIGW     SLO MO
63            GOHX    BLOCK FACTORY
64            IJPQ       SPOOKS
65            UPUN    AMSTERDAM
66            ZIKZ      VICTIM
67            GGJA     CHIPMINE
68            RTDI      EENY-MINY-MOE
69            NLLY     BOUNCE CITY
70            GCCG     NIGHTMARE
71            LAJM    CORRIDOR
72            EKFT     REVERSE ALLEY
73            QCCR     MORTON
74            MKNH   PLAYTIME
75            MJDV    STEAM
76            NMRH   FOUR PLEX
78            GRMO   FORCE SQUARE
79            JINU       DRAWN & QUARTERED
80            EVUG     VANISHING ASCT
81            SCWF    WRITERS BLOCK
82            LLIO       SOCIALIST BLOCK
83            OVPJ      UP THE BLOCK
84            UVEO     WARS
85            LEBX     TELENET
86            FLHH     SUICIDE
87            YJYS      CITYBLOCK
88            WZYV   SPIRALS
89            VCZO     BLOCK BUSTER
90            OLLM    PLAYHOUSE
91            JPQG      JUMPING SWARM
92            DTMI     VORTEX
93            REKF     ROADSIGN
94            EWCS    NOW YOU SEE IT
95            BIFQ      FOUR SQUARE
96            WVHY   PARANOIA
97            IOCS      METASTABLE TO CHAOS
98            TKWD   SHRINKING
99            XUVU    CATACOMBS
100          QJXR     COLONY
101          APIR      APARTMENT
102          VDDU    ICEHOUSE
103          PTAC     MEMORY
104          KWNL   JAILER
105          YNEG     SHORT CIRCUIT
106          NXYB    KABLAM
107          ECRE      BALLS -O- FIRE
108          LIOC      BLOCKOUT
109          KZQR    TORTURE CHAMBER
110          XBAO    CHILLER
111          KRQJ     TIME LAPSE
112          NJLA     FORTUNE FAVORS THE…
113          PTAS     OPEN QUESTION
114          JWNL    DECEPTION
116          HXMF   BLOCK BUSTER II
117          FPZT      THE MARSH
118          OSCW   MISS DIRECTION
119          PHTY     SLIDE STEP
120          FLXP      ALPHABET SOUP
121          BPYS      PERFECT MATCH
122          SJUM     TOTALLY FAIR
123          YKZE     THE PRISONER
124          TASX    FIRETRAP
125          MYRT    MIXED NUTS
126          QRLD     BLOCK`N` ROLL
127          JWWZ   SKELZIE
128          FTLA     ALL FULL
129          HEAN    LOBSTER TRAP
130          HXIZ      ICE CUBE
131          FIRD      TOTALLY UNFAIR
132          ZYRA    MIX UP
133          TIGG      BLOBDANCE
134          XPPH     PAIN
135          LYWO   TRUST ME
136          LUZL     DOUBLEMAZE
137          HPPX     GOLDKEY
138          LUJT      PARTIAL POST
139          VLHH     YORKHOUSE
140          SJUK      ICEDEATH
141          MCJE     UNDERGROUND
142          UCRY     PENTAGRAM
143          OKOR    STRIPES?
144          GVXQ    FIREFLIES
145  ?      ….
146          JHEN      CAKEWALK
147          COZA    FORCEFIELD
148          RGSK     MIND BLOCK
149          DIGW    SPECIAL

Crystal Mines 2

Level select:
Enter KIMI as a password, hold Option 1 + Option 2, and press B. The sound of a machine gun will confirm
correct code entry. Level 1 will appear on screen. Press A to display the next level or B to display the previous
level. Press the D-pad to begin game play at the selected level.

One million bonus points:
Successfully complete level 28.  

Standard level passwords:

Level  Name         Password 
1 Down In The Dirt   TSLA 
2 Logan's Run        UEPT 
3 Blocks And Bombs   MTFQ 
4 Wren's Nest        IRTR 
5 Out With A Bang    ZCXP 
6 Tanya's Tangram    DPRX 
7 Monster Go Boom    OIGT 
8 Dan's Deadly Maze  YHYR 
9 Rocky Horror       VYHK 
10 It Grows On You   ITCU 
11 Easy Trap Of Doom QCFK 
12 Rock And Roll     BXNG 
13 Bombs A' Plenty   MOXA 
14 Catacombs         IDWJ 
15 Red Herring       RFVC 
16 Behind The Lines  GHSI 
17 Impervections     SKHU 
18 Blasting Zone     TRFN 
19 A Wrinkle In Time LQRE 
20 Bolder Dash       AURV 
21 Mud Wrestling     TYGU 
22 Buried Alive      FUIX 
23 Crystal "Mines"   QFXV 
24 Can't Touch This  XVXU 
25 Felony Arson      KYPO 
26 Sandbox Bullies   HBTR 
27 Stake Your Claim  SFEB 
28 Dry Vein          HXRE 
29 Quiver            TRVJ 
30 Boulder Mania     FQCS 
31 Pipe Hype         ZOIH 
32 Stuck In The Mud  LHJV 
33 Rat Race          GVYU 
34 Split Infinity    EMTV 
35 Switch Swatch     OHXY 
36 Minefield         GSTB 
37 Chimney Sweep     UXRC 
38 What A Blast!     PWYH 
39 Hardrock Headache XQCE 
40 Nuke Zone         PNGU 
41 Down Is Up        DZDI 
42 Lucky Number      PIPH 
43 Of Gravity...     PKAV 
44 Shape Up          TBUM 
45 Gravity Wise      CXRI 
46 Slime Pit         QIPZ 
47 Candlestick       HBJP 
48 Bouncing Boulders NXKU 
49 Cloudbuster       IGPY 
50 Whirlwind         INUK 
51 Block Mania       LPHD 
52 I Get Around      NEBX 
53 Hot Pursuit       JVNL 
54 Runny Stocking    CAQS 
55 Cakewalk          KEHL 
56 The Sewers        EMSE 
57 Crystal Factory   ZLAE 
58 Drop A Rock       MSXV 
59 Magic Mirror      JXTD 
60 Cache             SOVS 
61 Rock Concert      GHGV 
62 Crystal Tomb      QVOZ 
63 Make My Maze      ZCEL 
64 Pardon Me         COYH 
65 Take Control      HJHT 
66 Castle Mania      DONQ 
67 Rad Drops         VBHF 
68 Crystal Cannon    JSMJ 
69 Tick Tock         HTRA 
70 Crossroads        WBHD 
71 Rain Dance        MVJX 
72 Jungle Gem        ANZI 
73 Zero Gravity      EDLA 
74 Boulder Exchange  PCMN 
75 Monster Mania     YJKJ 
76 Which Way?        RAIQ 
77 Mud Boggin'       ZRWH 
78 Safe Cracker      ECMO 
79 The Howling       AOTP 
80 Trial -N- Error   SVWK 
81 Squeeze Play      VRBO 
82 Jailhouse Rock    SVYA 
83 Dodge Ball        KRFH 
84 Sidewinder        CNQR 
85 Ghost Of A Chance YNXR 
86 Plumber's Helper  CWQU 
87 Change Machine    YXFJ 
88 Triple Threat     SRDW 
89 Out Of Order      PDSQ 
90 Robo Rooter       QKOA 
91 Riddle Me This    CKLQ 
92 Cheque It Out     KHBA 
93 Joel's Conniption MZKM 
94 Saturn V          DYDO 
95 To Boldly Go      IDIC 
96 Who Knows?        WVOM 
97 Pipe Dream        NJCU 
98 Volcano Vacation  WUQR 
99 Pipeline Puzzle   BSZB 
100 Asylum           RERF 
101 Slime Jar        WNON 
102 Around The World IVLC 
103 Crystal Trap     PJOL 
104 Central Square   RGEI 
105 Down The Drain   WCEF 
106 Creature ComfortsDSGY 
107 Swamp Things     PHUF 
108 Gravity Ball     NCDS 
109 Herringbone      KOMZ
110 Water Closet     LFXQ 
111 Xenophobe Zoo    WAET 
112 Conveyor Belt    YJNV 
113 Mutation         TAUJ 
114 Towering Inferno IMOZ 
115 Take Your Pick   NBFD 
116 Shopping Spree   ZAPR 
117 Elevator Muzak   BXFT 
118 Kaleidoscope     GEFA 
119 Gemnastics       QIKD 
120 Death Zone       GMWJ 
121 Don't Be Greedy  MKIH 
122 Multi-abuser     ULEL 
123 Bombs Away       KBDW 
124 Sound And Fury   QEFP 
125 Make 'Em YourselfSFJX 
126 The Four Seasons LQXW 
127 Lobotomy         INMQ 
128 Hell And Back    NMAD 
129 Pipe Organ       RHEM 
130 Newton's Nightmare YHVR 
131 Jail Break       FSHF 
132 Quantum Quarry   EIKJ 
133 Running On MT    CQCR 
134 Haunted House    AIYA 
135 Arrow Phlegm     SXOE 
136 Bohemian RhapsodyEKDR 
137 Lift Lackeys     DRVY 
138 Spacin' Vaders   RGUM 
139 Avalanche!       FEDC 
140 Evil Twins       PRKL 
141 Leftright        ONKO 
142 Meltdown         QXPL 
143 Girls Best FriendJRXP 
144 Phase Shift      PADJ 
145 Spiral Of Doom   KGLI 
146 Mouse Trap       FDXR 
147 Zen              BLKS 
148 Freeze Frame     TJGB 
149 Check Mate       QKBT 
150 Terminus         AUEC 

Bonus level passwords:

Bonus level   Name             From level        Password  
0             Secret Vault     (None)            ZERO  
1             Deja View        9                 KQVW  
2             No Time To Think 18                QATR  
3             Bonanza!         27                DBFQ  
4             Nimbus           34                LEJM  
5             Monty Haul       39                ODJY  
6             Pinball Wiz      43                BVOS  
7             Ping Pong        48                SKLR  
8             Twist And Shout  52                JPGR  
9             Time's Up        55                BIOH  
10            Time Bomb        59                BNRY  
11            Time To Spare    61                UJIL  
12            Lava Slide       66                NMXS  
13            Slam City        70                LKBI  
14            No Way Jose'     73                RNSK  
15            Hide-N-Seek      78                STRA  
16            Snake's Belly    84                YTST  
17            Flood Gate       89                HBJO  
18            Killing Time     96                CHRN  
19            Way Out          100               WIFC  
20            Hermit Crab      106               ESBD  
21            Menagerie        111               TMCB  
22            Yuchsville       114               GCSQ  
23            Mine Shaft       119               PNZS  
24            Surrounded       125               KDVI  
25            Pool Queue       130               DHZY  
26            Pit Of Lost Souls134               IVRQ  
27            Shoot The Moon   138               OSNY  
28            Tarmaze          143               LOTL  
29            Safety Dance     146               MWOH  
30            Downtime         149               JCXZ 

Desert Strike

Level Password  



Level   Name             Password 
1 Let's get the spear    LYNX 
5 Let's get our friend   KRIS 
9 Feed the god           CAVA 
13 Let's go hunting      DBBS 
17 Feed me               TINA 
21 Go home for tea       KITI 

Note: Passwords are only used for every fourth level in the game.  

Dracula The Undead solution

First, get the notebook from the chest of drawers. Go into the bedroom and get the tinder box from the table and the 
crucifix from the bed.  Use the crucifix. Go to the dining room, get the oil from the table. Talk to Dracula, and
immediately afterwards, use the notebook. Go to the antechamber, open the window and look out of it. Use the notebook.
Climb out of the window and go to the next window on the right.  This room should be the bedroom.  Open the window 
and climb out of it. Make your way to the top right window (it should be a big window like the one you climbed out of
initially). Examine the table, then use the notebook. Get the lantern, fill it with oil and light it with the tinderbox. Go through
the door on the right into Dracula's money room. Get some money, get the box, then open the box. Use the iron key you
find in it on the door. Go into the crypt. Turn the lantern so that it says "The lantern has been turned down". Go down,
right. Get the twine. Go right, down, down. Get the crowbar, examine the coffin, use the notebook. Find your way back
to Dracula's study. Climb out of the window, and go back to the top left hand window. Go to the south wing landing and
use the crowbar on the door. Enter the sewing room. Wait to be returned to the bedroom and then use the notebook. 
Climb out of the window and go to the top left hand one. Go to the dining room, get the sugar from the table. Go back 
to Dracula's study and get the lantern. Light the lantern with the tinderbox and enter the catacombs again. Go down,
right, right, down, down. Get the small brass key from the coffin. Return to the south hallway and use the small brass key 
to open the clock. Get the small key. Return to Dracula's study, examine the desk and then use the notebook. Get the hook
from the drawer. Go to the money room and turn the lever on the bottom wall. Enter the library through the door which 
opens and examine the books. Examine the book you get, then tie the twine to the hook. Enter the catacombs and go down,
right, up, up. Climb the ladder and then use the sugar on the horse. Get the spade and use it on the well. The fishing line 
on the well, then climb down the well.


Level select:
Disable the sound at the title screen. Hold Up/Left and repeatedly tap A + B until "Level 1" appears
in the place of the "Now Teleporing To Level 1" text. Use the D-pad to select a new starting level.

, Pong or Tetris mini-games can be played at some computer terminals.

Electrocop strategy

Door codes and what is revealed.

Level  1     D1 = 2473 -> Level 2       Level  7  D1 = 6021 -> Level 4
             D2 = 9874 -> Level 2                 D2 = 5824 -> Level 9
             D3 = 8743 -> Weapons
                                        Level  8  D1 = 7698 -> Level 6
Level  2     D1 = 3287 -> Lvl 7 (Right)
                          Lvl 3 (Left)  Level  9  D1 = 0170 -> Pla.Cannon
             D2 = 5409 -> Empty                   D2 = 1092 -> Empty
                                                  D3 = 7102 -> TriLaser
Level  3     D1 = 9284 -> Level 4                 D4 = 4726 -> Empty
             D2 = 7210 -> Level 4                 D5 = 1375 -> Level 11
             D3 = 3936 -> Smart Bomb              D6 = 2857 -> Bi-Laser
             D4 = 7395 -> Plasma Cannon           D7 = 6998 -> Tri-Laser
             D5 = 8294                            D8 = 1798 -> Tri-Laser
                                                  D9 = 4321 -> Level 1
Level  4     D1 = 0394 -> Weapons
                                       Level 10   Left Exit -> Level 11
Level  5     D1 = 8658 -> Weapons               Middle Exit -> Level 9
             D2 = 5462 -> Door 7                 Right Exit -> Level 2
             D3 = 9973 -> End of Game
             D4 = 7642 -> Door 1       Level 11   D1 = 0293 -> Bi-Laser
             D5 = 0912 -> Door 2                  Left Exit -> Level 3
             D6 = 0974 -> Door 3                 Right Exit -> Level 12
             D7 = 7865 -> Door 4
             D8 = 4285 -> Door 5       Level 12   D1 = 2987 -> Pl.Cannon
             Stingrays -> Level 10                D2 = 6473 -> Pl.Cannon
    Open/Closing Doors -> Level 1
Level  6     D1 = 9722 -> Level 5
             D2 = 8765 -> Level 12

Gates Of Zendocon

Level Password  
1  BASE  
2  ZYBX  
3  XRXS  
4  ANEX  
5  NEAT  
6  YARR  
7  EYES  
8  NYXX  
9  ZYRB  
10 SRYX  
11 BARE  
12 STAX  
13 SZZZ  
14 RAZE  
15 TRYX  
16 STYX  
17 YARB  
18 BREX  
19 SEBB  
20 SNEX  
21 ZAXX  
22 BROT  
23 STOB  
24 XTNT  
25 BOTZ  
26 SNAX  
27 TRAX  
28 ZEBA  
29 ROXY  
30 NEXA  
31 NEST  
32 EBYX  
33 ZEST  
34 ZORT  
35 ROXX  
36 NERB  
37 TREY  
38 STAB  
39 SSSS  
40 RATT  
41 NYET  
42 BRAN  
43 XRAY  
44 TERA  
45 BYTE  
46 BETA  
48 STAB  
49 BOXX  
50 TENT  
51 NEAR  
52 ZETA  

Gates Of Zendocon strategy  
General Strategies

The monsters are completely predictable:  Every time you play a level, they will appear in the same places, in the same
sequence. In addition, the "alien helpers" and other objects in the level appear in the same places. So, the key to
mastering a level is to first explore the level.  Move your ship up and down, up and down, as you proceed through
the level, so you can see everything that's there. You might have to sacrificing your ship lots of times before you
manage to get the whole level explored.  After you know what's there, you can develop the best strategy for getting
through the level.  This might involve moving your ship as little as possible to reduce risk, or it might involve moving
it as much as possible so as to blow away more aliens.
The Levels

In the listing for each level, the gate(s) which exist on that level are indicated with 
a letter, an arrow "->", and the name of the level which that gate leads to.  Different
letters indicate different possible positions of the gate, as shown
in this diagram:


     |             B            |

     |           A   D        E |

     |             C            |


This is meant to be a schematic representation of the level; your ship starts out at the left and proceeds towards the right.
For example, in the first level ("BASE"), it says "A -> ZYBX, E -> RAZE". This means that there are two gates:
one at position "A", and another at position "E".  You have to go through two "waves" of alien attack to get to a gate
at position "E".

Each level's entry also tells which "friendly aliens" can be found on that level, and where.  The symbols used are as

@:  "Floating Eye".  Hovers below your ship and shoots a fireball horizontally.

*:  "Plasma Ball".  Hovers above and behind your ship, until you fire,
at which point it wanders off (usually towards the closest enemy)
     and attempts to destroy enemies by touching them.

^:  "Death Arising".  Hovers above your ship and shoots a red "laser beam" straight up.

>:  "Sonic Dart".  Hovers above and slightly ahead of your ship and shoots a vertical
     white "sonic pulse", which moves to the right and enlarges as it moves away. 
     The result is a continuous triangular wave of pulses which "sweeps out" virtually
     everthing in front of your ship.

The description also tells where the alien is found.  Note:  You won't find the alien if 
your ship is already accompanied by an alien of the same type. 

The levels are numbered in such a way that the gates always lead you to a higher-numbered 
evel.  Also, whenever possible consecutive levels have been given consecutive numbers.  
(Most levels only have one gate.) 

 1. BASE: A -> ZYBX, E -> RAZE
 2. ZYBX: B -> NYXX, C -> XRXS, D -> NEAT
 3. XRXS: A -> ANEX
 4. ANEX: A -> NEAT, E -> BARE
 5. NEAT: A -> YARR
 6. YARR: B -> EYES. *: Near bottom, at end.
 7. EYES: A -> NYXX, D -> BARE
 8. NYXX: C -> ZYRB. @: Near top of screen.
 9. ZYRB: A -> SRYX
10. SRYX: A -> BARE
11. BARE: A -> STAX, D -> XRAY
As soon as possible, move the ship straight up to the top of the playfield.  Do *not* move 
left or right.  The dragon will fly into your tailjets and get killed instantly.

A description of the "real" strategy for killing the dragon is given below under level "NERB".
12. XRAY: A -> RATT.  *: Near top of screen.
13. RATT: A -> NYET
14. NYET: A -> RAZE
One easy way to get through this level is to stay on the bottom and never shoot.  
Of course, you don't get many points this way!
15. STAX: A -> SZZZ
16. SZZZ: A -> RAZE.  *: Middle of screen, at beginning.
17. RAZE: A -> TRYX,  B -> ROXX, C -> TRAX, D -> TERA
18. ROXX: A -> NERB
19. NERB: A -> TREY.  @: Stay above partition, after dragon.
The dragon in this level is like the one in "BARE":  It can be killed only by having its 
"head" contact your tailjets.  None of the alien helpers affects the dragon.
To slay the dragon, note that it travels on a grid of circles. It will always stay in
this grid.  

Here's a rough sketch:

   :       :       :       :

    '.   .' '.   .' '.   .'

     .'''.   .'''.   .'''.

   .'     '.'     '.'     '.

   :       :xxx    :       :

   '.     .'.     .'.     .'

     '...'   '...'   '...'

    .'   '. .'   '. .'   '.

   :       :       :       :

The dots, quotes, and colons represent the path of the dragon. The key is to get your ship into the position marked
"xxx" in the center of one of the circles.  Avoid the dragon until you can see where the "center of the circle" is, and then
put your ship there when the dragon is out of the way. Once in the center of the circle, your ship is entirely safe. 
After a while, the dragon's path repeats; when it comes round the circle again, it will fly through your tailjets and die.
(Actually, this doesn't always happen.  Sometimes your ship is a little too far to the right and the dragon will just "chirp"
a little as it goes by.  If this happens, move your ship to the left a *tiny* bit and wait for him to come around again.
Note:  This strategy has to be modified somewhat in "SSSS", where you get more than one dragon at a time.
20. TREY: A -> STAR.  >: Third set of partitions, top.
21. STAR: D -> SSSS, C ->BYTE.  @: First set of partitions, bottom.
The "B" gate is under the second partition.  It's also sort of hard to enter.
22. SSSS: A -> BREX
The dragons in this level come in groups of two or three.  This makes things more difficult, because they don't always
travel on the same "grid". The strategy is the same, but since the dragons travel on different grids, you'll have to keep
moving your ship.  If you can't move fast enough, use your shields -- they will get you out of the way much more
quickly. (However, you'll be dead if you're caught between two dragons or caught between a dragon and the edge of
the playfield.) Dodge the dragons repeatedly until you see what pattern they follow. Each one follows a repeating path. 
Then, kill them off one-by-one, using the method described in "NERB".
23. TERA: A -> BYTE
24. BYTE: A -> BETA. 
>: Near bottom of screen.
25. BETA: B -> TRAX,  E -> NEST
26. TRAX: A -> ZEBA
27. ZEBA: A -> TRYX, E -> ROXY. 
@: Near top.
28. TRYX: B -> STYX
In this level, the "floor" restricts the ship to the top half of the play-field.  However, there is a "hidden feature" or "easter-egg"
which allows you to access another gate "below the floor".  Here's how you find it: Immediately put on your shields and 
move the ship down, to kill the alien tanks.  Then,  start dropping bombs (using your shields when necessary to kill
newly-appearing aliens).  You will notice at one point the bombs appear to go through the floor.  At this locationis an 
invisible "hole" through which you can fly your ship. It will probably take a few tries before you get through, because the 
hole is rather small.  Once you get through, you maneuver through a couple of minor obstacles and then find the gate.  
It leads you to the "easter-egg level", whose name is "    ".  (Four blank spaces: this level, therefore, can't be accessed 
directly as the others can because its name cannot be entered.) The easter-egg level is fun.  It also gives you all four alien
helpers: @, *, >, and ^.
29. STYX: A -> YARB
30. YARB: A -> BREX
31. ROXY: A -> NEXA
32. NEXA: A -> NEST
33. NEST: A -> EBYX
34. EBYX: A -> BREX.  *: Middle of screen (can't miss it).
35. "    ": A -> NERB.  *, @, ^, >: all near bottom, near beginning.
This is the easter-egg level.  Description of level "TRYX" above tells you how to get here. Since this level leads back to an
"earlier level", it is possible to loop, and thus  (in theory) to play Gates of Zendocon forever:
36. BREX: B -> ZEST, C -> SEBB, D -> STAB.  ^: Near bottom, after a long sequence of towers with yellow-and-gray
pyramid-shaped tops.
37. ZEST: A -> ZORT.  *: Bottom of screen, under stalactite.
38. ZORT: B -> STAB, E -> BRAN
39. BRAN: A -> BROT
40. STAB: A -> BOXX.  @: Middle of screen, at beginning.

41. BOXX: C -> SEBB, E -> TENT

Here's a map of this level.  "[]" represents a box which is hard to shoot, "<>" represents one which is easy.  "C" and "E" 
show the locations of the gates. 

  (left half:)
|     <><>  []  <>  []  []  <>    []    <>    []    <>  /
|     [][]  []  []  []  <>  []    []    []    []    []  \
|       <>  <>  <>  []  <>  []    []    []    []    []   \
|     [][]  []  []  <>  <>  []    []    []    <>    []   /
|       []  []  []  []  []  []    <>    []    []    []  /
  (right half:)
/  <><><><>    <>    <><><><><><><><>[][][][]    []      |
\  [][][][]    [][][][][][][]  <>[][][][][][]    []      |
 \ [][][][]    <>[][][][][][][]  <>[][][][][][]  []    E |
 / [][][][]          [][][][][][]  <>[][][]  [][]        |
/  [][][][]       C  [][][][][][][]  <><><><><><>        |

42. TENT: A -> BROT.  *: Near middle.
43. SEBB: A -> SNEX.  ^: Near bottom.
44. SNEX: C -> ZAXX
Yes, the "tank/truck" objects can be destroyed!  However, it's a very
complex operation.  

     1: Wait until the first tank is about halfway across the screen.
     2: Move behind its cannon, then down behind it after the 2-legged
        walker isout of the way.
     3: Follow it closely, and simultaneously maneuver the ship so
        that it's 3 pixels off the floor.  Move almost all the way to
        the edge of the screen.
     4: Keep the lasers on continuously.  This should kill additional
        walkers as they approach.
     5: As each additional tank piles up behind you, the score
        increments by increasing amounts.  When the score is
        incrementing 10 at a time, the one's digit will be constant.
        Shortly after this happens, you will kill a walker.  Just
        after the walker is killed, move up slightly, wait for a
        missile to fly just under you, then move back down into
     6: Continue to the end.  When the screen stops scrolling, leave
        your ship still for a bit; the tanks will all simultaneously
        be destroyed.

45. ZAXX: A -> BROT
46. BROT: A -> STOB.  >: Near bottom.
So-named because of the Mandelbrot Sets used in the background?
47. STOB: A -> XTNT
48. XTNT: A -> BOTZ
49. BOTZ: A -> SNAX
50. SNAX: A -> ZETA, D -> NEAR
51. NEAR: A -> ZETA.  *: Near bottom.  @: Near top, immediately after
*.  >: Near bottom, shortly after @.
52. ZETA
This is the "penultimate level", as it were.  The object is to shoot at the object which
slowly moves up and down along the right edge of the screen. Every now and then, this 
object will "open its eye"; this is the only time when it's vulnerable. The second time 
you successfully hit it when its eye is open, everything on the screen blows up and you 
are sent to the endgame. NOTE: If you have alien companions, they will be destroyed along 
with everything else!  (However, they still help you get through this level.)  The 
consequence of this is that when you face Zendocon, you always face it alone.
53. Endgame
In the final screen, you fight it out with Zendocon itself, the evil spider-monster which
rules all the other aliens you've been fighting. To make it through this level, use the 
following procedure: Zendocon appears on the right edge of the screen and moves horizontally 
towards you.  While firing the lasers continuously, move your ship down slowly.  You will 
eventually find a point at which your lazer-fire makes "explosions" appear on the monster.
When Zendocon is getting close, move your ship to the left and *up* out of the way.  It can
touch your ship without hurting you, but you want to avoid having it cover your ship entirely.
Use your shields if it's a close call. When it starts heading back towards the right, move 
your ship back down to fire at Zendocon's "soft spot" again.  Use your shields when necessary
to keep the "eyeballs" from hitting you.  After the first couple of left-right "cycles" of 
Zendocon's movement, you'll be able to position your ship so that you can hit the soft spot 
and also avoid touching the eyeballs (because Zendocon slowly drifts up as it moves back 
and forth.) Using this technique, you should be able to hit Zendocon enough so that it dies 
after five or six repetitions of its left-right path. If you don't, it will start moving 
around the screen diagonally.  This means it's probably too late -- but in a last-ditch 
effort, put on your shields and fly into its "mouth".  This might do it in.
If you kill Zendocon and then "commit suicide" by crashing your ship into the floating eyes,
you're given another ship and have to kill Zendocon again.  If you lose your last ship in 
this way, you lose the game. Killing Zendocon multiple times doesn't increase your score 
all that much, but it's something to do if you have lots of extra ships at the end of the 

Shortest Route From Start to Finish


Fifteen screens, plus Zendocon.  There are three equally short paths
from BREX to BROT:



                                   `->SEBB->SNEX->ZAXX-'       |



At BASE, take the second gate.  At RAZE, take the first.  At TRYX, STYX, and YARB you 
have no choice (disregarding the easter-egg in TRYX).  At BREX, choose whichever path 
you like best (if you choose the upper path, take the second gate at ZORT; if you choose
the middle path, take the second gate at BOXX.)  From BROT to SNAX you have no choice; 
at SNAX take the first gate. A typical final score for the "shortest route" is around 
100,000. (Or 10,000,000 in the "hard" mode -- good luck!)

Gates of Zendocon Map:

Each level's gates are numbered left to right, top to bottom, as the
terrain scrolls from left to right.



         2/  `--.
         /       ZYBX 2
        /       1/|3 `--.
       /        / |      XRXS
      /        /  |       |
     /        /   |    1 ANEX
    /        /    |  .--' |2
   /        /    NEAT     |
  /        /      |       |
  |       |      YARR     |
  |       |       |       |
  |       |    1 EYES     |
  |       |  .--' /2     /
  |      NYXX    /      /
  |     /       /      /
  |  ZYRB      /      /
  |    |      /______/
  |  SRYX    /
  |     \   /
  |      BARE 2
  |      1|  `--.
  |       |      XRAY
  |      STAX        `--.
  |       |              RATT
  |       |               |
  \      SZZZ            NYET
   \         `--.    .--'
    `----------->RAZE___ 2
                1/|3\4  `--------ROXX
                / |  \               `--.
               /  |   \                  NERB
              /   |    \_                 |
             /    |      TERA            TREY
            /     |       |          .--'
           /      |       |    2 STAR
          /       |       |  .--' |1
          |       |      BYTE    SSSS
          |       |       |       |
          |       |    1 BETA     |
          |       |  .--' |2      |
          |      TRAX     |       |
          |       |       |       |
          |    1 ZEBA     |       |
          |  .--' |2      |       |
         TRYX    ROXY     |       |
          |       |       |       |
         STYX    NEXA 1   |       |
          |       |2 `--. |       |
         YARB     |      NEST     |
          \       |       |       |
           \____  |      EBYX     |
                \ |  .--'-------<-'
              1  BREX
            .---'2| 3\___
        ZEST      |      \
       /          |       \
      /           |      STAB
     /            |       |
  ZORT            |       |
    |             |       |
    |             |    1 BOXX
    |             |  .--' |2
    |            SEBB     |
    |        .--'        TENT
    |    SNEX           /
    |     |            /
  BRAN   ZAXX         /
    `--------`--.    /
                 SNAX 2
                 1|  `--.
                  |      NEAR
                  |  .--'


Level select:
Select a character, begin the game, but do not move from the starting location. Press Option 1 to jump
to level 5. Pressing Option 1 additional times will start five more levels into the game, with a maximum
starting level of level 20.


*  I found merlin but he keeps asking me for clues..! and I always end
   up dying!! 
-: there are eight clues (letters or numbers) you have to find in
   order. to beat the game. If you miss a clue you have to go back to 
   that clue's room and go get it.
*  which rooms have the clues?
-: 16, 26, 46, 54, 66, 70, 81, and 90. The clues are the big symbols; you
   usually have to do odd things like opening locked chests and shooting or
   moving walls to get to them.

Some passwords:

All of these start you with 1400-1500 points, ten keys, ten bombs and all
special abilities. The clue letters for these codes are: XRTW98Y7
 warrior: 43C BBI HZZ
     elf: 43C BBI HYY
valkyrie: 43C BBI HYZ
  wizard: 43C BBI HZY


Super team:
Enter BATSXPEB as a password. The "X" will turn into a heart to confirm correct code entry. Select
the "OK" option to display a comic of a bat. Enter the "Play Game" screen and select "The Bats"
team from Group D. This team has perfect statistics. Re-enter BATSXPEB again as a password
to view a different bat comic.


Level skip:
Create a "Big X" on level 6 to jump to level 51 with a 60,000 point bonus. Create a "Big X" on level 11
to jump to level 56 with a 60,000 point bonus.

Strategy Guide:

In order to excel at KLAX, in addition to improving your reflexes and
anticipation, you need to understand the scoring rules. It is possible to
get more than 2,000,000 if you know the tricks ;-) !
  There are three basic areas of scoring to be considered: 
     1.  Basic scores for KLAXs
     2.  The score multiplier
     3.  End-of-level and warp bonuses

This will deal primarily with the first two, since there is relatively little the
player can do about the last.  The basic KLAX scoring matrix is shown below:

                   vertical        horizontal      diagonal
   3-KLAX               50            1,000          5,000
   4-KLAX           10,000            5,000         10,000
   5-KLAX           15,000           10,000         20,000

How to get a vertical 4-KLAX?  Doesn't it go away when you put the
3rd tile on top?  *no, not always. There are two basic ways
to get a vertical 4-KLAX.  The easiest is to use the scoring delay.  If
you have the following setup:

           [b]                What you want to do is drop the [b] tile
           [a]                on the center column in the bin, and while
           [a]                it is scoring, move over and drop both [a]
           ===                tiles on top of the [a] column.  The two
                              [a] tiles will just sit there until the
    |               |         [b] column finishes scoring, then all of
    |               |         the [a]'s will score as a vertical 4-KLAX.
    |               |
    |      [b][a]   |         
    |      [b][a]   |

The second way to get a vertical 4-KLAX is to set up chain-reaction

        [b]                   When you drop the [b] down, it will score

===                   a diagonal 3-KLAX.  When the [b]'s all
disappear, voil`a, a vertical 4-KLAX
|         [a]   |         of [a]'s!

|         [a]   |
|         [b]   |
|      [b][a]   |

|      [x][a]   |
These examples also introduce the score multiplier effect.  Whenever
you score, the score mutliplier is the number of KLAXs scored.  This
multiplier doesn't reset but keeps increasing until there's nothing left
to score and play has resumed.  So in the above examples, the [b] KLAXs
had a multipler of 1, but the [a] KLAXs had a multipler of 2 and were
worth 20,000 points!

For a more complex example (capital letters indicate scoring KLAXs):


    |   [a]   [a]   |       |   [a]   [a]   |       |               |
|   [a]   [a]   |       |   [a][a][a]   |       |   [A]   [A]   |
|   [b]   [b]   |  -->  |   [B][B][B]   |  -->  |   [A][A][A]   |
|   [a][x][a]   |       |   [a][x][a]   |       |   [A][x][A]   |
|   [a][x][a]   |       |   [a][x][a]   |       |   [A][x][A]   |

+---------------+       +---------------+       +---------------+
The [b]'s score as a horizontal 3-KLAX with mutiplier of 1, but the
[a]'s will score as 2 vertical 4-KLAXs, 2 diagonal 3-KLAXs, and a
horizontal 3-KLAX with a total multiplier of 6 (1 for the [b]'s and
5 for the [a]'s) !!!  So the total score for this would be:
   (mult  *  hor [b]) + (mult * (hor [a] + (2 * diag [a]) + (2 * vert [a])))
 = ( 1    *  1000 )   + ( 6   * ( 1,000  + (2 *  5,000)   + (2 * 10,000)))
 =      1000          + ( 6   * ( 31,000 ))
 =      187,000 points !!!!

As you can see, the multiplier can have a dramatic effect on your score. The maximum multiplier is 9 (athough it's
quite difficult to get that high).
* You may have noticed during play that if you push forward on the joystick, the  top tile on your paddle will be thrown
half way back up the ramp. You can use this to rearrange the tiles on the paddle or to get back to a lower tile without
dropping the upper tiles. This "push-back" technique is fun. It's addictive. It's also the quickest way to get into deep

There is a built-in difficulty advance feature which makes the game play faster depending on how long you have been
playing on the current quarter. (This is a not-very-well-kept secret of arcade game design used to balance game play so
a the designer doesn't have to screw typical players to keep a really good player from playing forever).  Anyway, the
point is that you should play as quickly as possible so that the game difficulty doesn't ramp up on you.  One way you do
this by pulling back on the joystick to speed the tiles down the ramp and (hopefully) onto your paddle.  Don't wait for
them to come to you.  Suck 'em down!  This feature can also be abused (although not as badly as the push-back
technique), but it can be useful.

The basic strategy is going top be to start at level 1, play through level 5, warp to level 11, and take a "secret warp" to
level 56…

                               LEVEL 1

Here is a cosmic paradox.  Level 1 is the easiest level in the game. It is also the hardest level to do well.  Don't get
discouraged by the complexity of the patterns (KLAXgrams) shown below.  This is as bad as it gets, and you can work
up to it slowly. If you wish,use the "Tengen Stax" method shown below. It's worth fewer points, but it is *lots* easier.

There are only 4 colors of tiles in the first level. The patterns shown will get you about 370,000 to 565,000 points on
level 1.  The highest theoretical score for level 1 that we have found is about 720,000 (but I wouldn't waste my time
trying  for it.  In building these patterns, you may complete at most ONE KLAX to get rid of "junk"; if you complete 2
KLAXs, the game will not let you drop extra tiles on the paddle after the first, because the 1st tile will complete the level.
And you must be quick to drop all the tiles on the paddle into the center column. If the top [c] finishes scoring before you
get the remaining tiles in place, things won't work right. You must be prepared to settle for less and bail out earlier if

These are "best case" patterns.  They are very similar: notice that the only difference
in the first 2 is an extra [a] at the bottom of the paddle stack, but it's surprisingly
MUCH more difficult to achieve!  An [x] is a don't care: use the fourth color or just
make sure you don't complete a KLAX with them.

                                   [c]                    [c]

            [c]                    [b]                    [b]

            [b]                    [a]                    [a]

            [a]                    [a]                    [b]

            ===                    ===                    ===

     |[a][a]   [a][a]|      |[a][a]   [a][a]|      |[a][a]   [a][a]|

     |[b][b]   [b][b]|      |[b][b]   [b][b]|      |[b][b]   [b][b]|

     |[x][a]   [c][x]|      |[x][a]   [c][x]|      |[x][a]   [c][x]|

     |[x][b]   [a][x]|      |[x][b]   [a][x]|      |[b][b]   [a][b]|

     |[a][c][b][b][a]|      |[a][c][b][b][a]|      |[a][c][b][b][a]|

     +---------------+      +---------------+      +---------------+

           ~370K                  ~435K                  ~565K

                                                    "Rains' Revenge"

                               LEVEL 2

This pattern is known as "Tengen Stax," because the guys over at Tengen
discovered it. It makes use of the high value of vertical 4-KLAXs.  It's also
easy to remember and is recommended for the entire family.  There are many minor
variations possible with higher and lower scores.  These are left as an exercise
to the reader. 



     |[a][b]   [c][d]|

     |[a][b]   [c][d]|

     |[e][e]   [e][e]|




       "Tengen Stax"

                               LEVEL 3

Level 3 is a "diagonal wave".  Try to complete as much of a BIG X as possible but bail out as soon as possible to keep
the game difficulty down.  You need at least 3 diagonals to complete the level.  You should have been using the pull-down
feature to save time so far.  Also, between levels keep tapping the button to speed up the scoring (again, reducing time). 
Again, many variations are possible.



     |[a]         [a]|

     |[x][a]   [a][x]|

     |[x][x]   [x][x]|




          "BIG X"

                                LEVEL 4

Level 4 should be played the same as level 2.  There are more colors on level 4 than level 2, so it is harder.  But it is also
more important to do well on level 4 because it is a "points wave".  Any points that you score over the 10,000 needed
to complete the level will be doubled as a bonus. So a 200,000 set of "Tengen Stax" will get you 390,000 points including
the bonus. Did I mention that furiously tapping through the scoring at the end of level sometimes reveals a "feature" in which
mysterious white tiles appear in the bin and give you extra points?

                                 LEVEL 5

Just survive it any way you can. The difficulty will be ramping up pretty well by this time, so I just build simple vertical
stacks to get rid of tiles as easily as possible.  I often have over 1,000,000 by this time, and survival is the most
-- you may inadvertently get to the select screen and select the default level 6. When you get to the select screen, warp
to level 11.

                         LEVELS 11 and 56

Go for a "Super Star" pattern which includes an "X".  The "X" on level 11 (and on
level 6, too) will cause an immediate warp to level 56 (or 51), plus mucho bonus
points.  This pattern depends on getting a wild tile ([*]) to complete the star. 



     |[a]         [b]|

     |[x][a]   [b][x]|

     |[c][c]   [d][d]|




       "Super Star"


Another Tip:
One thing to realize about making the big X, is that you don't need to make 
it all one color.  For example, the method I usually use is:

    |[A]         [B]|

    |[x][A]   [B][x]|





Where the "*" is a wildcard.  This is so easy to make that I can always do 
it on level 6.


Level Fun     Tricky        Taxing       Mayhem 

General Lemmings solutions:

Use one Lemming to blaze a trail across the screen, and then release the others once the route has been completed.
To release a Blocker in a non-destructive manner, use a Miner to dig away the ground underneath it.
If Lemmings are stuck in a pit, they can be freed by numerous Builders planting stairs in a zig-zag pattern upward.  Each Builder starts 
building to the left from the top of a right slanted staircase (which has run into a wall), and vice versa.   
It may be necessary to reverse a Lemming's direction without the benefit of a convenient obstruction or a Blocker. This can be done 
by using a Basher, Miner, or Digger, depending upon the terrain, and then, when the hole is sufficiently deep, changing it into a Builder; 
after a few blocks the Builder will collide with the wall of the excavation, stop building and turn around. If the ground is metal, then a 
Miner on its own will do, as it will give up after one whack with its pick at the impenetrable metal, and then turn around. 
Similar to the above tactic, you can stop and trap a whole horde of stampeding Lemmings without a Blocker by digging a pit straight down. 
Use a Digger to make the hole, and then stop it by turning it into a Builder (Anti-Lemming).  When you later want to release the Lemmings,
use Builders to allow them to climb out.  The pit created should be just deep enough to hold the Lemmings you want to trap, for you 
don't want to waste too many Builders in releasing them. 
Another method for turning around a suicidal stampede of Lemmings when you don't have any Blockers is to use a Basher or Miner to make
a horizontal or diagonal hole, then change it to a Builder to make it stop bashing or mining (Anti-Lemming).  A much more difficult method 
can be performed without any excavation Lemmings.  One can block Lemmings by using Builders to build a four deep layer of steps, with 
the starting edge of each layer in line, making a high vertical face, off which the Lemmings will bounce. This is much easier to describe than 
to achieve. 
You can turn around a single Lemming if there is some solid material directly above it by making it into a Builder.  It will build until it hits its 
head on the ceiling and then turn around.  However, other Lemmings can get by if there is just one pixel between the stairs and the terra-firma 
above.  But they will turn around if you turn each of them into Builders at the top of the previously laid steps.  After laying one step, they
too will hit their heads on the ceiling and turn around.
If some Lemmings are heading for a cliff at which a Builder is not quite done creating a bridge, the Lemmings can be stalled by turning them
 into Builders.  For this maneuver it is of course important to have a lot of extra Builders.  It is smart to do this at an adequate distance before
the initial Builder, so that the bridges do not accidentally overlap. 
On screens where you need to release one or two Lemmings from within a walled off horde, but do not have a setup where a Blocker or two
can conveniently hold the remainder, try this.  Build a staircase up, on which the Lemmings will all swarm  As the Builder climbs, pick one of
the other Lemmings and turn it into a Digger when it is some distance up the staircase, above the ground. This will let one Lemming, the
Builder, out, and the others will fall through the hole and stay merrily trapped.  When it's time to free them all, turn one into a Builder as 
they approach the hole in the steps.
If you have a Blocker holding in your Lemmings, and want to get just one Lemming past it without blowing it up, build a bridge that would
go over the Blocker's head. Then watch the Lemmings falling off the end of the bridge.  As soon as one falls past the Blocker, make the 
Builder a Digger.  This stops the rest from getting past.
To reverse the direction of a staircase in midair, first place a Blocker where you want the steps to turn.  As the next Lemming approaches, 
turn it into a Builder a short distance from the Blocker.  When the steps hit the Blocker, the Builder will turn around and keep building. 
Tricky to work just right, but quite possible.
If a group of Lemmings need to fall down from a high structure, and you don't have enough Floaters, you can use a Digger Lemming to 
create a step for them.  If the drop is twice as far as the Lemmings can fall, or thereabouts, have the Digger tunnel down right at the edge
of the cliff, and then stop half way.  You can stop it by turning it into a Builder.  Then the Lemmings will fall twice, once to the step the 
Digger made, and then to the ground below.  If the drop is farther than that, you can use multiple Diggers, staggering them creating a 
series of steps.
If you have a Builder, a Digger, and a Miner, and you want your Lemming to mine down and to the opposite direction of that which it is 
facing, try this trick.  Turn it into a Digger momentarily, and after it's down four pixels or so, turn it into a Builder.  It will attempt to build
its way out of the pit, but then turn around after two or three steps. Now you can have it mine in the opposite direction.

If you wait until a Lemming hits a steel surface and turns around, then make it a Basher (while facing away from the steel) and it will remove
one to three pixels from the steel.  After a little experimentation when a Lemming got stuck vertically in a steel column, it was decided that 
steel acts like one-way columns with arrows all pointing out from the center.  If you can reverse-bash your way to the center, you can bash
the rest of the way through the column normally.

Ms. Pac-Man

Five extra lives:
Pause game play, press Option 1, B(2times), A(2times), Option 1 and then Unpause. Note: This code may only be enabled one time per game.

Level skip:
Pause game play and press Option 1, B(3), Option 1 and then unpause game play. Press Option 1 to jump to the next level.

Unlimited lightning bolts:
Pause game play, press Option 1, A, Option 1, and unpause game play. Repeat this code as needed.

Instant lightning bolt:
Pause game play, hold Option 1, press A, B, A, the release Option 1. Press Option 1, B to display and activate the lightning bolt.


Extra lives:
Achieve the highest score and enter 330NE as a name on the high score screen. Ten extra lives will be available for game play.

 To achieve maximum speed, push joypad twice in direction required.   Hold joypad in position to maintain that speed.
 Jumping on top of objects (such as fire hydrants) can generate fruit  that gives you more points.
 Jumping from the spring board with repeated movement of the joypad (tapping button) will keep Pac in the air.

 At the end of each round you reach 'Break Time'. By jumping at the end of the house you can receive a  maximum of 
 a 7650 point bonus. Also available are 10 points, 100 points, 300 points and 1000 points.

How To Play - General playoptions for all systems:

                                                               Trip 1

Round Two - The Forest. The first 'cheat' is achieved by pushing the second cactus back giving you  80,000 points and transporting
you to your house at the end of level two (this only works if you haven't died and have at least 30,000 points). However, it is often
worth not using this as continuing throughout the game without using the warps will enable you to collect more lives.
If this doesn't work then try the second, third and fourth logs in the woods. The machine randomly chooses  one of these (pushing 
the logs only work if you haven't died and you have 15,000 points). Get the
cherry that appears as it turns into another three.

Round Three - The mountains. These have no cheats - but watch out for  the plane that always flies over the first mountain (a flower
sometimes grows here and in many other places, I am sure that this means nothing). After completing the mountains you pass two cacti.
Pushing the first one back, on earlier versions, makes you invisible and invincible to everything except the water (which just happens to
be the next obstacle!) To jump over the water - run at full speed over the spring board and at the edge press jump and keep on whacking 
the joystick to the right - you should glide over the pool! You have then reached Fairyland! Here the Queen gives you a gift of magic 
boots that enable you to fly. You then start Round 4 going back the opposite way.

Round Four - You first encounter cacti that you must jump over. If at any point you see the letter 'S' in a Pac bubble flying about - get it -
it's an extra life. There is also another letter in a Pac bubble that flies around the screen - the letter 'L' - this can be achieved after getting a
Pac-Pill, getting four ghosts and then Doris fifth   (Doris is the one that chases you and the only one that has no hat after eating a Pac-Pill).

The last cactus that you jump over is very tall. Try pushing the lower section of it backwards as this generates 7 balloons. Six of which are
worth 100 points but one is worth 7650 points. Get this and don't bother with the others.  Continue going home once you reach the town, 
jump on all fire hydrants as this always generates cherries. If pushing the cactus back didn't do anything then try pushing the second to
last fire hydrant back - this will generate the balloons. When you arrive home you can still jump to get 7650 points.

                                   Trip 2

Round Five - The Town. Jump on the fire hydrants to generate cherries.  Push the third hydrant back to give you the hat. If you pass two
fire hydrants on top of each other then jump on top of these. The blue things that push you along (water jets) can also push you on top of
the houses. This is advisable as it keeps you away from any double decker buses! If the second fire hydrant didn't give the helmet then
the fourth fire hydrant along will.  

Round Six - The water pool area. You have two short(ish) pools to clear, followed by more ghosts on pogo sticks (here appears another
floating cherry). The last pool is the longest of these and must be judged carefully to clear. 

Round Seven - The water jets. You have three different platforms to jump on (always try to stay on the highest one). If a flying water jet
happens to hit you then whack the joystick everywhere and press fire as it is possible to escape. Not much on this round, just collect 
loads of strawberries. After this you reach fairyland again, you receive the boots again, and have to return home.

Round Eight - The trip home. Firstly, you have to cross the long pool - backwards. Jump to the top of the screen straight away to get the
cherries and clear the planes. There are stumps sticking out that you can land on and get cherries. After this there is the forest to complete.
The first or second to last log will give the balloons.

                                   Trip 3                               

Round Nine - The Water Pool Area. You leave your house and go straight into the water pool area. There are three cacti on this round.
Pushing either the first (before the pool), second (before the skeleton) or third (before the Pac-pill) back will give you the helmet. The pool
is slightly different as it has a stump sticking out of the water that has an extra spring board you can land on. After this there is a skeleton
(that drags you down into the ground) and must be jumped over.

Round Ten - The forest. Pushing one of the logs back will make you invincible to the ghosts. This works even if you have died. When you
start flashing, the invincibility is about to ware off.

Round eleven - The logs and clouds. Much like the one on Trip 1 except after jumping the logs, you have to jump onto clouds (although not
essential as Pac can clear all the cloud jumps in one). After this you reach fairyland yet again and you receive the boots.

Round twelve - The trip home. First collect the three cherries. Then you have to jump backwards over a large pool - with no stumps. After 
this you reach the town. One of the few fire hydrants gives the balloon's.

                                  Trip 4

Round 13 - The Town. This level has many double hydrants. Jump on  these and wait for the water jet to push you up onto the houses.
Walking along the houses gives you some cherries. On many versions there is no helmet on this round. 

Round 14 - The cavern. You have to collect the keys to open the doors. The first key is on the top layer. Jump up there to get it. Keep 
going right and fall down the hole. Keep going right and fall down the next one too (you should now be on the bottom layer). Keep going
right (staying on this level) and open the door. Keep going right. Jump up through the next hole and get the apples. Continue right, fall 
down the hole and get the key. Use this immediately to open the door. Keep going right, do not jump through the first hole and stay on 
the lowest level. You can then get two apples, jump through the hole and get a key, and then fall through another hole to get another two
apples. Continue right and after opening the door, jump through the holes to get from the bottom level to the top. Open the door you reach
and go through. Fall through the next two holes (so that you are back on the lowest level). Open the door you reach and get the two apples.
Return through the door you've just come through, jump to the middle layer and continue right. You will now be out of the cavern and have
reached 'break time'. So long as you don't waste time and keys it is actually easy.

Round 15 - The water jets. I think that pushing one of these fire hydrants may give the helmet, but I'm not too sure. Watch out for the 
planes at the very end of the level. Try to jump on them.

Round 16 - The trip home. The first gives the balloon's. Next it's the mountains. The is normally an extra life lurking around the second
mountain so go backwards once for it if it doesn't come (an 'S' in a Pac). Then is the forest. The first log encountered gives the balloon's if
the cactus didn't.

                                   Trip 5
Round 17 - A forest level. On some versions of the machine the very first cactus will give the helmet. Just before the water is a Pac-Pill and
it is quite easy to get the time bonus. After the pool, there is a short forest, following that is a spring board that must be used to clear a 
second pool that cannot be seen from that point.

Round 18 is the cavern, but you only have limited sight. The first key is on the lower level. Go right, then jump up to the middle level, then
jump up to the top layer. Keep going right and fall down a hole to the middle layer (you'll be in between two doors). Jump back up to the
top level (making sure you don't open either of these.  Once back on the top level, keep going right and you'll reach a door. Open it and get
the key directly behind. Keep going right, fall down to the middle layer, get the key, fall down to the lower level, collect the fruit. Open the
door you come across. Don't jump through the next hole, but through the one after that. Jump to get the key  (fall straight back down again).
Keep going right. Jump up through the next hole, go right, and fall down the next. Open the next door (you're still on the bottom level) and
jump through the next hole. Then jump up to the top level, open the door and get the fruit. Go through on the top and open the end door. 
Fall through the holes and go to the bottom level. Go right and collect the fruit there. finally, go to the middle level and exit to 'Break Time'.

Round 19 - The mountains. Clear these and the clouds as usual, but watch out for the planes at the end (over the part with three sets of
moving logs). Enter fairyland.  

Round 20 - The return home. This is very easy. Keep on going left, You first hit a forest. Watch out for the ghost near the end. This is
followed by a pool, get all the cherries on the way, but _don't_ stop for anything. Then you reach another forest, then another pool, then
the last forest (watch out for another ghost here) and then the town. By the time you reach the town you will be out of time and must run
full speed from Doris. Try to get the Pac-Pill but if you miss it, don't go back for it!

                               Trip 6

Round 21 - The town. This is hard as there are so many ghosts. It is pointless jumping onto the double hydrants as getting on top of the
houses may involve hitting a plane. Try to stay on the top of the double-decker busses, jumping from one to another. This will stop you
needing a run up. The Pac-Pill at the end can only be got by first jumping onto a ghost. Don't bother with it unless you are already on a 
ghost. Go straight for 'Break Time'. 

Round 22 - The mountains. As well as the clouds, you meet a new section - four logs in water that must be jumped onto and crossed. 
Careful judgement is needed here. Get the Pac-Pill afterwards as you'll need it. Time is short so don't stop for anything.  

Round 23 - The water jets. This gets hard towards the end as there are many ghosts around. Try to stay on the planes. You then reach

Round 24 - The trip home. First are the water jets to cross. This is quite easy as there aren't many ghosts and enables you to collect a lot of
fruit. Then you enter the town. The last part of this is very hard. Just jump for the Pac-Pill when you see it and hope you get it before you 
are killed! Don't wait around.

                                   Trip 7

Round 25 - The woods. There are two woods split up by a load of skeletons. Don't use the spring board or you will hit one of the planes. 
All of the skeletons are fake apart from the first and last. So don't worry about touching them. When you enter the first wood, look for the
helmet at the fourth log. I think it is hidden in there.

Round 26 - The mountains - again! This time you don't have many logs to jump on and there are very few clouds. Most of the mountains 
have to be jumped without any clouds. This level also contains the logs in water.


Multi-ball mode:
Pause game play, then hold Option 2 and press Up. An extra ball will appear when game play is resumed. Up to three balls may be entered into play at once.

Evil mode:
Press Option 1 + Option 2 at the options screen, then begin game play.

Power Factor

Press Option 2 during game play to display the "Bomb Parts" screen while not standing next to a monitor. Press Up, Right, Up, Left, Down. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Note: Repeat this code to
return to normal.

Weapon power-up:
Press Option 2 during game play to display the "Bomb Parts" screen while not standing next to a monitor. Press Down(4), Right, Up, Option 2 to set all weapons to full. Note: This code may be repeated as needed.

Level select:
Press Option 2 during game play while standing next to a monitor. Press Down, Up(5), Right. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Press Up or Down to change the level number that is displayed in the lower right corner of the screen. Pressing Up or Down will also toggle the score from "00000" to "00128" to indicate where the starting location within the level will be the beginning or the end. Press Option 2 to start game play at the indicated level.


1  (None) 
100 IFOBAM  
101 IFOAIG  
102 IFODHF  
103 IFOCIG  
104 IFONMJ  
105 IFOMDI  
106 IFOPID  
107 IFOOAM  
108 IFOJJF  
109 DFFIMF  
110 IFOLJD  
111 IFOKCM  
112 IFPFIK  
113 IFPEAI  
114 IFPHKJ  
115 IFPGIC  
116 IFPBEL  
117 IFPAKL  
118 IFPDIC  
119 IFPCJF  
120 IFPNIA  
121 IFPMBJ  
122 IFPPKL  
123 IFPOIC  
124 IFPJAF  
125 BFGIHA  
126 IFPLCH  
127 IFPKII  
128 IFAFKF  
129 IFAEOB  
130 IFAHJJ  
131 IFAGAF  
132 IFABNL  
133 IFAAAM  
134 IFADKF  
135 IFACHF  
136 IFANJI  
137 IFAMCM  
138 IFAPIK  
139 IFAOAI  
140 IFAJKJ  
141 DFLIDC  
142 IFALGL  
143 IFAKKL  
144 IFBFIC  
145 IFBECI  
146 IFBHKL  
147 IFBGIC  
148 IFBBEM  
149 IFBAID  
150 IFBDFF  
151 IFBCIC  
152 IFBNCM  
153 IFBMIA  
154 IFBPAI  
155 IFBOKL  
156 IFBJIC  
157 BFIIJF  
158 IFBLMB  
159 IFBKCH  
160 IFCFII  
161 IFCEKF  
162 IFCHOB  
163 IFCGJJ  
164 IFCBAF  
165 IFCALI  
166 IFCDAM  
167 IFCCMF  
168 IFCNHF  
169 IFCMJJ  
170 IFCPCH  
171 IFCOIJ  
172 IFCJKF  
173 DFJIFB  
174 IFCLJJ  
175 IFCKCM  
176 IFDFIK  
177 IFDEAI  
178 IFDHKJ  
179 IFDGIC  
180 IFDBCL  
181 IFDAKL  
182 IFDDIC  
183 IFDCHL  
184 IFDNPF  
185 IFDMLF  
186 IFDPDI  
187 IFDOPF  
188 IFDJLF  
189 BFKINM  
190 IFDLJF  
191 IFDKFF  
192 IFEFKH  
193 IFEEBL  
194 IFEHPF  
195 IFEGLF  
196 IFEBAF  
197 IFEAJI  
198 IFEDAM  
199 IFECAF  
200 IFENHF  
201 IFEMJM  
202 IFEPCH  
203 IFEOIJ  
204 IFEJKF  
205 BFNIHB  
206 IFELJJ  
207 IFEKCM  
208 IFFFIK  
209 IFFEAI  
210 IFFHKJ  
211 IFFGIC  
212 IFFBCL  
213 IFFAKL  
214 IFFDIC  
215 IFFCFL  
216 IFFNPF  
217 IFFMLF  
218 IFFPJF  
219 IFFOIC  
220 IFFJCM  
221 FFIIFK  
222 IFFLBI  
223 IFFKPF  
224 IFGFLF  
225 IFGEAF  
226 IFGHIF  
227 IFGGCL  
228 IFGBKI  
229 IFGAIC  
230 IFGDCM  
231 IFGCLH  
232 IFGNAI  
233 IFGMCO  
234 IFGPLG  
235 IFGOAI  
236 IFGJBC  
237 BFPICG  
238 IFGLCH  
239 IFGKIA  
240 IFHFGJ  
241 IFHEKL  
242 IFHHIC  
243 IFHGHF  
244 IFHBIC  
245 IFHACM  
246 IFHDIB  
247 IFHCAI  
248 IFHNDA  
249 IFHMLG  
250 IFHPAF  
251 IFHOIA  
252 IFHJCM  
253 BFOIBK  
254 IFHLAI  
255 IFHKDA  

The game restarts at level 0 after level 255. There is no known code for level 1 .


Level select:
Select a character, then press Pause(2times) at the character selection screen. Hold Option 1 and press the D-pad at the "Headlines" screen to select a level.

View programmer picture:
Enable the "Level select" code. Highlight "San Francisco" at the newspaper screen and press Pause(2). Highlight "Albuquerque" and press Pause(2). Then, press Option 2 + B to display the "Final Top Score" screen. Press A to display the "Grand Champion" screen. Press A again, to reveal a digitized picture of Peter Wierzbicki, the head programmer, behind the score boxes. Press Pause to freeze the picture as it appears.


A couple of thing that are really helpful to know are: 

1) The ships with the red deck (it's easier to see which ones are red in the 2-D mode while your re-building you castle)
will fire red connon balls that leave a flaming hole in the ground. The hole takes 3 rounds to clear and you can't build
over it so it's important to destroy these ships as soon as possible. I think it takes 4 or 5 hits to get rid of them. 

2) The ships with the double sails are the only ones that can launch landers (the little roming tanks). Be sure to take
out any of these that are closing in on your shores as soon as you can. 

3) The last ships to take out are the little single sail jobs. 

4) A good strategy to use once you have let landers come ashore is to wall them in and cut them off as soon as you 
can and then re-build your castle. Take them out at the beginning of your next turn and then fire on the ships. 

5) Another good strategy point to remember is that you don't HAVE to place every cannon that you are given. If you 
can't find a good place for it, don't use it. The best places to place them is as close as possible to your castle and
as far as possible from your walls. And by all means, don't place them next to a wall that's at the edge of a map.
If a single section of this wall is blown away, it's almost impossible to repair. 

6) Practice turning and placing pieces as much as possible until you know which button is turn and which one is place
without thinking. This makes building bigger castles alot easier. Also, single width walls are preferable to double or 
triple walls. They are easier to seal up when destroyed. 
7) Finally, it is a good idea to place decoys if you have time. Put walls where you don't need them and the ships will fire
on them (hopefully the red ones). 

8) The dark ships only drop troops off on beach corners. Don't waste cannonballs on dark ships which are on straight 
edges of beach. 

8a) Build walls along the beach corners. Not only does this prevent the armies from landing, but sometimes the red ships
will make burning squares (which armies can't land on either) when they shoot at the walls. 

9) On the lower levels, it may help to build a huge fortress, then shrink it as holes are made it. After your fortress is really
small, you can make a big one again. 

10) Shoot your own walls if you're afraid that the red ships will clog your wall building attempts. Your own walls won't be
 set on fire if you level them yourself.

11) On the lower levels, it helps to surround one castle with four cannon so that the armies can't demolish it. Build three
cannon around the other castles (to keep them compact 6x6 fortresses), and place "field artillery" in empty areas of the
map. Field artillery keeps extra cannon available if necessary, and helps decoy shots from your fortresses. 

12) On the fourth level, the right isthmus is harder than the left isthmus, but it's a lot more fun, too. 

13) The easiest path to go on Veteran is (IMO) NE/SE, NW, SW/NE, left isthmus, island. If NW is the first level on Veteran, 
pick Beginner and do NW as the second level. If you follow this path, castles are a bit farther away from the beaches and
the screen edge. For a challenge, do the NW corner as the 3rd Veteran level/4th Beginner level.

General tips:

When firing, go for the ships closest to the shore first. You want to try and stop them from unloading ground forces if at
all possible. You have a short time to aim before you can start firing, so if you start at one end of the ships before firing 
starts, you can get more shots in.You need to use the B button to accelerate the joystick, or you can`t get anywhere at all.
If a large group of ships is clumping together, put your cross-hair in the middle of it all and keep shooting. If a lot of debris
makes surrounding your castle difficult, make a tight wall (very little free space) around an as-yet-unsurroundable castle.
Then work on saving your home. You may lose some cannons, but it usually saves you the game. 

When you first pick your home castle, look for the "tight spots"or the places which are going to cause problems when
trying to surround the castle. Try to avoid placing cannons in those areas as long as you can. This will give you extra
room to place wall sections if you get into a bind. 

If you finish surrounding your castle(s) and you have some time left, try to surround another area just big enough to hold
another cannon. You can always use more of those, and even if you don`t fill the area, the ships will waste some fire on 
the extra wall segment.

You can be greedy in the early levels and get lots of points. A level might end depending on how well you are doing, 
so play well enough to survive but not well enough to end the level. Surround lots of castles with no room for cannons and
keep one castle with cannons around it. Only worry about the ships that might get near the shore and launch ground 
cannons. Later in the game, if you are having trouble surrounding your main castle, give it up and surround another one
before time runs out. Most people lose their game by letting time run out when trying to surround a castle when they could 
have easily have surrounded a different castle with no debris around it. 

General two-player tips:

Make it hard for the other plkayer to rebuild by leaving single wall pieces everywhere. 
For example, in the first battle, bomb every other wall section around his/her castle. It takes a lot of pieces to fill up all
of those holes. If the other player has castles near the edge of the screen with cannons around them, bomb the walls at 
the edge so the only piece that will close the hole is the single square. If you gain a little bit of a power advantage, destroy
some of the other players cannons. Don`t surround your main castle with so many cannons that you can`t fix all of the 
holes after a battle. Always try to have a castle with little stuff around it so you can save it quickly in an emergency. 
Start with a castle close to the other player and with a lot of open area around it. As a defense measure, if you notice
your opponent blasting every other brick in your wall, there`s nothing stoppiung you from blasting sections of your 
OWN wall to make rebuilding easier. Massive bombing attacks aren`t necessarily the best thing to do. Don`t be greedy. 
It only takes one castle to stay alive. You get one cannonball per cannon. If you have cannons at the dge of the screen
you will have to wait longer between shots. 

Higher levels:

This is the most useful hint for the later levels in Rampart. (the 2 levels on the bottom of the map and the island level) 
Surround one of the more useless castles and put a cannon above it, below it, left of it, and right of it. It may take a 
couple of battles to get it surrounded. The cannons will keep the castles from being destroyed by the ground cannons. 
Now let all of the ground cannons try to attack the castle surrounded by the cannons. If a ship is unloading ground cannons
near that castle, leave the ship alone. Once all of the ground cannons (about 30) are trying to attack the protected castle, 
they won`t bother you any more. Something else you can do if you have extra time while building walls is put pieces far 
away from your surrounded castle to attract cannon fire from the ships. Try to destroy the walls around your castle before
they can get hit by fireballs.

The unknown land in Rampart:

Select beginner mode, then conquer the first battle. When you go to the selection screen to choose next battle there are
four shown! The top left one you have just beat. The bottom left will be highlighted, DO NOT pick this one! Choose the 
top right land. After defeating this one, choose the bottom right land.

To activate Rampart cheat mode:

Pause during the game and press the following buttons:

Option 1 (17times) Option 2 (9) A button (11) then press the joypad to do one of the following things:
Right-You will conquer the next battle
Left - You will conquer the next battle and get the victory screen.
Up - set the timer to 30 seconds
Down - Give yourself seven cannons to place in the "place cannons" mode


Kill all opponents:
Press Pause, Option 1.
Repair hull:
Press Pause, A.

Road Blasters

Level skip:
Select the Rookie starting area and begin game play. Hold B and accelerate until your speed is between
25 to 50 mph. Keep B held and position the car over the shoulder on the left side of the road. Your car
will hit a tree, and a picture of a programmer with a message will appear. The level number will be
displayed in the top right corner of the screen. Press Option 1 or Option 2 to change the level number,
and press A to resume game play. Note: The level number selected should be one less that the level you
wish to jump to. Complete the current level to start at the new level.

See picture of programmers:
*Start on level 1
*Drive on either the left or right (each side different programmer) edge of the road
 (on the grass)
*Drive as fast as you can into the tree.


Floating shield:
Activate a forward shield, then press Option 1 + Pause to restart the game. The shield will be floating in front when game play resumes. Note: The shield will turn to normal after you fire a weapon.

Level 19 bird:
Wait until a bird to appear from the left side on level 19. Jump on the bird as it approaches and ride it across the screen to pass the difficult sections of the level. Jump to the right with each bounce to stay above the same bird. Kill the bat when it appears.

How to kill the final boss in Rygar:

You need to jump up and shoot him in the head. It takes a few hits, but he will die. 
Just don`t let him touch you!

Scrapyard Dog

Extra shield:
Move Louie half way across the screen when starting any level. Pause game play and press right on the joypad and button B at the same time. If Louie is in the correct position, an extra shield will be added.
The text "Shield Awarded" will appear at the bottom of the screen to confirm correct code entry. This
only works at the beginning of each level.

Extra shield (alternate):
Wait until "299" appears on the clock, pause game play, and press B. Note: This method may not work
in higher game levels.

Unlimited money and extra items:
Locate a shop that has a red $5 money bag on the same screen. Collect the money, enter the shop, then
exit. The money bag will appear again. Collect the money and repeat this procedure increase your funds.
Buy extra lives for $35 each if time runs out during this trick. Up to nine shields at $10 each may also be
collected with this procedure.

Scrapyard Dog strategy


To perform the warp, you must be on JUNKYARD Level 2. Move right through the level to the stack of tires.
Jump onto tires and press down. The can room will appear. The following table show where the arrow starts
and where the prize ends up:

Start Finish

1 5
2 1
3 4
4 2
5 3

You are now small in size. This allows you to knock on the WARP door and warp.As you move to the right,
press up in front of the tree to get an extra life.

Keep moving to the right and avoid being hit by bullets, dogs, mice, and bird dropings. Jump up where the hub
caps are hanging on a line to get invincibility. Also pressing down while on top of the third brown can (the
one to the left of the mouse caught between cans) will give you a shield. When you get to the toilet just before
the office, jump up on the toilet. Face left and hold down. A red warp door will appear to the right of the office.
Move over to the door and hold up to open door and warp.


To perform the warp, you must be on CITY Level 1. Move to the right until you get to the black cat up in the
window above the mail box. Throw a can to get rid of the cat. Jump up to window where cat was and press up.
You will now be small. Move back to the left to door by mail box. Jump up steps to get level with door. Hold up
while in front of door to get red warp door to appear above the door. Now quickly jump onto mail box, jump to
the left edge of the screen while holding the jump button (to achieve a higher jump). This will put you at the red
warp door. Press/hold up in front of door to warp.


When small, look in the base of the tree near the second white cat. The red door will appear at the top of the
Screen, on a cloud, almost out of sight.


You must be in the FOREST level 1. At the start of the level, move to the right to the log when the rabbit comes
out. When you jump on the log over the hole where the rabbit came out, press down on the joypad. You are
know small. If you go to the right, you will encounter a tree with two snakes. Enter the door to enter the shop.
Exit the shop and the snakes are gone. Now jump on the stump to the right of the shop. Face left and hold down
till the WARP door appears on the branch. Jump up to the door and press up. You will now warp to the ICE area.

Shadow Of The Beast



STAGE 1:  At the start of the game, go left past the tree with "HOME" written on it and punch the rock pile to
collect the key. Run back to the "HOME" tree and select the key to enter the underground domain.
STAGE 2:  Once inside, go right, down the ladder, left, down, right, down, left down.  Travel left to collect a
long jump potion from the chest.  Walk down the ladder and jump left to get a secret life potion.  Leap back
quickly and go right, down, left and drop off the platform.  Continue left, and leap over the gap to fight the
guardian of the orb.  Punch the blue ball he holds, avoiding the flame, until you defeat him.  You'll get a
plasma bolt punch.
STAGE 3: Walk right a little and drop down the gap to get the round yellow key.  Go right a little and collect
the energy restoring potion and fall down the gap.  Run right as far as possible.  Go up, right, up, right, up, left
(get the red potion to increase your strength), up, left, up, left and up.  Walk right to confront Death Skeleton.
Keep zapping him as quickly as possible.
STAGE 4:Go right, up the first ladder, and left until you reach a lever. Throw the lever, go right and up the
previously ignored ladder. Walk left to get the key, go right, down the ladder, down, right, down.
STAGE 5: Run right, up the ladder, and right.  Go all the way down, then left (jumping over the slime). 
Go down, right, down, right, down, right, down, left, down, left, down, left, up, left, down, left and then up. 
Get the green key to the right.
STAGE 6: Retrace your steps left and go back down the ladder, right a bit, then down.  Go right until you
reach Hydrassas the Dragon. Defeat him by punching the horn on the lower head a number of times, trying
to avoid the flames.  Run right and use the yellow key to enter the well.
STAGE 7: Climb the well to reach a position just right of the starting position.  Head right, punching rocks to
collect energy.  (Get a torch for the upcoming castle.)  Taking the coin to the well and selecting it will get you
an extra life.  When you reach King Gargoyle, you'll be transported to the outside of the castle. Use the square
white key to enter; you'll need to find the dragon's egg for later in the game.
STAGE 8: Once inside the castle, run left a bit, up, right, down, right and then up all the way.  Go left, drop
down (use the white invulnerability or long-jump potion).  Go left, up, then all the way right to pick up a
spanner.  Return all the way to the left. Walk down, right, down and left to collect a round white key.  Go
right and fall down (be careful).  Travel left, down, right, down and left to the chest marked "BLASTER." 
Select this and you'll have a weapon to use against the monsters.  Go right to the forcefield and select the
spanner to disable it; continue on.
STAGE 9: Go up, left, down, left and then up.  You should have returned to the point where you entered the
castle.  Run right, down, left and pick up the high jump potion, down, and right to fight Skarlos.  Use the high
jump potion and shoot him in the eye a number of times to kill him.  Continue right and use the round white key
to enter the caves.  You MUST have the mask and jet-pack selected before you enter (these are in the chest
just before the door).
STAGE 10: Fly right, hitting the slime on the floor to pick up strength. You should also find the egg that the
Gargoyle requested.  At the far right, you'll meet Corannis.  Fire at its mouths until it is destroyed.  This will
teleport you back to the castle.  use the crucifix in the gravestone here to give King Gargoyle the signal to
teleport you back.  Run right to Gargoyle and he'll let you pass.  Go right all the way, hitting the gravestones
for extra potions.  You'll reach a giant's foot and a club.  Hit the foot a number of times, avoiding the club. 
Sit back and enjoy the ending sequence.


Extra life:
Drop the coin down the well (on the start of level three) to get an extra life.

You'll find the jet-pack and mask outside the entrance to level five. Put them on BEFORE entering the room.
If you don't you'll be instantly killed.

You'll find this handy object outside the castle. Keep it because you'll need it to summon the King Gargoyle.

Round gold key:
This is to be found on the platform underneath the Orb Keeper on level one.  It's used to open the door at the
end of level two.

Round green key:
This key will allow you entrance to the caves on level five.

Square white key:
In the top lefthand corner of level two you'll find this key. You'll need to use it on the door to the castle.

Round white key:
This is one of the 'red herrings' left lying around to confuse you. It has absolutely no use whatsoever, so
it's best left where you find it.

High-jump potion:
This mixture will be needed to destroy the monster at the end of level four. (It helps if you have the gun too.)


View ending sequence:
Press Pause, then hold Option 1 + Option 2 + B + Up/Right at the high score screen.

Slime World

Hold Option 2 + Option 1 (in order), and press Up/Right at the title screen after the Slime World
logo falls. Release all buttons and begin game play. Note: The game may crash in multi-player
mode when this code is enabled.

Zit popping mini-game:
Enter the screen with the green Todd that appears after the summary screens. Press Option 1 to
display a zit and pop it by quickly hitting the other buttons. This game may be played in multiplayer mode.



NOTE:  All codes are in ascending order, from the beginning of the level to the end.

 Easy:  24CAA1, EBCA6C, EC8AA9, 118AEA, 6FCBE9, 919073, E70926, A809E3, 6B4B6C, 66CBEO,
25CBA7,114928, 12C9AA, 550894, D7C956, 19CB93, 198AD2, 9D0AD9, 45C9C5, 5DC9DD, 070946,
CA090D,CCC9AF, 30C988, 4F8B09, 0B8BCD, 098BC3, 078BC1, C28A87, 870AC3, 8A0ACE, 8F0BC8. 

Exploration:  E1DA75, 269AF3, ED9ABE, ED9BBF, E4DB71, 259BF7, EA193D, EF58F9, D199B9,
E79EB4, ED1F32, EDDE7D, EE9EBF, D29EBB, E79FB5, 2F9CF2, 6CDCE3, AC5CB2, 139CFE, 159DF9,
DO1A24, 559925, 5A9E23, 43DFE9, 1E1969, 1DDCA0, 1899E0, 1A1A20, 1CD8AF, 0399EB, 865591,
465F57, 4EDFDD, 75DFD8, 245947, 085F11, 4C5C52, 070997, 4FDFDD, 089ADD, 70DCDF, 75DCD8/
F1181B, 711B9B / B51FDA / 8EDA1A, F1DA45 / 745947, 749807, F659C1, B85D87, BD1DC0, B79B40,
3DDC80, B79B40, 7E5D4D, 205F09, FD180F, 7C5B49, 7F9E0C, 60DEC9, 20D988, 205F09. 

Competition:  (Two or more players)  A11AF5, A3DA37. 

Action:  9157B6, AB9277, 2F1176, 919073, 198AD2, 5DC9DD, 15563D, 569039, 98D638, 1796FC, 111671,
5417B2, 1DD7BB, 1993FB, D052FC, 1492F9, D91225, 5CD1E4, 5CD6E5, 011766, DC93A6, 1E1262, 43536C,
42506C, 47972D, 0D97EB, 77D1DF, B816D8, 7A575B, B610D8, 72139C, OC1654, 8916E9, 4D9115, F150D3,
CA9045, 0892D5, 8F9350, B69358, 391245, FF9086, BC12C0, BD11C4, 3C5604,
3C1644, 3FD684, 215601, 211746, 3C5705, 67970D, EAD74B, 6B910B, 62920F, A610C8.

Combat:  (Two or more players, but can be explored by one player)  9023CD, 117A2C8, 92628E, D866C8, 5BA608,
5D278B, 9CA54B, 9AE509, 1BE48E, D767CC, D6A68F, 97E10E, 5B20BA, 9521CC, 15660D, 12A6C3, 17244D,
D5A581, 6CA605, 2BA3C5, 2DE286, 2FAOC6, EFA187.

Suspense:  DDO114, DDC154, DC0117, DCC157, DF8197, 5DC0D4, 5D8014, 5D4057, 5C0097, 5CC0D7,
9D8154, 9C4197, 9C01D7, 9CC117, 1C81D4, 1C4117, 5C8114, 5C4157/ C641D9, C60119, C6C159,
C98199, C941D8, C90118, 06C099, 0680D9, 474659, 460099, 46C0D9, 468019, 894198, 464058, 464159,
490199, 49C1D9, 498119, 494158, C9C659 / 884284, 8802C4, 88C204, 8B02C7, 0A82C7, 0A4206, 0DC286,
CBO207, CBC247, 0A0246, CAC246, 8C4280, 8E4282 / BO824C / C7071C / 5C07AA, 5D476A, 5D872B,
5DC7EB, 1DC7AB, 1A076B, 1A472B / 9702EB / 10C342, 91C322, 9103E2 / 2E81E6, 2E4121, 2E0161,
AE41A1, AE01E1, EE41E1, EE0121 / AEC626, AE8666, 9146A1, 9106E1, 91C621, EFC667, EE86A7, EE46E6,
EE0626, EEC666, 2EC6A7, 2E86E7, 2E4626, 2E0666, 11C6A6, 1186E6, 114621, 110661/ 2B413A, 2B81FB,
2BC1BB, 28413B, 2881F8, 28C1B8, 294138, 2981F9, 29C189, 2681FE, 26C1BE, 27413E, 2781FF, 24413F,
2387F1, 23C7B1, 200771, E00731, A007F1, 6006B1, 210671, E10631, A106F1, 3EO171, 21C1B1, FEC171,
BEC131, 7EC0F1, 3EC0B1, FFCO71, BFC031, BF00F1, 7C4371, 7F03B1, 3C4331, 3C0371, FC43F1, FC0331,
BC03F1, 7C02B1, 3D0271/ 3A0276, FA42F6, FA0236, FAC276, BA42B6, BA02F6, BAC236, BA8276, BD42B1,
BD02F1, BDC231, A48278.

Logic:  9922F5, D9E275, 9C26F4, 9B62B7, 02A2FF, 9F63B0, C02032, C4E17F, C2A1B2, 032770, DF67F4,
022470, 05E7B3, 47667F, 4621BE, 8522F9, 06E3B8, 8921F8, C966F9, 8C65BB, CDE665, 71E1E1, 4C21A4,
0EE3A0, CAA3A5, 8D62A1, 8F22E3, 7527A3, 336720, CEE565, F52520, 39652C, 3CA4EB, B7E42D, B2A662,
BA64A8, F162ED, 77E3E9, 796168, BBA66B, 3BE0AA, FF61D6, 60A417, 236516, E02711, A12601, 652692,
E8E55F, A6E61E, 6A2798, AD25D8, 27A1DF, A7A358, 7CE2D1.

Arcade:  012D7C, 016E39, 016938, 00EAA5, 002A64.

Floating Todd Trick:  To do this trick, find a blow away flooring somewhere in the Suspense or Arcade level.
These are the only two levels with disintergrating walls and floors.  When you find a floor that will disappear,stand on it. 
Now, aim your gun at the floor and shoot it. Todd should be floating in the air.  Amazing, isn't?

 Todd's Invincibility:  When the moving title screen appears, press diagonally up and right on the joy pad, while holding down the OPTION 1 & 2 buttons.  Now, press A and pick a level to play.

 Invincibility Shortcut:  In the Suspense level, there is a way to move closer to the ending.  To do this, enter in the code (2781FF) or just travel through the level until you reach this code.  Upon entering the code, jump straight up into the 'moving floor' room above you.  In the room, walk down into the path of the first moving floor and start shooting into the floor to keep your place.  Now, when the floor covers you over, begin pushing the joy pad diagonally left/down and forward, until you're pushed into the room's left wall.  If you succeed in getting into the wall, start pressing the joy pad forward and down.  If you don't get accidently trapped in the wall, you will then be dropped into another room closer to the end of the game.  

 *  You can jump out of sticky slime by jumping and pressing shoot at the same time. 
 *  You can climb up slippery walls by timing jumps perfectly so that you jump at the instant you touch the wall.
Pressing the button as fast as you can works to a lesser extent.
 *  If you make two mega bombs explode in different rooms at the same time, you can create a constantly lit mega
bomb room which will stay that way until some poor fool walks into it.  (You can also do this using a jet pack,
but it becomes somewhat more difficult.  I think the easiest place to do this is probably in J-room in level five
*  Somewhere near the end of level 5 Logic, there is a wall that you can walk into, and all the lights around you go out.
It's not that great of a Trick, but I remember having fun with it.
*  It's possible to jump into almost any vertical wall and hide by moving as close to it as possible without grabbing on
to it, and then jumping towards the wall, pressing jump and shooting at the same time.  It takes a lot of practice but
the rewards are great.  It is great fun to hide in a wall where no one can see you, and then open fire on the first poor
soul to walk by.  The place where it comes in handy is at the bottom left of the Combat maze (right next to J-room).
Sometimes you get stuck in that room when someone before you took both jet packs. Usually you would have to
pop, but if you jump through the wall on the right, you can set up for a good position for a sneak attack. 
BE VERY CAREFUL though, if you don't jump and press towards the wall at the exact same time, it is possible
to become forever imbedded in the wall.   In Combat, with five lives left, this can really suck. Just remember jump,
shoot,and towards the wall all at the same time.
*  After you get the above technique down, try going to the lower right corner of Combat (that big curved dead end
next to the big room).  If you jump into the wall on the right, you can jump right through and end up in level 5 Logic.
*  When you reach the first exit of what appears to be the end of the Adventure 6: Arcade,  shoot your gun into the
upper right hand corner of the wall. A part of the wall will disappear revealing the secret passage way.  If you can't
continue on,  then try shooting at the wall some more. 
*  When ever you find an exit in this level don't be fooled, it isn't the end of the game. There is always (except for the
last exit #6) another hidden passage to the right of it!  When you are in this secret area of the game you find a message
(only readable from the map screen) alluding to the zip popping contest. (NOTE:  The above wall phasing ability works
great.  You can also do
it at other places, but can get stuck very easily.  Another location that can be successfully
phased is at the multi slimepool room in Logic .  This is the room which can only be exited via jetpack from the second
to last slime pool.  If you stand on the ledge of the last pool and phase through the right wall, you will come out further
into the Logic level.)

Super Skweek

Forbidden Islands:
Select the normal game option. Move Skweek or Skruch over the "O" in the word "Gargouil Land" at the
map screen. Scale the screen until your character can not fly lower. A snorkeling furball will appear.
Carefully position your character over the furball and press Option 1. The Forbidden Islands may now
be accessed,
Extra lives:
Scale on the small island directly to the right of the "Welcome Island" in the top right corner of the dark
blue spot. Hover over the Skweek next to a palm tree and press Option 1 for two extra lives.
Extra coins:
Scale over the large body of water in the "Pagalagos Island". Hover over the Skweek and press Option 1
to collect 3000 extra coins.
Bravo cheat:
In the middle of the ocean, above the compass, and to the left of the 'G' in Gargouil'land, a creature will
appear that activates the Bravo Cheat.

Cheat mode:

Start the game
play e level until there are 2 blue tiles left
wait until there are 13 seconds left.
Press OPTION 1 +A
Press OPTION 1 +OPTION 2 (pause message should disappear)
Press OPTION 2 + B
Unpause (screen flickers - return to game)
*on any level press OPTION 1 + OPTION 2 for cheat menu


Level   Name				Password 
1 	The Very First Level   		484B4C3A4B58BB 
2  	Practice Mode  			69697968703AD9 
4  	And There It Goes  		1E1E0E1F054DFE 
5 	Mission: Shoot The Monsters  	4B4C4A4E4B580B 
20 	Every Second Counts  		6969616A483AF9 
24 	The Solution is in the Shop  	2D2C282E9D7ECD 
27 	Tiny But Strong  		D2D2DAD32E8182 
32 	Don't Lose Right Away  		696979683A3A79 
35 	Bombs..Just To Try  		2D2D3D2C1F7EGD 
51 	Very Easy  			3C3C3A0F1C2FCC 
52 	Find The Trick  		F0F0F7C4D0E3E0 
56 	Find Your Own Way  		B4B4A4B6BBE634 
58 	Do Your Shopping  		878783864AD457 
67 	In The Jungle  			F0F6F1F636A140 
75 	What Error This Time  		787868795A2B68 
81 	Firebounds (Sid D'upoxlib)  	3C352A3BB46C0D 
87 	The End Will Be Through  	1E1F1E1C984DCE 
88 	Peace and War or Love and Hate  FDF2F3F212A3C0 
89 	Masters of Seekers  		4B4B5B49D9187B 
94 	Don't Leave That Past !!!  	69686B6BCD3AC9 
95 	Be Careful, Sliding Groundddd  	B4B4BCB61CE644 
96 	Peace Islands in Craziness  	8786858323D6C7 
100 	Attack....Turlututt  		B4A5B7B1E8E674 
105 	The Fort Attack  		F0F2F6F4D1A2F0 
115 	Don't Shoot Anywhere  		5A5B595884097A 
118 	Effritattraction  		696B686D7A3BC9 
119 	I'm Going To Eat A Monster  	C3C3D3C2E890F3 
124 	Heavy Metal Hamsters  		F0F1F5F358A120 
128 	Speed of Light  		F0F1F5F498A350 
131 	Q.H.S.  			8786858423S5C7 
134 	Hungarium Waltz  		69696C68D33A39 
138 	Which One Is The Right Shot  	8787978641D4A7 
140 	Smiley Follower Do You Like?  	A5A5ADA730F625 
141 	Get Out Through The Door  	A5A7A0A6F9F695 
145 	Blabla Bla BlablaBlabla Blabla  D2D2C2D3D981F2 
149 	Save Yourself  			A5A4A0A659F775 
156 	Native  			D2D3D7D0A48112 
163 	Not So Stupid  			B4B5B6B6A7E7B4 
164 	Imcas Trap  			87858684ACD447 
166 	Big Aaaaarrrggghhhhh Wo !!! !  	69696068B33A79 
170 	Panic On Board  		878680855ED467 
175 	A Warrior Without Weapons  	4B48434952198B 
187 	Pi Alpha Mu  			5A5B52583A09EA 
200 	Final Countdown  		2D2D252C207E9D 
201 	Policeman's Freakly Ghost  	9696869799C536 
202 	? ? ?  				78787FB2F86A38 
203 	Best I Can  			B4B6B0B720E704 
212 	A Little Trip to Croemland  	0F0A0C0B875C7E 
215 	Do You Know The Freeze  	D2D7D3D1B280B2 
220 	Easiness in Itself!  		0F0E0C0D155C3F 
221 	Patience & Accuracy  		8784878391D5F7 
231 	Hay Hay Hay Speedy Gonzolas!  	87858682D0D427 
239 	The Challenge  			2D29282F0F7FFD 
246 	Nightmare  			4B4B5B4A7F188B 
250 	Get A Nervous Breakdown Yet?)  	4B4B5B495D18BB 

Steel Talons

How to fire the rockets:

In the manual it says Press B and option 1 together to fire them, but it also says to press B and Option 1
to change the view. This is an error. Press B and option 2 to fire your rockets.

Stun Runner

Start out at level 11 (Labyrinth) and complete it. On level 12 (Coat Hanger) go right and catch the boosty
and continue going right. You will fly up and then continue and cross the finish line. You will be warped to
level 18!

Switchblade 2

Cheat mode:
Continuously sweep the D-pad in a clockwise Full-Circle starting at the Up position until the screen flashes.
Repeatedly tap Up until the flashing stops. The screen should have flashed a total of four times
corresponding to four cheat functions. The first flash enabled level skip. Press Pause during game play
and press B to jump to the next level. The second flash enabled unlimited energy. The third flash enabled
unlimited ammunition. The fourth flash enabled unlimited money.

Toki Going Ape Spit

Freak-out mode:
Wait until the first beep is heard at the continue screen. Hold Up + Option 1 while "9" appears on the
countdown timer. Continue to hold the buttons at the "Game Over" and demonstration screens.
Alternatively, hold Option + Up before the title screen appears. A demonstration mode with cycling colors
and a new song will start. Use the D-pad to play game sounds. Repeatedly tap Down + Left to lower the
pitch of the sound. Repeatedly tap Up + Right to raise the pitch of the sound.

View development team:
Hold Up + Option 1 when the screen fades to black before the continue screen. Continue to hold the
buttons through the countdown sequence. A white dot will appear in the center of the screen after the
countdown. Rapidly tap A, B repeatedly (or sweep the D-pad) to magnify the dot to a picture of the
development team.

Beating the big elephant looking thing at the end of level 4:

Jump over the tusks (you have to learn to time it, but it doesn`t have to be too exact) Then you should know
that the crystaline elephant extends his trunk 3 times. The first time, wait until the last second (on the ground)
and jump. If you wait long enough for your first jump, the next time the elephant extends its trunk will be up
in the air. Duck. Then just jump over the trunk for the last time. Repeat.
Of course, you should be shooting the entire time. If you`ve got powered-up shots (and you should the first
time) the elephant shouldn`t last for too long. One thing to concentrate on is the fact that once you learn how to kill an opponent, that method will always work.

Tournament Cyberball

Easy passes:
In two player linked mode, move the quarterback to the opposite end of the field before throwing a super
long pass. The other player will not be able to see the receivers during the play.

Viking Child

Levels Password
Village, Castle (None)
Forest, Mountain OMEGAMAN
Land Bridge, Lake PATRICIA
Labyrinth, Mud Flats, Volcano REDDWARF
Desert, Pyramid, Island DEWSBURY

Also found these ones: Don’t know which is correct:

Village castler:                        OMEGAMAN
Forest mountain:                     PATRICIA
Land bridge lake:                    REDDWARF
Labyrinth Mind Flat Folcano:  DEWSBURY
Desert Pyramid:                      ISLAND


View surroundings:
In single player mode, press Pause. Then, press B to look and plan your flight route.

View crash site:
Quickly press Pause as soon as you die and the roses and skulls border appears after crashing. Press A
to toggle the view to new planes until the crash site appears. Use the D-pad to move the view.
Easy Red Baron kill:
Select unlimited damage, 200 rounds of ammo, no collisions, unlimited men, and dueling start options.
Shoot the machine guns at the Baron after take off. Intentionally empty your ammunition and land. The
Baron will crash while your plane is being repaired.


Hint: Poofer gun:
The Poofer is the most powerful gun in the game. Note: It has a very short range.

Xenophobe strategy

Multi player game:
One strategy which works well is to have two groups of two, one going left and one right (or working on separate
floors). The "front" person in each group should have a higher-powered, shorter-range weapon, such as the
electro-gun or Poofer gun, and the rear person should have the laser. That way the rearmost guy is "covering" the
leader. You have to have non-selfish players though (with regard to goodies). Also, on the appropriate levels, the
leader should have the fire extinguisher.

Tips for destroying Festers:
Festers are the fellows who appear on the sides of the screen. Take these guys out by being just over half a
screen away from them. Fire like crazy. You better make sure you are at least half a screen away because these
really hurt! You can advance on them once they retreat and expose their hand, makes killing them easier if you do.
When they throw stuff, you better be facing them and firing. Getting hit by this stuffstuns you, likely costing your
life on later levels. You can kill them with the puffer gun by laying low near the edge of the screen and standing up
and firing as soon as they start to retreat. You can always ignore these guys by crawling along the floor, but it is
good to take them out as soon as you can. They produce other aliens, and create another hazard. You can often kill
festers on the adjacent screen by firing very close to the edge. This can be used to your advantage on level 22,
which is almost nothing but festers.

Ceiling vines:
Make sure you don`t move into them while firing. Stop, then aim up and fire.

Destroying Rollerbies:

Rollerbies are the armadillo like things that curl into a ball. Getting hit by these balled up creatures can stun you
for some time, like the festers can, which means losing your life in later levels. Continuously fire a lot at them to
make them roll the other way. Don`t fire too much if there is a closed door in the way, as they will bounce back at
you at high speed. They unravel once they stop moving. Fire once or twice at them to make them stop. They then
unravel so you can kill them. You can also throw a grenade, and fire just enough to make them be near the grenade.
These guys are what really threatens yoyr lofe at the beginning of later levels. Don`t underestimate what a mob of
these can do to your game. One stuns you, then every alien and their brother beat up on you while you can`t do
anything. Then you lose your gun, and losing your gun on later levels usually means the end of your life, if not your
whole game! Point blank shots most often don`t work on these guys.

Destroying laser firing security drones:

You can make these stop firing at you by getting the disk and putting it in the security machine. You can also deal
with them by killing them. You have to fire a lot, unless you have a puffer gun. Stand and fire diagonally up. Fire like
crazy, and don`t change directions. They`ll move right into your fire. The laser gun does so little damage, it is
questionable if you should do this with that gun. Kill the drones on every floor until you find the disk.

Dealing with litlle crawling aliens:

Crawl and fire a lot. Jump if they stick to you. On later levels, it often isn`t wise to jump immediately, you might
jump into a fester`s xray beam and get stunned, lose your gun, your life and possibly your game.

Destroying Snotterpillars:

These are big, hopping, spitting aliens. While heading towards a new screen, if you hear that you are hitting
something just before you enter the new screen, stopand keep firing until the sound stops. Then fire a lot as you
enter the new screen. Firing at the usually stops the nasty spittle theythrow. You should have no problem taking out
mobs of these fellows by firing a lot. Stop moving as soon as you are hitting one, you want to hit them as far away
as you can. To take a big mob of them at once, fire very,very fast. If too many get close, or are about to, move
directly away and hit jump twice (or more) in a row. Not only does it make you run away quickly, it also has the
effect of dodging their spittle. Practice turning around and hopping away repeatedly when there aren`t aliens around.
Make sure you are moving away before jumping, otherwise you`ll jump up instead of away. If you have the puffer gun,
have no fear. If you fire fast enough you can kill a solid wall of these guys with it.

The bomb-spitting machine:

Jump away or over bombs that get thrown near yolu. Hit option 2 to fix the machine, then hit option 1 until you
have a full load of grenades.

Fire levels:

You need to continually switch from the fire extinguisher to the electro gun. Put out the fire, run andgrab your gun,
and clear the rooms until you hit the next fire. You can push along both guns, but it is risky. Fires count as part
of the alien remaining count, so don`t leave the fires for last or you will get stuck with a fire extinguisher on yout
next level.

Final level:

You need to be capable of killing snotterpillars, especially hopping away repeatedly when mobs get close. Grenades
here can take out a wall of snotterpillers. Keep up a wall of fire to stop their spittle. Be wary of hidden ceiling vines
on the edges of the screen. Fire as fast as you can when you see the mother alien. Crawl behind her while firing,
when you have cleared the other aliens in the room. Fire at her head once you are behind her. (diagonally up from

Killing mother Festor:

Lose your weapon on the next to the last level before the Mother Festor so you can make sure you have the laser
gun. Go left all the way to the end and kill the stuff hanging from the ceiling. Then fire near the top of the screen,
straight across. The shots will hit her in the head. You can tell because the %points go down. Once you kill her
they drop fast.
(You can keep jumping and firing off shots to kill her. Kind of tough to do with the electro gun since its range is
limited, which is why you want the laser. It is not as strong, but goes much farther.)


*  Level 1:   Second exit warps to Level 4
*  Level 2:   Two exits, both go to Level 3
*  Level 4:   Second exit warps to Level 7
*  Level 9:   Second exit warps to Level 12 (Secret Shortcut Wall in maze.
                  Shoot walls to find it)
*  Level 10:  Master Xybot
*  Level 13:  Secret Shortcut Wall in maze.  Shoot walls to find it
*  Level 14:  Secret Shortcut Wall in maze.  Shoot walls to find it
*  Level 17:  Master Xybot
*  Level 18:  Secret Shortcut Wall in maze.  Shoot walls to find it
*  Level 19:  Secret Shortcut Wall in maze.  Shoot wall to find it
*  Level 20:  No energy pods
*  Level 21:  There are 3 exits:  the first and the exit to the left of
                     it both go to Level 22.  The exit behind the first warps
                     to Level 25 (3 energy pods in Level 21)
*  Level 24:  Master Xybot
*  Level 25:  Second exit warps to Level 28
*  Level 28:  Second exit warps to Level 31 (No energy pods in Level 28)
*  Level 33:  First exit warps to Level 36 (3 energy pods in Level 33)
*  Level 35:  Master Xybot
*  Level 38:  First exit warps to Level 41
*  Level 39:  4 energy pods
*  Level 40:  Middle exit warps to Level ? (Forgot)
*  Level 41:  Coin Galore (No energy pods)
*  Level 42:  Master Xybot
*  Level 44:  Exit to the right warps to Level 48 (Secret Shortcut
Wall in maze.  Shoot walls to find it)
*  Level 47:  Master Xybot
*  Level 51:  4 energy pods
*  Level 52:  Master Xybot (Ending Level)


* When fighting the red & green warrior robots, it's better to run past it and fire.  This keeps you from being hit more.
Also, circling a warrior robot and shooting it before it can turn is another good method of destroying them.
* Always shoot robots that a visible at a distance.  Then you won't have to fight them when they get close. 
* Shield robots and saucers are best shot at when facing them directly.  When they fire, move to the side, then back
quickly, then fire.  This avoids being hit by them (most of the time.)
* Wait until your energy is in the 70's before picking up an energy pod.  It just keeps you from wasting it.
* If you have time, kill all robots and pick up all items in a maze before leaving.  You will get extra points when you do.
* Remember, when in Level 30 and up, enemy shots will sometimes bounce off the walls.  In other words, they will
 kill themselves.

Ending Message: Message from Galactic Command:
Congratulations, Major Hardy you've defeated the
                Master X and rid the planet of the X menace.
Thanks to you, this is once again a secure peaceful world.
Well done, Rock

(Then a rocket launches in the background and flies up into the sky from the surface of a red planet.)

Zarlor Mercenary

All power-ups:
Select the XQ49. Allow the second Boss on the third level to destroy your ship one time. Complete the level with
your next ship. Purchase one of any of the following items at the shop: power shot, side shooters, back shooters,
auto fire, super shields, or lasers. Everything except mega bombs and lives will filled.

Life mini-game:
Power on the Lynx and press A(2) to display the character selection screen. Hold Option 1 and press Up, Down,
Left, Right, Up.

To start with 19 lives + extras:
Press Up, Down, Left, Right, Down(2), Up(2), B, A, Left(2), Right(2), Down to start with 19 lives, 20 megabombs, full
inventory and refreshing energy.

To start with 100 lives + extras:
Press Up, Down, Left, Right, Down(2), Up(2), B, A, Left(2), Right(2), Up, Down, Left, Right, Up to start with 100 lives,
100 megabombs, full inventory and refreshing energy.

View programmers:
Hold Option 1 and press Up, Down, Left, Right, Down(2), Up(2), Left at the character selection screen. This will also
enable full inventory and refreshing energy.

Hold Option 1 and press Up, Down, Left, Right, Down(2), Up(2), Down at the character selection screen. This will also
enable full inventory and refreshing energy.

Hold Option 1 and press Up, Down, Left, Right, Down(2), Up(3) at the character selection screen. This will also enable
full inventory and refreshing energy.

Hold Option 1 and press Up, Down, Left, Right, Down(2), Up(2), Right at the character selection screen. This will also
enable full inventory and refreshing energy.

General tips and hints:

The first two boards are the roughest. About half way through the second board you will pick up a supershield (a little green
ball that comes down). That will allow your life to go back up as long as you`re not getting pounded by enemy fire.

It is the easiest to start out with the power guy since he can explode more in one shoot. On the first board you want to get
as much money as possible so you can buy more weapons. Grab the Speedups and Lasers right when you start off.
Remember that when the ship you have is destroyed you loose all your weapons, so if you buy 10 Wing Cannons it does not
help much. Try to get one of each weapon you use the most for each ship so you won`t end up with a bare ship in the middle
of a level. Don`t buy a new ship intil you need it. Your money is better spent on weapons.

In one player mode, on level 2, it is the easiest to go up the left side.

How to kill the Boss at the end of the 2nd level:
Easiest is to fly straight into him and shoot like crazy. Most of the time you can nail him before he even shoots!

How to kill the waterdomes at the end of the Sea-level:
Get them down in the corner and sit right in front of the center eye and fire away. Try to stay on the ridge that runs you to
the center. Run right up to it before they have a chance to shoot you. If you do it right, you can kill them before even losing
half your life. Stay away from the laser. If you have a super shield, auto fire, laser, side and back shooters, and the extra
power, one other way to defeat them is to move your fighter right over the hole before it surfaces. Then keep the autofire
going and keep hitting the laser even though you can`t see anything.

The game of life:  
The game of LIFE can be accessed through the character selection screen.  Turn on your Lynx with the Zarlor Mercenary
game card inserted.  Press the fire button twice to get to the character selection screen.  At this point you must hold down
OPTION 1 while moving the joypad as follows: Up, Down, Left, Right, Up.

At this point your screen should say LIFE and there will be a LIFEform known as a 'glider' moving across the screen
diagonally.  It will go off the edge of the screen and return on the bottom, eventually running into the cells forming the word
LIFE and causing the chain reaction that destroys the title screen.

Before the title screen is destroyed you may try the following controls:
1.  Moving the joypad or pressing either OPTION button or PAUSE will stop the current evolution of LIFE.
2.  Pressing OPTION 1 to continue the evolution puts LIFE into a mode where cells that
reach the edge of the screen wrap around to the other side.
3.  Pressing OPTION 2 to continue the evolution puts LIFE into a mode where cells that
reach the edge of the screen behave as though they have reached a solid wall.  This may be useful if 'gliders' that are
launched are disrupting your LIFEforms.
4.  Pressing either BUTTON A or BUTTON B puts LIFE into DRAWING MODE.

BUTTON B while LIFE is evolving or after the current LIFEform has reached a stable
state.  You can tell you are in DRAWING MODE because the joypad will be in control
of your cursor, a set of green crosshairs.  While in DRAWING MODE, your controls
behave as follows:

1.  Moving the joypad with BUTTON A depressed will allow you to draw.
2.  Moving the joypad with BUTTON B depressed will allow you to erase.
3.  Pressing OPTION 1 or OPTION 2 will allow your LIFEform to evolve, as
    described in 2 and 3 in the above ACCESSING LIFE section.
4.  Note that the screen cannot be flipped, but attempting to RESTART the
    game will cause the screen to be cleared, and you will remain in the DRAWING MODE.
5.  Pressing PAUSE and BUTTON A will put you in COPY MODE.
6.  Pressing PAUSE and BUTTON B will put you in PASTE/ERASE MODE.
7.  Pressing OPTION 2 and PAUSE will copy your current screen to a  temporary buffer
    (see below).

Access COPY MODE by holding down PAUSE and pressing
BUTTON A while in DRAWING MODE.  You can tell you are in COPY MODE
because the green crosshairs will be onscreen with the word COPY in green below and
slightly to the right of the crosshairs.  While in COPY MODE, your controls behave as follows:

1.  Pressing either OPTION 1 or 2 will return you to drawing mode.
2.  Holding down PAUSE and pressing either OPTION 1 or OPTION 2 will evolve
     your LIFEform frame-by-frame.  Note that the OPTION button used determines whether
    screen wrap is on or off.
3.  Pressing BUTTON A sets one corner coordinate of a box that you can draw.  Pressing
     BUTTON A again sets the other corner coordinate of the box.  Anything within the box
     is now in your COPY BUFFER.  You are now in PASTE/ERASE MODE.
4.  Holding down PAUSE and pressing BUTTON A takes you to the LIFEform library,
     a screen full of goodies for you to put into your COPY BUFFER. After selecting a
     LIFEform or group of LIFEforms, you will be in PASTE/ERASE MODE.
5.  In the LIFEform library, pressing PAUSE and BUTTON A again takes you to your
     temporary buffer (see above). You can cut items from this buffer to the main screen.
6.  Holding down PAUSE and pressing BUTTON B takes you directly to PASTE/ERASE
     MODE, using whatever was last put in your COPY BUFFER. If you haven't yet selected
     anything, you may get garbage.

Access PASTE/ERASE MODE either by holding PAUSE and pressing BUTTON B while in DRAWING MODE, or by
going to COPY MODE and selecting LIFEforms from your screen or the library screen.  You can tell you are in
PASTE/ERASE MODE because your joypad now controls whatever you have in your COPY BUFFER.  While in
PASTE/ERASE MODE, your controls behave as follows:

1.  Pressing either OPTION 1 or OPTION 2 will return you to DRAWING MODE.
2.  Pressing BUTTON A will allow you to paste your COPY BUFFER.
3.  Pressing BUTTON B will allow you to erase using your COPY BUFFER.
4.  Holding PAUSE and pressing BUTTON B will flip your COPY BUFFER any one
     of eight possible ways.
5.  Note that the screen cannot be flipped, but attempting to RESTART the game will
     cause the screen to be cleared, and you will remain in the PASTE/ERASE MODE.
6.  Pressing PAUSE and BUTTON A will put you in COPY MODE.

Advanced Lifeforms
1. Bird Bomber
2. Tri-Birds
3. Glider Bomber
4. Spark
5. Small Glider Factory
6. Mega Glider Factory
7. Growth Bomber
8. Glider Bouncers
9. Fuse Chain
10. Spark Bouncer
11. Twin Spark Bouncers
12. Diamond Chain Bomber
13. Growth Bomb
14. Birds: Small, Medium and Large

1. Generator
2. Bee
3. Max Warp
4. Big Reactor
5. Sea Urchin
6. Spinwheel
7. Wing
8. Warp
9. Beacon
10. Sparkers
11. Spinner
12. Butterfly
13. Laser Gate
14. Jumping Jack
15. Double Spinner
16. Lady Bug
17. Sun
18. Mini Reactor

Growth Bombs
1. Shoe
2. Arch
3. Sandle
4. Peg