Atari Jaguar Cheats / codes (general + alphabetical)

Jaguar general:

Remove "PAUSED" display (doesn't work with all games): while game is paused press 1+3

Toggle Music on/off (doesn't work with all games): 0

Customize Spinning Cube (not for the JagCD):

    1. Activate:
      • Pause + Option (during Jaguar Logo) - OR -
      • Press and hold Pause (when the spinning cube appears)
    2. Commands:
      • Size = Up/Down on control pad
      • Spin speed = Left/Right
      • Spin direction = 0  
      • Release pause to exit cube sequence.
      • Option, or Pause, or any actionbutton, or Reset (# + *)

All the cheats in this section use the following conventions:

  • A, B, C, X, Y, Z = Firebuttons as marked.
  • Li = Left index-finger firebutton.
  • Ri = Right index-finger firebutton.
  • U/D = Up/Down on joypad (the "D" button).
  • L/R = Left/Right on joypad.
  • Comma(,) = press the keys in that order like dialing a phone.
  • Plus(+) = press and hold the keys at the same time in that order.
  • Dash(-) = Slide across and into the keys in that order.
  • Slash(/) = press either key.
  • Parenthesis = Grouped keys are pressed while pressing other key(s).
  • Walkthroughs:
    • @ = Wait until previous action completed (assumed between scenes).
    • ^ = Continue point within a scene if killed.
  • Moves:
    • DT = Diagonal direction down and towards opponent.
    • DA = Diagonal direction down and away from opponent.
    • UT = Diagonal direction up and towards opponent.
    • UA = Diagonal direction up and away from opponent.
    • [Charge] means to hold the direction for at least two seconds.
    • [Close] moves performed standing next to opponent.
    • [Not close] moves performed from 3-4 steps from opponent.
    • [In air] moves are done while jumping.
    • [Far] moves performed a good distance from opponent.
    • A star (*) after the button means it can be pressed repeatedly.
    • A carrot(^) after the move name means it's a death move.
    • P = Punch
    • K = Kick
    • J = Jab
    • L = Light/Low
    • M = Medium
    • H = Hard/High
    • F = Fierce
    • Q = Quick
    • T = Towards opponent.
    • Aw = Away from opponent.
  • Pro-Controller buttons map to the standard controller as follows:
    • X = 9
    • Y = 8
    • Z = 7
    • Li = 4
    • Ri = 6


Alien Vs.
Basic strategies:
*When you enter a new room, and you don`t see any enemies from the door, walk a few steps into the room and then walk
  back out. This draws out any enemies that are hiding just inside the room.
*Explore each Sublevel a section at a time, using the doors as boundaries. Completely clear out the current section before 
  opening a door into a new section.
*most of the objects and enemies are randomly places from game to game-even when you restore a saved game. Dead
  marine bodies, on the other hand, always stay in the same places, so keep track of where they`re located and what they
  hold. The soldiers invariably carry ammunition, while the white-suited medics carry medkits.

Activate "Hold that Fuji!" (during game play):  
(Pause + Option) + (1+3, 2+5+7+9) Predator laugh confirms  
Security Clearance = Raise:Option+6; Lower:Option+9  
Motion Tracker Toggle = Option+8  
Recharge all weapons = Option+1+2+3+4  
Shotgun toggle = Option+1  
Pulse Rifle toggle = Option+2  
Flame Thrower toggle = Option+3  
Smart Gun toggle = Option+4  

Activate "Banana Stops" (*=STar, #=POund) (during game play):
1.     Pause,Option,6,1+3  
2.     B,A,9,A,9,A "BANANA"  
3.     *,Option,6 "STOPS"  
4.     #,* "POST"  
5.     *,Option "STOP"  
6.     2,Option "TOP" (Predator laugh confirms)  

All commands from "Hold that Fuji!"  
Level Select = Option+A (Up), Option+B (Down) (Up = 5,4,3,2,1, Pred. Ship, Alien Ship, Airducts)  
God mode = Option+5 (Invincible and auto weapons power-up. Must have ammo first)

2:Freeze Alien Queen (just outside the Queen's Lair):
   Save game, then reload. Queen will be frozen and can be damaged. She'll die when you unfreeze her by walking through
3:Shoot Predators first (in the Predator ship):
   Before collecting the smart gun, use the pulse rifle or shotgun to shoot around (or at where you know Predator(s) will
   appear when you get the smart gun). You'll see the blood, and if you've used enough ammo, the Predator(s) will die as 
   soon as you collect the smart gun.  
4:Shortcut to Alien Ending:
   Enter the "Banana Stops" cheat. Make a cocoon and when it is mature, get your alien killed (don't enable God mode,
   obviously). As the screen fades dark and the cocoon is hatching, press Option+A/B (for level up/down) and the screen will
   fade to the Alien Ending.


Global Positioning (during game play): (Pause) + (Option, 1+3, Option) Shotgun sounds confirms.
dec(xx,yy) = your X/Y Coordinates "course" position  
hex(aaaa,bbbb) = your X/Y Coordinates "fine" position  
l(01) through l(05) = Sublevels 1 through 5  
l(06) through l(13) = Airducts 1B,2B,3B,3C,4B,4C,5B,5C  
l(14) = Alien Ship  
l(15) = Predator Ship

Baldies CD

Level Codes
Green Ice Circus Desert Hell
01:(none) 21:26481912 41:99799799 61:69556532 81:99589435
02:69317691 22:37736169 42:71394421 62:92826938 82:26997667
03:32585431 23:29329995 43:37118763 63:38293232 83:72143164
04:53199313 24:25849779 44:51776684 64:92729513 84:25454616
05:95568176 25:44694221 45:99584621 65:23835728 85:99162722
06:14799741 26:25259781 46:96193782 66:46365977 86:15969299
07:99112932 27:26827251 47:55992751 67:42127597 87:22789619
08:25579427 28:37495714 48:75326691 68:59744212 88:19783692
09:94554648 29:25899273 49:36296862 69:66652545 89:32927721
10:95555366 30:25141462 50:17228223 70:92969395 90:19892933
11:95532656 31:98435959 51:75478824 71:22169481 91:99997799
12:22938689 32:69667792 52:67788234 72:93671736 92:17214394
13:89232323 33:24164317 53:13324585 73:52999329 93:33677118
14:22513979 34:55616442 54:35133199 74:92757849 94:45816776
15:33728582 35:96722219 55:69751568 75:14242694 95:19296584
16:66977534 36:56299991 56:11447799 76:12857259 96:29867193
17:22597714 37:28619972 57:29399112 77:12562827 97:15557992
18:94212475 38:98692371 58:72254579 78:43177495 98:17956326
19:65545266 39:22721793 59:89446554 79:32752899 99:23668296
20:26395999 40:99933281 60:69653555 80:22654141 100:31272228

Battlemorph CD

Level Codes
2 Carmine ATDC2
3 Ferial ATDC3
4 Pan Alma ATDC4
5 Straussen ATDC5
6 Pyroxine ATDC6
7 Cygnus ATDC7
8 Pernish ATDC8
enter as "new player"

Hidden Bonus Planets
1 Zephyr Peramer Dyphor Clip, Ships(2)
2 Carmine Aphelion Adeptus Clip, Ships(2)
2 Carmine Sanctine Camillari Trees?
3 Ferial Tyran Tehr Brockshear Clip, Ship
3 Ferial Charnel Kant Liur Ships(3)
4 Pan Alma Shau Yen Tantaul Clip, Ship
5 Straussen (none) (none) (none)
6 Pyroxine Alkelam Isolmin Flash(75%), Ship
6 Pyroxine Cyclozone Borazine Flash(75%), Clip, Ship
7 Cygnus Chalnook Brichardii Clip, Ship
8 Pernish Laxer Reiss Ships(7)

Comedy Mode: Enter "A NAME" for a new player. Sound confirms. Play a game.
Quake Weapon: Destroy most of the trees on all worlds of the first cluster.
2 Extra Ships: Debrief with a score ending with "99"
99,958 Bonus Points: Debrief with a score ending with "42"

Battle Sphere
Look on the bottom right hand side of the back of the box, there should be a 12-digit number.
372663-536823 (1)
A similar number is on the BattleSphere Cart Label.
328635-372663 (2)
How are they similar? Look at the sequences. The first six numbers of (1) and the last six numbers of (2) are the same- also the last six numbers of (1) and the first six numbers of (2) are reverses of each other.
If you follow the pattern, the next number in the sequence is 328635-366273 [sequence (2) with the reverse of the last six digits.]

How to enter them? Go to the Setup Menu. Now go to the Gameplay Options Screen. Press some number keys. You'll hear some Atari 800 Star Rai... um... BattleSphere Plasma Bolt sound effect. Enter the code. You should hear the trademark Doug Engel "Awesome" sound effect- the code is on. Enter it again. You should hear the BattleSphere Warp Sound Effect- the code is off. Enter it one more time and leave the Gameplay Screen.
Now what?
Go to a game of Free-for-All. Wreak havoc... if you eye your weapons correctly :)
What does the code mean?
Look to your touch-tone telephone dial. After a couple of hours of decoding, I find that the code translates to "Eat Me Leonard." Looks like the folks at Scatologic were angry at the Atari Corp. when making this easter egg.

"INTRUDER" alien race code: 874633746537 This will give you much better ships to fight with and will aid in your advancement.

Not a code, but look on the bottom right hand corner of the back cover of your BattleSphere Manual. You'll see this number: 37465-9687-87463 What does that spell? The ol' PG-13 BS slogan: "Drink your Urine."

CODE NAME                     CODE                          CODE TRANSLATION    WHAT IT DOES
Analog Affair              
          642 487 448 743            64-bit s--tpie                 Enables the analog controller.
Box Flap Code                    328 635 366 273           Eat me Leonard            Play as ejected pilot in FFA mode.
Custom Delivery                  925 479 687 463           YaK is your God           Allows you to edit ship attributes.
Eat at Joes                         874 633 746 537           Urine drunks                 Unlocks the Intruder race.
Hurt No I                        
     522 547 736 453           Jack is senile                Makes you almost invincible.
Kill 'em all                      
     343 665 262 343            Die Nolan B Die            Gives you full weapons.
15ms of Fame 
(aka Norad Launch Code 1)
   225 338 624 897            Bald dumb guys            ??
Norad Launch Code 2        
   382 587 264 357            F--- Tramiels                 ??
Yakkity Yak                        842 659 686 275         
   Thank you Mark            Enter the VLM-like music mode


Blue Lightning CD

Comedy Mode (at the options screen):
0+1+2+4+5+6+7+9. Thud sound confirms. Changes voices and adds an extra FMV segment to the end game.

Repair (during game play): *
Note, only works in Comedy Mode. 

Braindead 13 CD

Replay scene: Pause, Pause

1:Hallway: L^, U^, L
2:Conservatory: L, R, B, U, L
3:Hallway: L^, L
4:Red Witch: U, R^, @B, R, R^, R, @D^, R, @U^, B, U, R, R, @B
5:Hallway: R
6:Vivi: U^, @B, L^
(shave) B, R^, @R
(manicure) U, L, U, R, L, U, L, R^
(facial) B^, @B, L
7:Hallway: U^, R
8:Blue Witch: U, L^, @B, L, L, L @D^, L, @U^, B, U, L, L, @B
9:Hallway: R
10:Conservatory: R, L
11:Hallway: R
12:Bedroom: D, B, B, B, R
13:Library: D, U, R
14:Hallway: U
15:Garden: R, R^, @U^, L^, L^, L^, L^, @D^, D^, @R^, @U, U
(tiles) L, L, L, L^
(rim) @B, R, B, D^, B, B, R^, R, L, R, @B
(on statue) B, B, @R, @B, B
17:Hallway: L
18:Library: D, L, B, B, U, U
19:Bedroom: D, L, U
20:Hallway: L
21:Conservatory: L, R, B, U, L
22:Hallway: U
23:Moose: R^, B, U, R, R^, L, R, U, B, R^
(obstacle course) D, U, U, D, D, L, R, U^
(tower) @L, R^, @U, L, @R, R
24:Hallway: L, U
25:Fritz Showdown: B
(1st flight) L, B, B, L^
(2nd flight) B, R, L, R^
(3rd flight) L, B^
(4th flight) @R, B, L, B, R^
(5th flight) @B, L, R, L^, @R, B
26:Brain Chamber: L^, R^, R, @D, L, R, D, @B, @R, U, D, B, @D, B, B, B^, @U

Andy Floyd of Fidonet ATARI_ST says...

Start Braindead 13 with the Memory Track cartridge installed.
When the game begins to play the intro animation, skip it by pressing a fire button. (Not necessary)
Select a New Game.
When the scene begins with that shot of the fireplace, immediately press OPTION and Save your game, then Continue.
Play up to the point before one of the witches (usually the one to the left after you get past the Conservatory).
Instead of pressing Right or Left, you should see an Elevator and press UP.
This transports you all the way to the showdown with Fritz, and then the Brain Chamber.

Breakout 2000
(enter after brick formation before your ball is released):
*Breakthrough ball: 7+8+9+1
*Lightning ball: 7+8+9+2
*Attract ball: 7+8+9+3
*Catch mode on: 7+8+9+4
*99 balls: 1+3+5
*Skip current level: 1+6+7
*Skip levels set: 1+5+7

Banish Robots:
When robots appear during gameplay, press * + #.

Brutal Sports Football
There is supposedly a Bug that causes the league mode to crash....
Correct the League Mode Bug (at password screen):
RMVVKL343 333VZ6387

Start at the 2nd league w/ Mad Dogs (at password screen):
then enter a different teams name for the last 9 spaces for that name.

Bubsy Bobcat in Fractured Furry Tails
Level Codes:

1:    (none)
2:    392652
3:    458227
4:    958936
5:    739294
6:    184792
7:    812615
8:    781367
9:    126712
10:  236721
11:  673167
12:  792323
13:  672328
14:  782389
15:  672345

Cannon Fodder
This is the most bug-filled cart. (the bug "troop stuck half-in half-out of a vehicle"/ "vehicle bounces and gets stuck 
in a wall"/ "enemy gets a dying shot" / "end of mission - total system crash" / "screen doesn`t follow the cursor" /
and the useful "resurrect lost supplies by splitting off a new troop with nothing"
*The end of mission bug: Cannon fodder sometimes crashes at the end of a mission when it`s displaying the casualties
  you suffered during the mission. Luckily, this bug can be avoided by pressing the buttons like crazy at the end of a 
  mission to skip the casualty display entirely.
*Supply resurrection bug: If your troops are split into two or three groups, and one of the groups is killed, split off 
  a single soldier without any grenades or rockets. The soldier magically receives the grenades and rockets of the 
  troop that perished. Example: if you have two groups, one with three soldiers and another with one. Each group 
  has four grenades and two rockets. If the single soldier gets killed, split off another single soldier from the first group, 
  without any grenades or rockets. He receives four rockets and two grenades from the dead soldier!..
( see above)*Regain Weapons (must have at least two men left): Split off another troop with no grenades or 
  bazookas. (new troop will have dead troop's weapons)
*Display Map (during game play): # or 0 or *
*Switch groups (during game play): 1, 2, or 3
*More Options (during "Boot Hill"): Press Option to change volume, button config, screen resolution

Checkered Flag
Night-time Racing (at "Weather option") = 8,4,7,3

Club Drive
Planet Todd (during World Selection): 4+2, firebutton.
Drop & Fixed Camera views / Debug (during game play): 8+6
Atari Building: Enter the pulsating wall inside the mine shaft of Wild-West World during a single player race.
The Castle: Enter the first floor fireplace of Jerome's World during a single player race. Must have fast car option turned on.


Bonus Rings: can be found in Olope, Metropol, Pico, Olyotris and Jenwelch.
High altitude: Griz Madre, Olyotris and Greenstone have hills that you can use as a ramp to get just a bit higher than the
normal maximum altitude of the TGriffon.
-Unlimited Ammo (at Control Options): 1+3+5+7+8+9, firebutton.
.Play the Demo: press 1, 2, or 3 to use its Super Weapon
.Boss Rampage: Enter 1328 in a new game and play sectors 2 through 4. Then enter 1008 and play & finish Sector 1. 
 You'll now fight the sector 1,2,3, and 4 bosses consecutively.
Level Codes: Enter the codes at the "select destination" screen
Sector 1 = 1008
Sector 2 = 1328
Sector 3 = 9325
Sector 4 = 9226
Sector 5 = 3444
The Unknown = 6009 (found on planet Codex) The lower right planet has oodles of power-ups and three extra lives. 
The other three planets have tons of enemies, but an easy method of escape: fly straight ahead, turn left and go through
the mountains, and continue straight ahead until you reach the portal. It is good to visit the Unknown sector before
tackling any of the real sectors. You also don`t have to fly through all four Unknown planets, just raid the lower right 
one and enter another sector code.( BTW:the Unknown sector code is written on the ground of Codex (sector one) in 
a hard to reach canyon. The numbers are large, they don`t fit on the screen. )

Defender 2000
Plazma Pong:
  Enter "Nolan" in any high score table to get an extra game
*Flossie's Revenge (at Defender Plus high score table):
  Enter "Ovine". Start Defender Plus by pressing A (instead of B).
*Warp Enable (at Defender 2000 high score table):
  Enter "Beest". During Defender 2000, press 3 to warp to the next level, and press 6 to warp to the bonus round.
*Super Bonus (during Defender 2000):
  Catch a falling human as the wave is ending.

Cheats (during game play):
God Mode = Pause, * + Pause. (the eyes of your mug turn yellow to indicate that you are now completely invulnerable)
*Very Happy Ammo Mode = Pause, # + Pause
  (all keys, weapons, ammo, armor, and health)
*Level Select = Pause, [level #] + Pause
  (A button adds 10, B adds 20)

Double Dragon V
Hidden Moves: Some of these were already listed in the manual. LP, MP, HP, LK, MK, and HK refer to your button settings/config. Overkills must be performed when both characters are on the ground, and the attack listed by the opponents name must be used. The attack must do enough damage to win the match in order for you to see the overkill. Overkill does not work in easy mode.

  1. Billy Lee
    • Throw: MP
    • Dragon Snake: D, DA, A+P
    • Dragon Slice: T, DT, D+P
    • Dragon Shock: hold A, T+P
    • Dragon Slide: T, T+P
    • Overkill: Standing HP
  2. Jimmy Lee
    • Throw: MP
    • Dragon Snake: D, DA, A+P
    • Dragon Slice: T, DT, D+P
    • Dragon Fire: Hold A, T+P
    • Dragon Slide: T, T+P
    • Overkill: Standing HK
  3. Jawbreaker
    • Swallow: T, T+MK
    • Bite and Toss: T, T+HK
    • Flying Headbutt: T, T+P
    • Loogie Hock: hold A, T+P
    • Breath Wave: D, DA, A+P
    • Ground Spark: T, DT, D+K
    • Overkill: Standing HP
  4. Bones
    • Throw: MP
    • Eyebeam: D, DA, A+P
    • Skull Toss: Hold A, T+P
    • Gun Shot: T, DT, D+K
    • Long Arm Lash: T, T+MP
    • Super Headbutt: T, T+MK
    • Overkill: Standing MP
  5. Sickle
    • Throw: MP
    • Energy Blade: D, DT, T+P
    • Whirlwind Slice: Hold A, T+P
    • Rolling Sawblade: D, DA, A+P
    • Flying Sawblade: T, DT, D+K
    • Overkill: Standing MK
  6. Countdown
    • Throw: MK
    • Laser Bolt: Hold A, T+P
    • Knucklespin Twistkick: Hold A, T+K
    • Jet Flare: D, DA, A+P
    • Missile Shot: T, DT, D+K
    • Rocket Dive: T, T+K
    • Overkill: Standing LP
  7. Sekka
    • Throw : MP
    • Flying Claw Slam: Hold A, T+K
    • Claw Roll Attack: D, DA, A+P
    • Inverted Spinkick: D, DA, A+K
    • Blender from Above: D, D+LK
    • Clawvault Boomerang Kick: T, T+HK
    • Head Bounce Kick: In Mid-Air, D+HK
    • Overkill: Standing MP
  8. Dominique
    • Point-Blank Throw: MP
    • Short Distance Throw: HP
    • Hold and Bite: MK
    • Ponytail Beam: T, DT, D+K
    • Swoop Hurricane: D, DA, A+K
    • Highheel Knife Slide: D, D+LK
    • Overkill: Standing Long-Range MP
  9. Shadow Master
    • Overkill: Standing HK


Dragon's Lair CD
Replay scene: Pause, Pause

I'm told this walkthrough will also work for the Jaguar CD version. I have not had the chance to try it yet, but include it here for those who might want to.

This is a complete solve for Dragon's Lair. It may spoil some of the fun of discovering the moves on your own. It's your choice! All moves are in brackets.

L=left, R=right, U=up, D=down, S=sword/spacebar

The rooms are grouped by level. When your game ends, you are sent back to the first room on whatever level you've reached. The order of the rooms will be randomly chosen within a level. Levels 3, 4, 5 and 6 can be randomly chosen as well. Certain rooms will appear backwards, and all left and right moves will be reversed, but NOT up, down or sword. I learned these moves on my own. It took me three months to figure all of them out. Many the moves are different than the arcade version. Some scenes which appear in the arcade (and the CD-Rom instruction book!!!) do not appear in this version of Dragon's Lair. Pretty well all of the moves can be used with the Sega-CD version of Dragon's Lair also. So here they are. I've tried to include as much timing references as possible. If the move doesn't seem to be working, try different timing. Some moves have very exact timing. So here they are...
Drawbridge: After Dirk falls through the hole in the bridge (S) then (U) to climb out.
End of Corridor: Dirk is facing three doors. Suddenly, the room starts to crumble and fall apart. Dirk will cover his eyes and start to sway towards the crevasse towards the left. Move him in the opposite direction (R). As soon as the door to the right flashes open, move (R).
Tentacles from Ceiling: A green tentacle will appear from the hole in the celing. (S) will chop it off. Dirk will automatically jump forwards in the room. Move (R) towards the door, but don't go through it yet. Investigate the staircase by moving (D). As soon as the tentacles appear from the top of the stairs, jump to the table (L). Almost immediately, the door in front of Dirk will open and he can go through it (U).
Snake Room: Dirk is in a room full of mist. A snake will appear (S). Another snake will appear (S). After killing the two snakes pull the cord (R). Wait for a rope to drop down from the hole in the room, and move (U) to escape. A snake will almost get you.
Drink Me: Dirk stands in front of a table with a bottle on top. A sign reads "drink me". Move (R) once to avoid the bottle and the flames.
Cauldron Pot: This room wasn't listed in the instruction book. Dirk is in a laboratory. A huge cauldron pot will bubble over with yellow goo. Jump away from it (U) to a table. Dirk will examine a potion bottle. Suddenly, a monster will jump out of the bottle. Kill it (S). Dirk will automatically jump back towards the cauldron pot. A ghost will appear from out of the pot. Kill it (S). More yellow goo will flow towards Dirk's feet. Escape out the door (R).
LEVEL 3, 4, 5 or 6
Checkerboard Floor Knight: This room appears backwards 50% of the time. The Black Knight will send electric charges through the floor towards Dirk. Dirk must make it to the other side of the room safely and kill the Knight. Look to see which hand the Knight is holding his sword in at the beginning of this scene. You will start by moving in the opposite direction of that sword hand. (R),(L),(U),(L),(R),(L),(R), and then kill the knight with a few sword thrusts (S),(S). The reverse pattern is (L),(R),(U),(R),(L),(R),(L),(S),(S)
The Goons: Dirk comes up through a trapdoor in the floor at the bottom of a stairwell. Purple Goons will appear through a door. Kill them (S). More Goons will come through the door, but Dirk should start heading up the stairway instead (R),(U). Goons will appear at the top of the stairs and come down towards Dirk. Chop them (S). Goons are still coming up the stairs after Dirk. Move (U) to escape through the door.
Rolling Balls: Dirk is in a hallway with rolling colored balls. A bigger black ball will appear behind him. Wait for the yellow ball to cross in front of Dirk's body and then (D), the same thing with the red ball (D), blue (D), green (D), orange (D) and purple (D). Move (U) to jump over the deep hole.
Closing Wall: A wall in front of Dirk starts filling up with bricks. Move (U) once immediately to make it through in time.
Bats: A flock of bats will attack Dirk. Defend yourself (S). More bats will come (S), then immediately move left (L) when the floor crumbles away, and jump over the gap in the collapsed staircase (L). A giant vampire bat will appear in front of the exit. Kill it (S). Go through the door (L). The pursuing bats will collide with the closed door and fall to the ground.
LEVEL 3, 4, 5 or 6
Large Wooden Platforms: The catwalk Dirk is walking on will start to collapse. Move (U), (U). A flock of bats will attack Dirk. Duck down (D) as soon as you hear their wings flapping, and quickly use your sword (S) to scare them away. The timing is really crucial. Move (R) to a broken section and climb a rope to safety.
Sliding Stairs: Move (L) as soon as the staircase turns into a slide. Dirk will come down the stairs. A purple-tentacle thing will come out of the pit at the bottom of the stairs. Make it go away (S). Continue up the stairs (L) to the other side of the room. Don't pull the chain; instead go through the round opening on the wall (L).
Metallic Flying Horse: This room can appear backwards. Dirk will sit on a metal horse, which suddenly comes alive and takes Dirk on a flying ride towards a wall of fire. In one instance of this room, the fire will appear on the left side of the pillar, so move away (R), more pillars (L),(R),(L) and a stone wall (L). The horse will crash to safety back into the castle and Dirk will get up and walk through a door. You don't need to worry about escaping the fireball behind you. In the mirror-image of this room (L),(R),(L),(R),(R)
Metallic Ball: Dirk will be in a throne room. A magnetic ball will steal Dirk's sword and helmet. The round carpet will become electrical and a top view of the room will be given. Jump (R),(U) and then (R), so Dirk is sitting in the throne. His helmet and sword will be returned to him. The throne will revolve into another room. Dirk must run away from the electricity behind him (R) and go out the door.
LEVEL 3, 4, 5 or 6
The Lizard King: Dirk is chased by a the Lizard King. His sword is stolen away from him by a pot of gold, so Dirk must chase after it. At various hallway intersections, Dirk must choose the proper direction to go. Make your move, just as the sword and pot of gold takes a turn, and before the Lizard King hits you on the head with his sceptre. The correct directions are: (L),(R),(R),(R),(R),(R). Dirk will be at a dead end. The pot of gold and his sword have come to a halt. Move (U) to obtain the sword. Swing the sword at the Lizard King (S). Dirk will lose his sword again. Move (L) and (R) to evade the Lizard King. Move (D) to get Dirk's sword again, and finally (S) to kill the Lizard King. Dirk will take the gold and go out the door.
Giant Spinning Batons: This room has mirror images as well, but since there are no left or right moves, the patterns will be the same. Dirk must cross a bridge over a chasm of thorns. Batons are spinning to either side of the bridge. Listen carefully to the sounds Dirk makes. Right after his third noise, move (U). Safely to the other side, Dirk will confront a red-cloaked spectre with a glowing rod. Kill the spectre (S). Thorns will rise up in front of Dirk, so jump back (D). More thorns. Make Dirk escape through the door (U).
The Smithy: This room can be reversed. Dirk is surrounded by a wall of fire, and the weapons are enchanted. Ready Dirk's sword immediately (S). A magic sword will fly toward Dirk (S). An enchanted mace will fly toward Dirk (S). An anvil will fly at Dirk. Move AWAY from the flaming wall; either (R) or (L). It depends which version of the room the computer generates. A spear will fly off a weapon rack at Dirk (S). Dirk will jump up on a ledge and an axe bearing statue will come to life. (S) once will kill it. Dirk will leave the room.
Haunted Hallway: This room can have a mirror image. Dirk will be at the beginning of a long hallway with many doors. Clattering skulls will fall out at Dirk's feet and try to bite him. Move (U) to jump away. A large skeleton hand will try to grab Dirk from a doorway. Smash it with Dirk's sword (S). Black tar/goo will pour out of the doorway at Dirk's feet. Jump forwards in the hallway (U). Another skeleton hand will appear, so smash it (S). More black tar/goo will pour out of a door at the end of the hall, on either side. Move AWAY from the black stuff through the door (R) OR (L). Dirk will be attacked by Crypt Creeps. Kill them with a sword swing (S) and escape out the secret passage.
LEVEL 3, 4, 5 or 6
Checkerboard Corridor: The floor will tilt and then vanish beneath Dirk's feet. Jump back (D). Dirk will make a commotion and try to stand on the only available squares. Move (U) to safety. Once Dirk jumps up to the far end of the room, move him (L) out the door of this room
Pool of Water: This room can be backwards, so know both patterns. If Dirk's sword is hanging on his right side, and the floor crumbles to the left, move (R). Darts will shoot from the wall at Dirk. Jump (U) to avoid being hit. The stone floor will crumble, so move (L). Dirk will be standing at the edge of the pool. More floor will crumble, so move (U) to jump into the water. Panels will open up and snakes will swim into the pool with Dirk. (R) to quickly get out of the pool. More floor will crumble (U). Dirk will be at the corner of the room. A spider will frighten Dirk (S). The floor collapses more. Move (U) to go through the door between two converging stone blocks. Whew! The reverse pattern would be (L),(U), (R),(U),(L),(U),(S),(U) Phantom Knight: A ghostly horseman will charge towards Dirk. Move (L) away from the thorns. The knight will make another charge. Once again, move away from the thorns (L). The knight comes back a third time. Move the other way (R) to avoid the thorns. Dirk will jump into a cave, almost getting hit by the knight's sword.
Room of Fire: Dirk is in a room of flammable rubbish. A bench will drop down and cover a hole to the left. Lightning will shoot out of a hole in the ceiling towards Dirk. Jump (R). When Dirk is on the right side of the room, move down (D). As soon as fire appears in front of Dirk, move (U). The room will be brightly lit up with flames. Keep moving Dirk (L),(L),(L) until he pulls aside the bench from the wall and crawls through the low opening.
The Round Cage: A round grille will drop down over Dirk and become electrified. An electric field will appear on the ground and begin moving towards Dirk's feet. Move (U) (U) to avoid the electricity and (U) to get through the crashing doors. Dirk will be at a bridge over a gushing geyser. When a side shot of the bridge is given, and Dirk looks back at the electricity behind him, immediately move (L) to cross the bridge to safety.
Lava Field of the Mudmen: Dirk is in a large cave and is attacked by mudmen. First he tries using his sword (S), but it bounces right off the mudmen. They will move in on Dirk (U). Move (U) seven more times whenever Dirk pauses, and this room will be done!
Rapids/Whirlpools: Dirk will fall into a boat on a raging underground river. At the rapids, move up each time Dirk's boat enters the lighter/calmer current (U),(U),(U),(U) At the whirlpools, move Dirk AWAY from the whirlpool (R),(L),(R),(L). Dirk's boat will hit a wall, sending Dirk flying up in the air towards a chain. As soon as you hear the dinging sound, grab the chain (R).
Dirk has finally made it to the Dragon's Lair! Princess Daphne is inside a crystal ball, and the Dragon appears to be asleep. A stack of objects are about to topple over, which will awaken the Dragon. Move (U) after Dirk says "wow" and "umhum!" to catch the objects. Dirk will hop to a box of treasure (L) and slide down a pile of coins. The Dragon hears this and wakes up, blowing flames in Dirk's direction (L), but Dirk escapes. More noisy objects are about to fall, so Dirk must catch them (D). The Dragon will go back to sleep. Dirk moves closer to Daphne, who tells him how to kill the Dragon: "Get the key, find the Magic Sword." After this silly speech, the Dragon will wake up. Dirk hides behind a pillar, but the Dragon tries to grab Dirk with his claws. Dirk ducks down (D),(D) and runs off to the side (L). Daphne goes "ooh!" The Dragon pursues Dirk, from a behind-view. Dirk must jump over a high pile of gold coins (U). Dirk will be hiding behind another pillar. The Dragon will try to grab Dirk (D), but instead gets the pillar crashing on top of his head. Dirk runs and ducks behind another column (R), where he sights the Magic Sword! Dirk should grab for the sword (S) as soon as the Dragon pokes his head into scene. The Dragon will blow some flames at Dirk, but Dirk uses the magic sword as a shield (S). Daphne claps proudly. The Dragon will swing its huge tail at Dirk (L), but Dirk jumps out of the way. Dirk throws the Magic Sword (S) into the Dragon's gut and kills it. Dirk and Daphne live happily ever after...
(Until Dragon's Lair II, that is!) End Credits roll and a special preview of Space Ace. Check it out.
Lafe Travis I'm a Yosemite Sam Fan, that's what I am! Star Wars, Doctor Who, Epic Pinball, Horror Films, Bears, FRUA

Dino Dudes
Infinite Time (at password screen):
Infinite Dudes (at password screen):

Level Codes

Fight For Life
Cheats (enter passwords in tournament mode on character select screen after pressing Option.):

  • JAGUARTIME or 1+5+9 (Demo mode)
  • IWANTPOWER or 1+3+5+9 (All special & signature moves)
  • cWANTREFER (Jenny) all moves except signature moves
  • VWANTSPEED (Mr. G) all moves except signature move.
  • GIVEMEPOWn (To choose Junior as a character. Note small "n")
  • LOVEJUNIOR or 1+3+5+7+9 (Play Junior vs Junior)

Morph as Junior: C + (U, L, D)

Shorter Junior Battle:
Defeat Junior the second time with a ring-out. When the next fight begins, pause and rewind to before the electrocution.

# Level Codes: Easy Medium Expert
1 "Planet Titan" LETY RISING RODEO
2 "New Washington BOXER ORDO BINGO

Flip Out!
-Win Current Match (enter before play starts): 779889#
-All Levels Activated (enter at Map screen): 7798899
-Programmers' Heads (enter before play starts): 14283722
(at any level with the three "cheerleader" aliens)
Note: these may take several attempts till you get a confirmation.

Highlander I CD
Originally intended to be the first of a series of 3 CDs, it now appears that Highlander is going to be an only child.
Cheats (during game play):

-Get the Chicken God and activate the Teleport:
Place flower in the vase in the Temple of the Chicken God hidden in the canyon behind the large tall rock with sniper on top.
-Invulnerable: 4,1,3,3,5,6,4
-Rogues Gallery: 2,1,8,8,3,5,3,8,9
-All Items: 9,4,4,6,9,2,1,3

Hover Strike
Cheats (at Mission Select Screen, unless otherwise noted):
Unlimited Weapons/Energy/Shields: D+3+4+6+7 (tone confirms)(at mission selection screen)
-Extra Lives (limit = 9): 3+6+9+# (tone) (at mission selection screen)
-Level Skip: 2+4+6+7+8+9 (tone) (at mission selection screen)
-Toggle Day/Night (during game play): U+A+B+C+7 (during the game)
-Change Globe Speed/Direction : 4 or 6  = left or right (at mission selection screen)
Change Globe Size (CD only) : U/D
-Alternate External Monitor Frame : R+C+1+4+5 (at mission selection screen)
-Alternate Ground Texture (during game play) : U+A+B+C+3
-Debug Mode (during game play) : U+A+B+C+6
-Change Music Tracks (during game play) : U+A+B+C+0 (Cart.only)
-Comedy "Ammo Depleted" Cue : C+4+8 (Cart. only)

Enable Secret Bonus Missions (at Mission Select Screen): there`s one bonus mission for each of the first five levels.
After the code has been entered on the current level, scroll through the missions until you find the bonus selection.
It is distinctively designed with a picture of the Hover Strike development team standing in front of the landscape
-Level 1 = U+2+3+6
-Level 2 = D+2+6+7+8
-Level 3 = R+3+5+6
-Level 4 = U+2+5+8
-Level 5 = R+2+4+5+6 (or D+3+4+6+7) don`t know which one is the correct one....

Hover Strike: Uncounquered Lands CD
See Hover Strike

Hyper Force

 Hyper Force was produced by Songbird Productions. This 2MB cartridge was produced in very limited quantities.

"Trans Con is decimating world after world in search of enough resources and wealth to launch an attack against the Terran High Command. The politicians don't want a direct confrontation that might hurt their corporate sponsors. So, the Interstellar Special Forces has been called in to send a lone warrior to eliminate the Trans Con threat. Wanna guess who that warrior is?"

Hyper Force was developed exclusively for the Atari Jaguar by Visual Impact. The game is a 2D multi-directional action/platform genre in a colorful sci-fi setting. Fight waves of enemy soldiers, security drones, mining robots, fire traps, and more. Collect coins and energy to upgrade your personal arsenal. Find switches and solve puzzles to advance through the game.

Hyper Force
Weapon 1: 1768 6965
Weapon 2: 2564 8133
Weapon 3: 3233 2861
Weapon 4: 4535 1378
Weapon 5: 5745 5953
Health Power: 6888 7765
Skip a stage: 7127 4718
Skip a whole level : 8237 1578

Iron Soldier
Cheats (at Options Screen, unless otherwise noted):
-All Weapons & Levels: 3,7,6,6,8,2,4,2 (border flash confirms) Start a new game and you can choose any of 
  the 16 missions, and also all eight weapons at the Arming Screen.
-Unlimited Ammo: 2,7,2,8,3,7 ("CRATES" on phone pad) Screen border flashes,start new game -> all weapons have now
  unlimited ammo.
-Extra fast rotation: A+C while turning (during game play)
-Cruise Missile repair: Hit yourself with a Cruise Missile
  (only during the low energy warning!)
-Mission Pass/Fail: 2,8,8,8,6,6,7,7,3,7,7
  (then during game play press: *toFail or #toPass instantly)

Eggs (at Options Screen, unless otherwise noted):
-Insane Difficulty: 6,8,2,4 (="OUCH" on phone pad) Screen border flashes, select "insane" which is even tougher than "hard"
-Display Mission Stats: 8 (Start game and press 8.->Mission time/Shots fired/Enemies shot/Bldngs shot(buildings))
-Slow Motion: Pause, 1 or 3 (during game play)
-Swivel Mech View: At mech configuration screen, select add or remove weapon then press 1 or 2 to swivel mech.
-Scroll Title Screen: At "Iron Soldier" logo, use joypad to manually scroll screen up or down.

Iron Soldier 2 CD
Cheats (at Options Screen, unless otherwise noted):
-All Weapons & Levels: 5,2,6,2,0,4,8,1
Unlimited Ammo: 1,4,8,8,2,5,0,2
-Invulnerable: 8,3,0,5,5,7,2,6
-Mission Pass/Fail: 3,4,4,9,5,2,2,0,7,1,6
  (then during game play press: * = Game Over, 0 = Failed, # = Completed)
-All of the above: 9,7,0,0,2,3,8,6,6,5,4,1
-Extra fast rotation: A+C while turning (during game play)
-Repair: Hit yourself with a Cruise Missile
  (only during the low energy warning!)
-Satyr War Walker: 7,2,8,9,7,6,6 ("SATYR ON" on phone pad)

Eggs (at Options Screen, unless otherwise noted):
-Insane Difficulty: 6,8,2,4 ("OUCH" on phone pad)
-Display Mission Stats: 8 (during game play)
-Single-Frame Advance: Pause, 1 or 3 (during game play)
-Instant Demo: Press Option on any menu screen.
-Endgame Sequence: 7,2,4,4,9,8,0,1, (then select "Start Game)
-Quick Exit from mech configuration screen: A

Iron Soldier 2 Cart
IS2 cart comes in the same packaging as IS2 CD, except the "CD" sticker is absent from the box (as it also was from the first, CD-R run of IS2). The cartridge itself is a standard, yet strangely heavy Jag cartridge case, with a small silver-gray label.

Surprisingly little was sacrificed in the transition from 600+ megabyte CD to 2-megabyte cartridge. All the FMV is gone (no great loss), as is the in-game music (a rather more significant loss). Everywhere that FMV existed in the CD version, still images from the FMV have taken their place. Interestingly, the stills are from the source renders of the FMV, instead of the CinePak-mangled versions we've seen before. After months of playing IS2 CD, it's startling to see how sharp and detailed the uncompressed images are.

As for the music, while all in-game tunes are gone, there's still a song that plays during the menu screens. This was chip-generated even on the CD version, and remains so. One oddity... even though there is no in-game music, you can still adjust the music volume while paused. Overall, the loss of in-game music is unfortunate, but not crippling. IS players are known for turning off the in-game music anyway... it gives the game more of a "sim" feel.

In addition to the excised music and video, the cart drops the number of save-game slots down from 10 to 4. This is still much better than IS1, which only supported a single saved game.

That's basically it. No music, no video, and fewer save slots. Other than that, IS2 cart is 100% identical to IS2 CD, and well-worth owning if you don't have a CD player. Even if you do own a CD player, you might consider picking it up so you can still play IS2 years from now after your CD player has gone out of alignment (assuming you're paranoid about that sort of thing...).

A final note... to reach the break-even point on their production run, Telegames manufactured slightly more IS2 cartridges than they received pre-orders for. So if you'd like to pick up a copy of this rarity, you might still be able to.

Cheats (at Options Screen, unless otherwise noted):
-All Weapons & Levels: 5,2,6,2,0,4,8,1
-Unlimited Ammo: 1,4,8,8,2,5,0,2
-Invulnerable: 8,3,0,5,5,7,2,6
-Mission Pass/Fail: 3,4,4,9,5,2,2,0,7,1,6
  (then during game play press: * = Game Over, 0 = Failed, # = Completed)
-All of the above: 9,7,0,0,2,3,8,6,6,5,4,1
-Extra fast rotation: A+C while turning (during game play)
-Repair: Hit yourself with a Cruise Missile
  (only during the low energy warning!)
-Satyr War Walker: 7,2,8,9,7,6,6 ("SATYR ON" on phone pad)

Eggs (at Options Screen, unless otherwise noted):
-Insane Difficulty: 6,8,2,4 ("OUCH" on phone pad)
-Display Mission Stats: 8 (during game play)
-Single-Frame Advance: Pause, 1 or 3 (during game play)
-Instant Demo: Press Option on any menu screen.
-Endgame Sequence: 7,2,4,4,9,8,0,1, (then select "Start Game)
-Quick Exit from mech configuration screen: A

Easter Eggs:

Expanded Options Menu: 2+4+6+8 from the Main Menu. No confirmation; does not survive resets. Then select Options. This gives two more options:
-Level-codes. Use this to enter the codes listed below.
-Texture-mapping Toggle. Unfortunately, this doesn't work in the final release of the game.

Level Codes:
-Entered on option screen (Secret Options must be enabled). Select Enter Code, then use number keys to enter code. 
 Left/right moves cursor, A/B/C confirms code. Select Start to begin.

1 Alpha Matrix 3495823456
2 Data Core 7983456383
3 Central Web 5282259782
4 Outer Ring 9452382725
5 Home Node 7357286586
6 Core Dump 3985615345
7 Internal Store 6315678561
8 Vector Five 1238261234
9 AI Reserve 3982612389
10 Safe Segment 4826178962
11 Code Segment 2397856123
12 Parallel Area 3482623457
13 Logic Switch 8563457634
14 Gate Two 8278634589
15 Binary Path 5785623456
16 Damage Vector 5234545214
17 Restore Buffer 9238471472
18 Energy Grid 8957235957
19 Defense Segment 2359834235
20 Decision Vector 7892597223
21 Override Central Block 7891237892

Access any Challenge's Miracle Race:  
-Select the Beginner Challenge Miracle Race. (You must win this race at least once)  
-While camera zooms-in on your kart, press Reset (* + #).  
-Select the Challenge who's Miracle Race you want to play.  
-The Miracle Race for that Challenge will now be highlighted (don't move it!) and 
  can be played to win the boss kart.

Miracle Race Track Short-cuts (directions are from the starting line)  
Beginner: 3 left bends then on the right side.  
Warrior: Immediately to your left.  
Miracle: ???  
Jaguar Aces: 3 left bends then on the right side.

Sit and Spin:
On the desert race, slowly run over a purple spot that causes your kart to lose control. When on top of the patch, turn 
left or right and press pause twice. The whole world will be spinning around!

Kasumi Ninja
(To enable modes, a gore code must've already been entered.) At options screen, select "change code". On controller #2 press and hold A+C then on controller #1 enter:
-Same character combat: (requires 2 controllers and you must have entered a "gore"code. (if you haven`t already entered a code, choose something easy to remember such as 111111). Go to the Game Options screen and select the Change Code option. When you are prompted to enter a code, hold down the A and C buttons on controller 2 and enter the code: 6,2,1,5,4,4 on controller 1. If you entered the code properly, the words "Wrong Code"appear and you hear a laugh.
Exit the Game Options and start a two-player game. The players can now select the same fighter.

-Tiny Player #1 "Sensible Fighter": 7,4,3,8,7,1 ("Swish")

-Pause screen toggle: When the game is paused, press the 1 and 3 buttons at the same time to turn off the paused box. Press
1 and 3 to bring it back.

-Fight the Gyaku Demon for a different ending:
In Hard or Ninja-God mode, beat but don't finish Gyaku.

Hidden Moves:

  • Alaric, King Of The Goths
    • Dynamite : C + (D-DA-Aw-UA-U)
    • Hammer Smash : C + (T, U) (close)
    • Knee to crotch: K + T (close)
    • Lunging Punch : P + T
    • Power Slide : C + (Aw-DA-D-DT-T)
    • Throw : K + Aw (close)
    • Death Move^ : C + (T, Aw, T, K) (close)
  • Angus Mcgreggor: The Scottish Brawler
    • Caber Toss : C + (D, U) (close)
    • Fireball : C + (Aw-UA-U-UT, T)
    • Headbutt : C + (D, T) (close)
    • Throw : P + Aw (close)
    • Death Move^ : C + (T, Aw, D) (close)
  • Chagi: The Kickboxer
    • Elbow to head : P + T (close)
    • Fireball : C + (Aw, T, T)
    • Knee to crotch: C + (T, K + T) (close)
    • Super Kick : C + (Aw, U)
    • Throw : P + Aw (close)
    • Death Move^ : C + (T, Aw, T, P) (close)
  • Danja, The Urban Vigilante
    • Bolas : C + (Aw, Aw, Aw, T)
    • Elbow to head : P + T (close)
    • Teleport : C + (D, U, U)
    • Throw : P + Aw (close)
    • Death Move^ : C + (Aw, U, Aw) (far) or C + (U, U, Aw)
  • Habaki, Ninja Twin
    • Elbow to head : P + T (close)
    • Fireball : C + (Aw-DA-D-DT-T)
    • Teleport : C + (U, U)
    • Throw : P + Aw (close)
    • Whirlwind Kick: C + (Aw, Aw, T, T)
    • Death Move^ : C + (Aw, U) (close)
  • Pakawa, The Comanche Chief
    • Ground Stomp : C + (Aw, U, U)
    • Headbutt : C + (T, T, T) (close)
    • Hunting Knife : C + (Aw-DA-D-DT-T)
    • Lunge High : P + Aw
    • Lunge Low : P + T
    • Throw : K + Aw (close)
    • Death Move^ : C + (T-DT-D-DA-Aw) (close) or C + (T, D, T, Aw)
  • Senzo, Ninja Twin
    • Elbow to head : P + T (close)
    • Fireball : C + (Aw-DA-D-DT-T)
    • Teleport : C + (U, U)
    • Throw : P + Aw (close)
    • Whirlwind Kick: C + (Aw, Aw, T, T)
    • Death Move^ : C + (U, D) (close)
  • Thundra, The Amazon Queen
    • Jungle Lunge : C + (Aw, T, T) (far)
    • Jungle Strike : C + (T, T, T) (close)
    • Lunging Punch : P + T
    • Teleport : C + (D, U)
    • Throw : P + Aw (close)
    • Death Move^ : C + (U, T, U, T) (far) or C + (U, U, T)

Cheat Codes:
At the Options screen, select Change Code (a lockout code must already be entered). Hold A+C on controller #2, then type code on controller #1. Various sounds confirm.

Play as Gyaku/Demon Gyaku 3,7,4,9,6,1 VS mode only; Gyaku/Demon Gyaku replace Senzo and Habaki
Allow Same-Character Fights 6,2,1,5,4,4  
Sensible Fighter #1 7,4,3,8,7,1 named after the tiny characters in all Sensible Software games
Sensible Fighter #2 8,9,9,2,4,4
Reset Parental Lockout 5,2,4,6,4,8  
Start w/Key to Temple 6,3,7,4,0,4  
Self-Test Mode 9,3,1,4,2,7 reset and press fire after entering code; cycles through all player and background combinations one fight at a time; press A/B/C/Option on controller #1, or Option on controller #2, to skip to next fight

Demon Gyaku Moves:
-Uppercut : A
-Fire Breath : Toward + A
-Earthquake Stomp : B
-Shake & Toss : B (close)
-Slam & Taunt : Away+B (close)
-Jump Kick : Jump, B
-Head Rip Fatality : C + circle clockwise twice 

Memory Track
Access Memory Track Manager (for those that didn't get or lost the instruction card):
-Hold Option while turning on Jaguar.

Commands: (a couple of these were already listed in the 'manual')
U/D: Select files
A,B,C: Delete selected file
Option: Type of Sort (Name or Size)
Option+1: Type of Sort and save settings
Option+7+9: Change selected file (name & size)
Option+*+#: Erase all files
Option+*+0+#: Self-test
*+#: Exit

Missile Command 3D

Virtual Mode Stage Select (during game play):
Stage 1: Pause, 1+9+C+Pause
Stage 2: Pause, 2+9+C+Pause
Stage 3: Pause, 3+9+C+Pause
Ending : Pause, 4+9+C+Pause

Per Martin Brownlow, programmer of Missile Command 3D:

  • Took six months to write the game, start to finish.
  • Takes about half an hour of constant blasting to beat the game.
  • In VR mode, nothing attacks from below until stage 3.
  • If you can get your hands on a prototype headset (unlikely) with the right ROM in it that transmits the correct keycode (even more unlikely) then you can play using the headset in both VR and 3D modes. If a headset is attached then you get some extra options in the options menus and the keypad functions differently (left and right will move between bases rather than 1 and 3, since the D-pad is easier to use when you can't see).
  • In "MC3D", Fireball Missiles are the highest powerup.
  • Powerups are only identified the FIRST time you pick up one of each type. Atari wanted no text, the producer compromised and made the programmer change it from every time to just once.
  • Smart bomb cheat (infinite smart bombs) was removed.

Myst CD
Passwords (press Option during game play):

  • All Places of Protection Open:
    • hold: B B B B C C B B A B B A B C B A A A B C
    • hit : 5 5 8 7 2 7 0 0 1 7 # 6 5 6 3 0 3 7 5 7
  • All Red/Blue Pages and White Page Collected:
    • hold: A C A A B C C B C B A A B B B C C B B A
    • hit : 5 1 5 4 # # 7 0 7 5 3 4 2 2 3 # 2 6 7 *
  • "Atari" Library: Enter May 22, 1970 6:30am in the planetarium. The immediate front of the (still functioning) library will now be the Atari building. Click up to see the Myst crew on the balcony.

NBA Jam: Tournament Edition

Cheats & Eggs (enter at "Tonight's Matchup" screen):

3 Point Pup UDDLLRU   Push Other Pup DLRULLLLAB
Baby Mode BABUDLR   Quick Hands LRABRL
Big Heads UCA   Shot % On DUDBU
Dunks Pup RLBABA   Slippery Court BADABRRRRR
Fire Powerup DRAABL   Small Ball RRRRRRBBB
Goaltender RUDDRU   Speed Pup UUDDLRLLBA
Offense Pup AUBDBLR   Teleport Pass DRRAADLLRB
Push Both Pup DUDULLLLAA   Turbo Powerup BBDDAAUL
  • Team Substitutions (at Player Substitution Screen): D+C+A
  • Get Extended Roster (as Select Screen appears): 1+5+9
  • Defeated 26 teams (as Select Screen appears): 2+4+6
  • Defeated 27 teams (as Select Screen appears): 4+7+8
  • Story (at attract mode roster): L,1,4,6,9 from Pad 0
  • Adisak Attack: Extended Roster + Baby Mode. Wait for the Coaching Tips.

Hidden Characters:
Tournament mode should be off. Enter at the initials screen. Each initial must be entered with a "code", which is Option + the listed button. The N-button is any button with or without Option; i.e., to play as Hugo, enter "H" with Option+A, "G" with Option+C, then "O" with A, B, or C. '[' = space.

Acclaim's Air Dog AIR BNC HVS Damion DJD ABC
Acclaim's Alex XYZ ABB HVS Harold HAM ANA
Acclaim's Kabuki DAN ABN HVS Kerry KJG BBN
Acclaim's Weasel RAY NAB HVS Morty K[M CCC
Beastie Boys (AdRock) ADR BCN Jazzy Jeff JAZ AAC
Beastie Boys (MCA) MCA NBB L Pacey PAY NNC
Beastie Boys (Mike D) MKD CNC NBA Carol Blazekowski BLZ CNC
Bull's Mascot Benny BNY CNB NBA Larry Bird BRD ACA
Chambers (Kristine) KC[ NAN Prince Charles ROY NAB
Clinton (Bill) CIC BNA Rivett (Jamie) RJR CAN
Clinton (Hillary) HC[ NBN Rosen (Shawn) SR[ NNA
Correll CRL CAN Rosenfield (Seth) SET NAB
Di Vita (Sal) SAL NCA Sun's Mascot Gorilla GOR BBN
Fresh Prince (Will) WIL NBC Theinvanich THE CAB
Gelber (Phil) FIL BAB Thomas (Frank) SOX ANB
Gunter GUN CCA Thomason (Faran) FAR ANN
Heavy D HVY BNA Tramiel (Leonard) LAT NCB
Hornets' Mascot Hugo HGO ACN Turmell (Mark) MJT ANA
HVS Bob Ganofsky RBG AAA Wolf's Mascot Crunch CRN NBA

Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure

  • Classic 2600 Pitfall:
    1. At the main menu, select "Info", press the C button 26 times, then press Down.
    2. Or at the start of the "Copan" level, get to the very top platform, then do a running jump to the left to land on the ledge with the 2600 version scorpion. Enter the door to a ledge with another scorpion, a lock, and silver bar. Go left to hit the wall, jump up & down till catapulted in the air. Go right while in the air and land in a small room with a colorful vortex. Enter the vortex.

Press Opt 1 + Opt 2 on the Options screen to enable "Evil" mode, where the ball flies in random directions.
While paused, press and hold Opt 2, then press Up on the joypad. This enables an extra ball (max of 3).

Power Drive Rally

Freeze/Pause your opponent: 6
Un-freeze/un-pause opponent: 9
Change car color (at the car purchase screen): U/D

Primal Rage
Activate Cheat Menu (during opening "Jungle Scene"): L,L,R,R,L,L,R,R,L,L,R,R
(Note: these have to be done very quickly and it may take several attempts until you get the new "Cheat" item on the 
main menu.)
Alternate character colors (at character select screen):
-Original Recipe = (HQ)
-Old Alternate = (HP) or (HQ + HF)
-Weird #1 = (HQ + LQ)
-Weird #2 = (HQ + LF)

Hidden Moves: Some of these were already listed in the manual. HQ, HF, HP, LQ, LF, & LP refer to your button settings/config.

  • Armadon
    • Bed-0-nails : (HF+LQ)+(D,U)
    • Iron Maiden : (HF+LQ)+(Aw-U-T) (close)
    • Mega Charge : (HQ+LQ)+(Aw-D-T)
    • The Gut Gouger : (HP+LQ)+(T,Aw)
    • Hornication Uppercut: (HP+LQ)+(DT-T-UT) (close)
    • Spinning Death : (HQ+LF)+(Aw,T-D) or (HQ+LF)+(T-D-Aw)
    • Flying Spikes : (HF+LF)+(Aw-U)
    • Gut Fling^ : (HP+LQ)+(D,D,D,D,U)
    • Meditation^ : (HP+LP)+(T,D,Aw,T,T)
    • The Impaler^ : (HP+LP)+(D,Aw,U,D)
    • Chomp a Human : (HP+LP)+(U-T)
  • Blizzard
    • Short Mega Punch : (HQ+LQ)+(Aw,T)
    • Quick Mega Punch : (HP+LP)+(Aw,T)
    • Long Mega Punch : (HF+LF)+(Aw,T)
    • Fake Mega Punch : (HQ+LQ)+(D,U)
    • Freeze Breath : (HP+LF)+(Aw,T)
    • Ice Geyser : (HP+LF)+(D,U) (close)
    • Punching Bag : (HQ+LF)+(T-D-Aw-U), HQ@ then for wind-up: HF/LQ/LF
    • Air Throw : (in air) (HF+LQ)
    • Throw : (HF+LQ)+(T-D-Aw-U)
    • Brain Bash^ : (HP+LF)+(D,D-Aw-U-T)
    • To-Da-Moon^ : (HP+LP)+(D,D,D,D,U)
    • Redemption^ : (HP+LP)+(D,T,U,D,U)
    • Chomp a Human : (HP+LP)+(Aw-U-T-D)
  • Chaos
    • Grab-'n'-Throw : (HF+LF)+(T,Aw) (close)
    • Slow Power Puke : (HF+LQ)+(U-T)
    • Fast Power Puke : (HQ+LF)+(U-T)
    • Fart of Fury : (HF+LQ)+(D-T-U-A)
    • Ground Shaker : (HF+LQ)+(Aw,AU,AD)
    • Flying Butt Slam : (HF+LF)+(D-T-U-UT-DT) (close)
    • Battering Ram : (HQ+LQ)+(T,T)
    • Golden Shower^ : (HQ+LQ)+(D,D)-(HP+LP)+(Aw,T,Aw,T)
    • Cannonball^ : (HP+LP)+(DA,UT-DT-DA)
    • The Churl^ : (HP+LP)+(T,T,T,Aw,Aw,Aw)
    • Chop a Human : (HP+LP)+(T-D-Aw)
  • Diablo
    • Slow Fireball : (HF+LF)+(D-T)
    • Fast Fireball : (HQ+LQ)+(D-T)
    • Torch : (HQ+LQ)+(U-T)
    • Hot Foot : (HF+LF)+(UA,DT) (close)
    • Mega Lunge : (HQ+LF)+(Aw-D-T)
    • The Pulverizer : (HQ+LF)+(U-T-D)
    • Infernal Flash : (HF+LP)+(U)
    • Incinerator^ : (HP+LP)+(UA-D-DT)
    • Fireball^ : (HF+LP)+(T,T,T,T,T)
    • Infernal^ : (HQ+LP)+(U,D,U,D,D)
    • Chomp a Human : (HP+LP)+(D,U,D)
  • Sauron
    • Primal Scream : (HQ+LQ)+(D,U) (close)
    • Earthquake Stomp : (HP+LF)+(U,D)
    • The Cranium Crusher : (HQ+LF)+(D,U) (close)
    • Leaping Bone Bash : (HF+LQ)+(D,U,D)
    • Stun Roar : (HQ+LQ)+(Aw,T)
    • Air Throw : (in air) (HF+LF)
    • Neck Throw : (HF+LF)+(T+Aw) (close)
    • Carnage^ : (HP+LP)+(Aw,T,Aw,T,Aw)
    • Flesh Eating^ : (HQ+LQ)+(D,D)-(HP+LP)+(U,U)
    • Grape Crusher^ : (HP+LP)+(U,D,U,D,D)
    • Chomp a Human : (HP+LP)+(D,D,U)
  • Talon
    • Brain Basher : (HF+LQ)+(Aw-U-T)
    • Pounce & Flip : (HF+LQ)+(T-D-T)
    • Frantic Fury : (HQ+LF)+(D-T)
    • The Slasher : (HQ+LP)+(D-T) (close)
    • The Face Ripper : (HF+LF)+(D-T)
    • Jugular Bite : (HF+LF)+(Aw,T) (in combo?)
    • Run Forward/Back : (HQ+LQ)+(T/Aw)
    • Heart Wrenching^ : (HQ+LP)+(T-D-Aw-U)
    • Shredder^ : (HQ+LF)+(T-D-Aw-U)
    • Stampede^ : (HP+LP)+(T,Aw,U,D)
    • Chomp a Human : (HP+LP)+(T-D-Aw)
  • Vertigo
    • Slow Venom Spit : (HF+LF)+(T,T)
    • Fast Venom Spit : (HQ+LQ)+(T,T)
    • Voodoo Spell : (HF+LQ)+(Aw,Aw) (close)
    • Ground Teleport : (HF+LF)+(D,D)
    • Air Teleport : (HF+LF)+(D,U)
    • Come Slither : (HQ+LQ)+(Aw,Aw) (not close)
    • Scorpion Sting : (HF+LQ)+(T,T) (close)
    • Petrify^ : (HF+LF)+(Aw,Aw,Aw)-(HP+LP)+(T,T)
    • Shrink & Eat^ : (HF+LF)+(Aw,Aw,Aw)-(HP+LP)+(D,U)
    • La Vache Qui Rit^ : (HP+LP)+(Aw,Aw,Aw,D,T)
    • Chomp a Human : (HP+LP)+(D-T-U)

1.On the title screen with the 80s-style artwork, hold down Pause+4+5+6 until the screen fades to become invincible
   (you can't score points in this mode). You should hear an explosion to confirm. Pressing the combo again disables the
    invulnerability and you'll hear an "I'm hit!" to confirm.
2.While paused, press 3+1+6 to receive 75 shop credits.
3.While paused, press 6+7+8 to enable Rapid Fire.
4.Beat the 10 Easy waves to enable the endless Insane wave. You can select Insane from the Options screen.

Infinite Lives: Play through level 1 until you reach the end boss. Press PAUSE to pause the game, then hold down 
1+4+7+3+6+9+Option. Press pause again to unpause and you`ll hear an explosion to indicate that the cheat is activated.


(entered only at "hands assembly" intro sequence):
-All powers & all maps = 1,3,5,7,9
-50 lives = 5,1,5,2,5,3
-For both cheats, enter one code, wait until the demo game, press any number, then enter the other code at "assembly" intro.

Eggs (entered only at "hands assembly" intro sequence):
-Credits screen = 2,5,5,2
-Rayman "Breakout" game = 1,3,6,4 (gives unlimited continues, upon winning)
-Sound effects toggle = 8 (during game play)
-Ting Loop: keep going back through quick & easy levels (such as Anguish Lagoon) for more tings & extra lives.
-Rayman "Razzberry" = press & hold Option (during game play) ("can be used to scare away the Scavengers in the Dream -Forest world - although it's probably quicker to just punch them.")

Various dedications:
0,0,7,* 1,5,9,# 2,2,0,4,7,3 3,4,4,7,0
0,1,0,2,7,1 1,5,9,* 2,2,7,1 4,5,6,8
1,2,3,0 1,5,9,0 2,7,2,6,9 9,3,1,0,0
1,2,4,5,7,8 2,1,1,1,6 3,4,0,8,0 9,6,2,7,2


Press and hold Opt 2 after the CGE intro screen to see a pic of the programmer, Carl Forhan.
Press A while paused to restore full hull.

Ruiner Pinball

To continue game with the same Defcon (in Ruiner) or same spells cast (in Tower) press at the "Game Over" sequence: 7 or 9

Skyhammer was completed and exists in flash rom format. A review of it was printed by Next Generation. Telegames was thinking of releasing it but it's a 32MB cartridge. They said the selling price would be $100 US because of that larger cartridge size, so they didn't want to produce it. A video clip is available at Atari Gaming Headquarters.
(Thanks to Tommy Oawe and Barry Laws, Jr.)

Skyhammer was released in 2000 as a regular cart, by Songbird Productions. It sold out early and it is unlikely that more carts will be made.

"You probably already know about the cheat I put in Skyhammer, as it is on the Web in more than one place. (In dock type *09101993# to 
get 50K credits, all weapons and promotion to next city - the number is the date I got married) There is at least one other cheat, but I can't remember how to get it. Chris Fox at Rebellion put it in, and it is activated by holding down patterns of keys to make big letters. He may 
still be there, in which case it is possible to email him, though I don't have the address. When you see the game, you will notice my name
in the credits. It's the one that changes colour..."
Cheers, Chris Blackmore

Also found:
1. If you type *09101993# in dock you get full weapons, big engine 50K credits and promotion next time you dock.
2. There is a tunnel in the NE quadrant of city 1 that recharges shields.

Space Ace
Replay scene: Pause, Pause

Super Burnout

  • Turbo Speed (at title screen): 1,9,6,7,2 (musical beep) (Note: Automatic transmission option must be active. When bike's speed reaches 175mph, turbo accelerate by pressing C or the firebutton configured for "nothing". Top speed is 343mph and speed records are not acknowledged or saved.)
  • "The Punisher" bike (at title screen): 2,1,7,9,4 (musical beep) (Note: "It's a high acceleration, high grip, fast bike. You can toast all previous lap records especially with the turbo. It's basically just the best bike!!")

Display Version Number:

  • While turning on the Jaguar, hold A+B+C.
Thanks to Super Burnout programmer Elysee Ade (via Fred Moreau).

SuperCross 3D

 Crash Replay:

  • Anytime during play, press Pause, then 1-5 to replay the first, second, third, fourth, or fifth crash. After the fifth crash, 5 becomes the most recent crash, 4 the second most recent, etc...


Cheats (enter as a company name):
-All missions, weapons, money: "TO THE TOP"
-For $100 million: "ROB A BANK", then use your own company name
-Play any Mission: "NUK THEM"
-Reload all weapons for free: save game then reload game.
Speed up game clock (20X): "WATCH THE CLOCK"

Tempest 2000
-Activation (at main menu) = 1+4+7+A ("Excellent")
-Commands (during game play):
    .Skip to Next Level = Option ("Outta Here")
    .Enable Warp Bonus Round = 6 ("Warp Enabled")


-Enable Rotary Controller (at Game Option menu):
    Press Pause on both controllers ("Excellent")

-Web Rotation (during Web Select screen):
   U/D = Web level
   L/R = Rotate toggle

-Invisible Web:
   Start any Tempest Plus game. Hold down Option (cheats must be active) until you get to the rainbow levels. The web 
   will be invisible during the rainbow levels only.

-Pause Bug:
   At the end of the Bacon/Jupiter River bonus round, press Pause just as it switches back to the main game (after
   approximately two & a half pulses of the "Excellent!" graphic).

-Secret Sheep:
   At the first "Jupiter" warp level, press pause, select music volume, and wait. Late in the track, you'll hear Flossie and 
   the sheep engaged in conversation. You can't hear this during normal play as the level ends before this section of the 
  music is played.

Theme Park


-All shops and rides:
    Sink all your money into shops research, then wait until April, two years later.

-Low Cost Super-ride:
    When laying a track ride, first do the world's smallest track. Then open it and immediately close it again. You can edit
    it now and make it huge and you'll only be charged for the first, small ride. One disadvantage: You will not win the
    "Biggest, tallest etc." ride of the year come awards time. Depending on how long you want to run your park, it may be
    better not to do this.

-Mass Transit:
    Create a tube ride (using low cost method) from one end of your park to the other. Put gates at both ends, but only
    connect the entrance on one end. Peeps will enter and be shuttled back to the other side of the park.

Adjust Screen Position (at any time): Option + L/R

Towers II


  • Change screen-size: Pause, C + (L/R)
  • Center screen: Pause, C + (U/D)
  • Secret room: In the test area (reached from the library on level 3), enter the test of magic. At the red square of 
    carpet with two candles use the levitation spell to see the secret room.
  • God Mode: Pause, 3+7, 1+9

Towers II Hints by Vince Valenti and Jag Jaeger
1. How do you unlock the gold doors on the first level?
Custodians have the responsibility of cleaning up all of the rooms in the tower. Try talking to them about keys. If they don't respond to pleasantries, well you know what to do next!
2. I am wandering around the first 3 levels, and I can't go farther?
In the throne room, behind the gold doors, is a locked secret door. No key will unlock that door, but there is something in that very same room that will.
3. I'm on the 2nd level in the chain room, what order do I pull the chains in?
One of the thieves gives you a hint on which chain to pull first. You know what chain to pull last by looking at the punctuation of the phrase on the scroll. Then it's just a matter of finding out which order to pull the other two chain levers in. Remember, it's a poem. If you make a mistake, you can always pull the reset chain, and try again.
4. There are 3 Iron Golems, guarding an entrance, that I can't kill! How do I get past them?
Those Iron Golems are pretty tough. In fact, chances are that nothing you possess right now can even hurt them. So, our best advice it to leave them be; at least for now.
5. Is there a trick to getting rid of the boulders in the Earth Elemental Room?
The four plates on the floor act as combinations to open up all the passage ways, two steps at a time.
6. What do you do with those tornado looking creatures (Air Elementals), they are not affected by anything?
They are made of air, everything goes through them. You need to find a spell that can affect air. Talk to the thief, down a pit, in the Earth Elemental area. You know, Earth Elementals, those creatures with no legs that hit really hard! Don't forget to make sure you have a way back up the pit, or you'll be trapped just like the thief.
7. How do you remove the sword from the boulder in the Fire Elemental area?
You must talk to another thief, this time down a pit in the domain of the Air Elementals.
8. I fully charged the Mace, but there is a door in the Water Elemental area that I can't unlock!
When you teleported into the library, there was a scroll that talked about the mishap on the upper levels, and how it was resolved. It read in part, "...Using the Mace, I have sealed the only exits to those floors. The Mace of Elements, which alone can unlock the door, has been drained..."
9. I have been eliminating the creatures in the undead level, and I have come across several Bleached Bones. What do I do with them?
These bones are the remains of the council members of Lamini. You must find a way to bring them back, so that you might gather some information from them. The scribe mentions foul green liquid that Daggan used to raise the dead. Find it, and bones will be no more.
10. I am finding pieces of a sword, what do I do with them?
There are three pieces of the Holy Sword, which you must mend. Sir Mordred makes reference to the "raw energy" that was created by Salvon as he tried to break free of his imprisonment. This energy can mend the sword.
11. Niniane keeps asking for a diamond, black pearl, and bloodstone. Where do I find them?
Back in the Elemental's domain, there are diamonds and pearls with the Earth Elementals and Bloodstones with the Fire Elementals.
12. I made my way to level 8, and I have not been able to progress further. What do I do?
You must be struck by two forms of energy to unlock the secret door. The only place where this can occur, is the same place where you activated that energy. Then you must find the secret door, which is marked between lights.
13. How do I open the gate on level 8, after the secret door?
Jared has the key. Did you revive him?
14. Salvon does not seem affected by anything that I possess. How do I get rid of him?
Salvon cannot be hurt by anything, except the Holy Sword and Aura of Death. You cannot advance until Salvon is banished once again.
15. I just passed Salvon, when I came across an Iron Golem. I can't seem able to pass him, the door behind him is locked and he seems difficult to kill.
This Golem is just like the ones at the entrance of the Library. Since he is made of iron, very little affects him. You must either use the Rust Sword, found from the scribe on level 6, or lightning to damage him. The plate will open the door, but you are too light to trigger it. The Golem must be killed on the plate to keep the door open.
16. How does one unlock the door to gain entrance into the treasury?
You don't! The treasury is just a red herring.
17. Around the perimeter of level 9, there are streams of lighting coming toward you, how do you get around it?
You must talk to the Marlands on this level and trade an item that will help you along. Several of them will offer you something in exchange for an item, or a favor.
18. There is a secret locked door on level 9 that I cannot get into. How do I open the door.
You have to first get a key from one of the Marlands, on the level above. He is not easily accessible, and he is behind a secret door.
19. I gave this Marland one of the two crystal balls, and he gave me a rainbow key, what do I do now?
That rainbow key is how you gain access to Daggan's secret office on level 9.
20. Some Marland keeps rambling about tests in the Library. What tests? What library?
Back down on the third level there were 3 Iron Golems guarding a door that you could not open. Well now you should have a spell and/or weapon to get past them. But, before you go down there, you will need 3 bronze keys. One is in Daggan's office, another is held by the skeleton in the undead levels, and a thief is holding one down a pit in the lower levels. The 4th key is held by one of the very golems guarding the entrance to the library.
21. I am on the top floor of the tower, and my path is blocked by a blue door and eight chains. What is the combination of these chains?
One of the Marlands on the 10th level talks about that floor being the key. Well, that floor is the key to these chains. There are eight boxed rooms that correspond to the eight chains on this level. You must find out which chains to pull.

Volume 1, Issue 2 JAGUAR EXPLORER ONLINE July 1, 1997


Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy

-High Score Bug: Get a score of several million and finish the game. An easy way of doing that is to activate the cheats, 
halt the background at a bunker and 'park' your ship on the bunker to receive tons of power-ups and points. When you get 
a score of several million, and finish the game the number 029 will appear (inexplicably?) in the top left corner of the title

Cheats: You need two controllers to activate and use this cheat:
-Activation (at title screen): 1,1,9,3 on controller 1(No confirmation) (11/93 = "Trevor's release date") during the game
press the following buttons on controller 2 to activate.

A = Speed up foreground scrolling
B = Slow down foreground scrolling
C = Fire special weapon without depleting inventory (
1 = Power up gun
2 = Cycle through bomb power-ups
3 = Mark other moons as completed
4 = Toggle ship invincibility
0 = Cycle through sound effects
* = Play selected sound effect
L/R = Background scrolling speed
Option = Skip to next stage

Troy Aikman Football

Score 2 extra touchdowns:
After you score a touchdown, press Option and call a time-out. You get 6 points and the ball at the 1 yard line. Then repeat. You can score up to 3 touchdowns per down (18 points).

Ultra Vortek

(at options screen):
-Uppercut Annihilations (during "Annihilation Time"):
  Uppercut opponent (D+Punch). Works with any character only on the "Stoned Poseidon", "Hell's Kitchen", or "Temple
  of the Vortek" stages.

-Anvil Annihilations (during "Inner City Chaos Stage" only):
  Do this far from opponent so you don't get crushed by the anvil that drops from the sky. D, D, D, then:
A (for Lucius, Dreadloc, and Skullcrusher)
B (for Volcana and Grok)
C (for Buzzsaw and Mercury).


-Enable speed selector option (at title screen):
1+5+9 ("fight" confirms) (can select "normal" or "turbo" speed)

-Hidden Backgrounds (during background select screen):
Subway Passage: *
Hidden Palace : #

-Hidden Characters:
Carbon: Must be on Hard or Killer level, one-player mode, "Earthquake Zone" stage, win a double perfect. Carbon will be on "Subway Passage" stage. Easy way to get a double perfect in "Earthquake Zone": at beginning of game, beat the first opponent then lose & continue for the others until "Earthquake Zone", then get in one hit and block until the timer runs out.

-Enable voice modem (at title screen):
9,1,1 (emergency on phone pad)

-Test Mode (enter at the "EYE"):

-Change Music/Sound FX/Volume (in the middle of a round):
Pause, A/B/C

Hidden Moves: 


  • Airgrab and Slam : U, D + P (close)
  • Bolo : T, T, J (far)
  • Gut Grinder : Aw + P@ (close)
  • Gut Spear : (charge) Aw, T, P (far)
  • Hi, Buzzsaw : T, T, P (far)
  • Pain Machine : (charge) Aw, T, K (far)
  • Ricochet Blades : UA, D + J
  • Bolo Beheading^ : T, T, T, J (far)
  • Screwed^ : D, T, P (not close)
  • Poopality^ : D, D, Aw, T, Aw, J, P, Hold K
  • Spear Dive : U, D, D, P (in air)
  • Back Off, Man! : T, P
  • Come to Daddy : T, T, P (far)
  • Fire Breath : T, Aw, P (far)
  • Jab (low) : D, P
  • Speed Slice : (charge) Aw, T, P (far)
  • Spin Staff : D, T, J
  • Volleyball^ : Aw, T, J (not close)
  • Shish Kebab^ : T, T, T, J (not close)
  • Poopality^ : D, D, Aw, T, Aw, J, P, Hold K
  • Boulder Bounce : UT, D + J
  • Boulder Morph : (charge) Aw, D + J (far)
  • Ground Pounder : (charge) Aw, J (far)
  • The Tenderizer : Aw + P@ (close)
  • Avalanche^ : Jump over opponent, D + K
  • Moon Shot^ : (charge) D + J (close)
  • Electrotherapy : T, Aw, P@ (close)
  • Spark Wave : T, T, K
  • Hawk Attack Low : U, D, J
  • Hawk Attack High : U, D + P (in air)
  • Hawk Teleport : U, J
  • Ground Lightning : D, T, P (far)
  • Air Lightning : U, T + P
  • Spinning Back Kick : Aw, K
  • Electric Death^ : T, T, Aw, P (close)
  • Hawk Decapitation^ : U, Aw, Aw, P (far)
  • Poopality^ : D, D, Aw, T, Aw, J, P, Hold K
  • Big Gooey : Aw, T, P@ (close)
  • Porcupine Spikes : D, D, P + K
  • Sawblade : (charge) Aw, T, K
  • Spinning Blade Sweep : D, D, K + J
  • Ground Beef^ : D, T, J
  • Rock'em Sock'em^ : T, T, P (not close)
  • Poopality^ : D, D, Aw, T, Aw, P, J, Hold K
  • Brain Fryin' Microwave : T, T, P (far)
  • Charged Particle Blast : Aw, T, J (far)
  • Choke & Thump : (charge) Aw, T + P (far)
  • Creeping Ground Blast : T, T, J (far)
  • Grim Dive of Death : (charge) D, U (far)
  • Knife Head Butt : Aw, T, P@ (close)
  • Stride & Slide : T, K (far)
  • Fatal Grip^ : T, T, Aw, J (not close)
  • Head, Well Done^ : (charge) Aw, T, J (far)
  • Fire-bomb : UA, D + P (in air)
  • Fire-breath : Aw, P@ (close)
  • Fireport Behind : D, Aw
  • Fireport Uppercut : (charge) D, U
  • Fire-roll : U, T, J (in air)
  • Fire-wall : (charge) Aw, K
  • Flame Blast : D, T, P (far)
  • Flying Fire-dive : (charge) Aw, T, J (far)
  • Blowtorch^ : T, T, Aw, P (close)
  • Shake 'n Bake^ : D, T, J (not close)


Val D'isere Skiing and Snowboarding


-Infinite chances (during time results at end of race):
Press Reset (* + #), then choose play from main menu.


-Secret menu (at the mode select screen): 4,0,8,5,7,4,1,4


Vid Grid CD

Instant solve (during game play): (4+7+8) + B


Virtual Light Machine

-External Input Mode:
    Close the drive lid without a CD and press A+*+#
-Freeze Swirls:
    Go to effect 9-1 (or any other hold-down-B-button effect). Hold down B to make the swirls appear. Release B 
    and quickly press 1-1 (or any other non-B-button effect) before the swirls disappear. Return to effect 9-1 (or any 
    other B-button effect). Now the swirls are in the state/size they were in when you left effect 9-1. Move the joypad 
    around and notice the swirls will stay without pressing B. They will stay frozen in the other B-button effects. To cancel
    the freeze, press B.
-Spectrum Trigger Configuration Menu:
   In VLM mode: * + 0 + 1 + 3
-Effects Configuration Menu: 
   From the Spectrum Menu (see above): U,D (8 times).

Hacking the VLM
By: Jeff "Yak" Minter

A Brief Introduction

The Good News
There is a backdoor left in the VLM which allows the user to get at the edit mode that was used to create the banks of VLM effects. You can get in there and roll-your-own FX, and it's not hard to come up with stuff that is a *lot* better than many of the default FX.

The Bad News
There is no provision for saving your hacks. They are entirely transient, and you can wave them bye-bye as soon as you switch to another FX bank - and unfortunately, whenever you open the lid of the Toilet to change the CD, it switches banks into a special Jaguar-logo bank, and it's bye-bye hacks. Bummer, I wish it didn't do that, 'coz otherwise I'd just leave my VLM on all the time and evolve 9 banks worth of top hacks...

Also, the edit interface is buggy and pretty user-hostile; it's got no error-checking and it's possible to crash the VLM, or slow it down to a crawl, if you tweak certain parameters out of range. Hell, it was never intended for end-users, only for use by a certain deranged bovine.

Why Bother Then?
Because it's fun. Because if you're interested, you can find out a lot about how the VLM works. Because a lot of the default FX are fairly non-optimal, largely 'coz at the time I was designing the banks I had pneumonia and was feeling like sh*t, and I always find that I make better FX when I feel good. And although you can't save the hacks, you can do what I do, and keep a tape in the VCR and lay down some vid whenever you come up with a particularly nice one.

How Do I Get There?
Easy. Select the effect you want to base your hack on. Then, in VLM-mode, hold down *,1,3,0 on the Jaggi control pad. This should bring up a menu called Spectrum and Triggers. That's not it though - that was just a red herring to confuse people looking for the hack ;-). While on the Spectrum and Triggers screen, press up, down, up, down... 8 times (so the cursor wraps from Trigger 1 to Trigger 5 and back again 8x) and then the display will change to Edit Mode. At that point you're in.

What Do I Do When I Get There Then?
Okay, first it helps to have some idea of what is going on inside any particular VLM setting. Each individual setting consists of up to six effects, each of which can take a sh*tload of parameters, which define how that effect changes over time. Parameters can be attached to waveform generators, to user control from the joypad, or to the spectrum triggers to create an audio-responsive effect.

The most common types of effect you will see in the VLM are:

  • Digital Video Feedback area: DVF is what gives you all those cool swirly screen-filling patterns and persistence fields. It is, however, quite an expensive effect in terms of proc power (one is throwing rather a lot of pixels around doing scaled rotates of the entire screen)... if you can live with a smaller DVF area on some of the effects the speed and responsiveness of many of the effects can be greatly enhanced. I have a whole new class of 60Hz feedback FX that I could kick myself for not putting in the default banks...
  • Draw Spectrum As Intensities: This basically plots the output of the FFT through the symmetry generator. On its own, or combined with DVF, this is a good setting to use for effects that you want to be precisely audio- reactive. Put it over some nice DVF or a persistence field, llovely.
  • Draw a Ring of Pixels: Does just that, through the sym generator, with various parameters applied so you can change phases, number of points, pixel size, etc... a very versatile thing, simple though it is.
  • Draw Plasma: Draws a tile of plasma on the screen. Useful for putting in the middle of a nice DVF field as a source effect. Can be programmed to flash on trigger band events too. Try hooking oscillators up to the XY position when it's in a 60Hz DVF field - yummy.

Empty slots cannot be edited. Time was when pushing B on an empty slot would bring up two pages worth of FX that you could build in there, but sadly that came out. I wish I had never taken it out now. Damn, and I wish I had not removed Save Bank either...

There are a few others, starfields and the like. Play with them. Some of them are quite cool.

Fiddling Around With Stuff
When you press B to edit an effect, you are presented with three choices - Edit source function, which allows you to see and tweak the parameters that make up the basis of the effect; Edit symmetry generator, which allows you to twiddle with the sym generator, for effects that go through that pipe (not all FX do - DVF and the plasma don't use the sym gen at all, so changing stuff on their sym generator pages does nothing useful); and Edit Source Waves. Each effect has 8 programmable waveform generators which can be attached to any of the parameters defining the effect or the symmetry. Edit Source Waves is where you go to adjust the speed, waveform etc of the waveform generators.

Edit Source Function
If you enter this menu, you will be presented with a list of the variables which control how that effect is displayed. In a DVF effect's Source Function menu, for example, you will see parameters controlling the Window Size, Scale, Rotate Angle, etc. You are free to cursor around this menu, twiddle the values, and see what happens to the display. (It helps to have a CD playing while you fiddle, so that all the effects are active and you can see what you are doing).

Menu items with (X,Y) after them represent pairs of variables. When you select a variable to edit, you will be presented with a slider, a 2-way slider, a position marker, or crosshairs, depending on the effect. Just use the joypad to change the values. Anything you change will stay changed for the life of your hack (that is until you change banks or open the Toilet).

While editing a variable, you may see the message 'Press * to Attach Waveforms'. If you press *, it takes you to the Attach Waveforms screen, which has a totally crappy and confusing UI, but which is nonetheless the key to the cooler aspects of VLM usage. It works in conjunction with the Waveform Edit page, and in a sane and rational world, would have been integrated in with that page.

The wonderfully-informative Attach Waveforms screen presents two rows of the numbers 1-8. The top row represents waveform generators linked to this variable. If one or more of these numbers are highlighted, it means there are generators already linked to this variable.

You can attach or detach a generator to the variable by pressing the corresponding number key 1-8. You can attach as many generators as you like - the resultant waveform is the sum of all the input waveforms.

You also can adjust the amplitude of the waveform here. Dismally, there is no display actually showing you the amplitude - you just have to watch the display to see the result and kinda fish about. Also, for some inane reason, if the waveform is attached to an X-component you adjust the amplitude with left/right, and if it is a Y component you use up and down. I think I was planning to put in an actual display of the waveforms here, but I got ill and never finished it off. As it is, it's sucky and counterintuitive. Oh well...

The bottom row of 8 numbers allows you to modulate the attached waveform(s) with the output of an envelope generated by any of the five spectrum trigger generators. You press #, then the number of the trigger 1-5 (6, 7 and 8 are for the three joypad buttons) to toggle the trigger attach. And for some reason, like it was never properly debugged, when you toggle a trigger off, often the digit in the bottom row will not de-highlight. Oops.

After you have attached waveforms, you will probably want to mosey on over to the...

Edit Source Waves Menu
Here, you can select a waveform generator by cursoring up and down. While the cursor is on a generator, that wave is displayed in the blue box. You can increase or decrease the frequency with A and C, and slip the phase by Left/Right. You can change the wave type by pressing a number on the numeric pad. User X and User Y translate to the 'position' controlled by the joypad in VLM Interactive mode.

Edit Symmetry Generator
A very interesting place to be for all those particle effects and anything else that goes through the sym generator. In this menu you can twiddle, attach waveforms to and generally piss about with everything to do with symmetry.

The sym generator uses two basic kinds of symmetry, planar 8-way reflection, which is quick, and rotational, which is very nice but considerably slower. The two types can be combined. Many of the items on the Symmetry page only apply to Rotational symmetry, and will have no effect if Rotational is switched off.

You set the sym types under the Symmetry Type menu, not surprisingly. Pressing 9 on this page toggles rotational sym off and on, and due to quite possibly the same bug as on the Waveform Attach screen, often the '9' in the middle will be incorrectly highlighted. It's usually pretty obvious when rotational is on though. Keys 1-8 toggle on and off the planes of the 8-way symmetry. Set up your types, and then go and have a fiddle with the parameters as in the Edit Source Function mode.

Since you can't add or delete effects, the nature of your hacks will be in part defined by what effect types are in the bank you choose to edit, so if you want to do a lot of DVF stuff, try bank 3 or 4, and if you like particles, bank 1 or 2, and so on. You can switch between, and hack, all effects within a bank, but *if you change banks they are lost*. Be careful!

And, basically, there we have it (as I said to Flossie as I led her into the concealing darkness of the sheep-shed). Enough stuff to get you started playing about with VLM editing. Apologies for the crappy UI, but I never had time to really bring it up to scratch before I got that bloody pneumonia. As it is it was about a year between finishing the VLM code and the release of the CD-ROM, and I wish I had been able to spend a few more months at it. Both the FX and the edit mode could have been a lot nicer! Oh well, next time... I've already got some awesome stuff running on [closes his muzzle and remembers the three letters N, D and A] ;-)

And oh yeah, I better mention:

CAVEATS: Here Be Bugs 'n' Beasties!

The error checking on the UI is at best sucky and at worst nonexistent. It is quite possible to either choke up the VLM with some incredibly intensive sym mode that will have it doing one frame per Sunday, and you can even kill it with an honest to Ghu, thank-you-and-goodnight, little-silicon-legs-in-the-air crash. There are a few danger areas which I shall warn you of now:

  • Positioning a DVF window too far off the edge of the screen can kill the system.
  • Attaching waveforms to DVF window size and position can be fatal. Look out!
  • Attaching waveforms to the Rotational Symmetry Order can cause it to wrap to negative, which translates to something greater than 32767, which, as a sym order, will cause the system to choke most heinously. Won't kill it, but the frame rate will be measured in minutes per frame hehe...


Don't worry, killing the system will not do any permanent damage. The default banks are tucked away snug in ROM and will be restored when you restart the system, no matter how badly you take it down.

Well, I shall go and post this now... have fun and Happy Hacking!

\ (:-) - the Beastly Boanthrope /

Volume 1, Issue 2 JAGUAR EXPLORER ONLINE July 1, 1997

White Men Can't Jump
White Men Can't Jump was sold with the Team Tap peripheral.

Dunks list:

  1. Preppies (wearing sweatervests with logos):
    • Jules, Mace, Dr. Ed, O. G., Titan, Gruff
    • DD, U, R, UD, RL
  2. Women:
    • Stress, Wisp, Rio, Sully, Hail, Twitch
    • LR, LL, R, DU, DRU
  3. Arm Outs (dribble with the other arm out at a 45 degree angle):
    • Freaky, Eggman, G. Love, Stomp, Smack, Grip
    • LU, RR, L, DU, ULD
  4. Belly Rubbers (when dribbling towards you they rub their bellies):
    • Saber, Hack, Burger, Rabies, Van, Fence
    • LD, RD, L, DD, RUL
  5. Handshakers ("These guys are hilarious! They sort of "groove" while they dribble. In profile when they're dribbling 
    they look like they're offering to shake hands."):
    • Rush, Scrape, Tower, Slag, Goose, Skin
    • D, DU, UU, L, RDL


Wolfenstein 3D

Cheats (during game play, unless otherwise noted):
God Mode = 4,6,6,8
Full Inventory = 4,9,9,6
Next Level = 4,7,8,6
Previous Level = 4,6,9,6
Floor/mission menu = 1+3+7+9 (at main menu)

Eggs (during game play, unless otherwise noted):
Music Menu = # (at "Ball" title screen)
Refresh Info = 4,8,8,7

World Tour Racing CD
Race as a Bus: 4 + 'start race' then change camera viewpoint to view the race bus. Try 3 "Chase 2"
-Track-edit Mode: 0 + 'start race' then restart race to see changes
-Texture-map Track Toggle: 8 (during game-play or demo)

First-place Race Codes (Championship Simulation)
U.S.A. Hungary Germany Brazil San Marino
00000000 00000000 00000001 00000001 00000001
39721063 79441102 19216456 58991638 98766992
37889812 40151109 30780394 42882646 34187162
64384072 63200081 70080120 83520168 41920200
Monaco Mexico Canada France England
00000002 00000002 00000003 00000003 00000003
29801569 69577264 09297645 48963393 88739088
19696667 55991186 03905186 53418674 89709025
44320244 22720312 61120325 99520396 68960400
Portugal Italy Egypt Australia Japan
00000004 00000004 00000005 00000005 00000005
28514442 68180184 08065487 47841182 78875418
80338310 88966342 81124970 08711517 54587794
75840467 24640487 08640556 96224567 39207006

Originally intended to be a Jaguar exclusive, Worms came out for just about every other platform first.

Cheat codes:
After the landscape is generated, press B and enter code.

Recall Last Played Level 1471
Allow All Levels ALL
Only Alien Levels ALIEN
Only Arctic Levels ARCTIC
Only Candy Levels CANDY
Only Desert Levels DESERT
Only Forest Levels FOREST
Only Hell Levels 666
Only Junkyard Levels JUNK
Only Martian Levels MARS


Cool Landscapes:
After the landscape is generated, press B and enter code.

62997503 Injun Joe's Hideout - Desert
OUCH King of the hill - Forest
BEN Two sides of the ocean - Hell
24833916 Flat and featureless - Hell
TISSOGDRIT Flat w/evenly spaced statues - Alien
WILTON Flat w/evenly spaced snowmen - Arctic
MYSTEE Flat w/trees - Forest
731931229 Long bridge - Ice
99289 Long bridge - Forest
HOPELESS Long bridge - Forest
BADRAN Long bridge - Desert
SEAGULL Long bridge - Candy
02180719 Big columns, bottomless - Arctic
02182719 Big columns, bottomless - Hell
02184719 Big columns, bottomless - Beach
02186719 Big columns, bottomless - Junkyard
02188719 Big columns, bottomless - Arctic
7373888390 Big columns - Hell
8131166523 Short columns - Beach
02183719 Big dome - Forest
02185719 Big bowl - Alien
02187719 Slope/dome - Arctic
02189719 Slope/dome - Beach
70345 Shallow slope w/bars - Candy
7007230 Big slope - Arctic
416241 Caverns of Viet Nam - Forest
LOSE Outcrop at sea - Martian
66888 Tiny outcrop at sea - Junkyard
980351 Pedestal at sea - Alien
HIDEYHOLE Bigger pedestal at sea - Forest
75912494 Yet another pedestal at sea - Forest
98620 Caverns of Mars - Martian
TRIFECTA Underground maze - Hell
CLITO Underground maze II - Hell
8878942 Trash heap at sea - Junkyard
3333333333 Bridge and land bridge - Forest

Zero 5

Mission Unlock Codes:
At the Options screen, select Change Mission and highlight the high mission to be unlocked. Hold Pause while entering code. Sound confirms.

  • 1 : 0,5,0,5,0,5
  • 1-2: 6,8,9,2,1,4
  • 1-3: 1,2,2,1,6,9
  • 1-4: 6,7,6,3,9,6
  • 1-5: 4,9,3,1,7,5
  • 1-6: 3,2,9,7,8,1
  • 1-7: 7,4,8,6,2,7
  • 1-8: 2,4,9,3,4,7
  • 1-9: (unknown)
  • 1-10: 2,7,6,5,4,9
  • 1-11: 1,0,7,8,4,0
  • 1-12: 2,9,7,4,3,0
  • 1-13: 9,2,1,7,5,3
  • 1-14: 3,8,5,1,7,9
  • 1-15: 9,0,1,9,3,4
NOTE: Entering a mission-unlock code will lock all missions above and beyond that one, even if you've previously 
unlocked them.

Zool 2

Cheats (at options screen):
-Infinite health = 1,1,2,7,5 (Rooster sound)
-99 Lives = 3,1,9,6,5 (Rooster sound)
-Bonus Rounds enabled = 3,1,8,6,7 (Rooster sound)

Level Codes (at options screen):
Bulberry Hill first stage = 7,7,7,4,9 (Rooster sound)
-Tooting Common first stage = 8,8,5,6,3 (Rooster sound)
-Snaking Pass first stage = 3,3,6,6,6 (Rooster sound)
-Mount Ices first stage = 1,1,9,6,8 (Rooster sound)
-Mental Blockage start = 9,1,2,6,6 (Rooster sound)