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POW LOCATIONS-(Duty 1, Area 1)
First Bridge with Motar. Hit left side of the bridge with gernade. (5 Soldiers & 1 Boulder)
POW LOCATIONS-(Duty 1, Area 2)
First Bridge after Fox Holes. Hit right side of the bridge with gernade. (2 Soldiers & Spiders & Bats)
POW LOCATIONS-(Duty 1, Area 3)
Hut on extreme right, the screen after the knife. Hit near corner of the hut. (Secret Arrow Booby Trap)
POW LOCATIONS-(Duty 2, Area 2)
First Bridge. Hit right side of the bridge with gernade. (2 Soldiers & Spiders & Bats)

Green-Blue-Blue-Red (Desert, Ice Cavern, Castle, Lair)

Dig Dug
Continue game play:
Repeatedly tap Left Fire after the last life is lost.

Double Dragon
Hint: Defeating the Shadow Boss:
Avoid fighting the Shadow Boss' companions during that battle. They will automatically disappear when the Shadow Boss is defeated.

Fatal Run
Skip first 28 levels:
Enter TURTLE as a code at the title screen.

START AT LEVEL 2-(city 5) enter EAGLE1 @ Passcode screen
START AT LEVEL 3-(city 9) enter ZEBRA @ Passcode screen
START AT LEVEL 4-(city 13) enter LYNX @ Passcode screen
START AT LEVEL 5-(city 17) enter HORNET8 @ Passcode screen
START AT LEVEL 6-(city 21) enter DOLPHIN @ Passcode screen
START AT LEVEL 7-(city 25) enter GORIRILAS @ Passcode screen
START AT LEVEL 8-(city 29) enter TURTLE @ Passcode screen

Mean 18
Hole in one at hole #4:
Gently tap the joystick once to the left. If done correctly, the flag should be in a staright line with the golfer. All you 
need to do to get a hole in one is hit the perfect swing! This includes maximum distance. If you do, you should see
the ball skid into the hole for an amazing shot!!!

LEVEL 2- Novice: 7967 Expert: 8015
LEVEL 3- Novice: 9682 Expert: 8429
LEVEL 4- Novice: 2728 Expert: 5232
LEVEL 5- Novice: 4149 Expert: 0469
LEVEL 6- Novice: 2909 Expert: 9549
LEVEL 7- Novice: 3063 Expert: 3738
LEVEL 8- Novice: 5229 Expert: 2531
LEVEL 9- Novice: 9030 Expert: 3823
LEVEL 10- Novice: 0779 Expert: 1735
LEVEL 11- Novice: 2955 Expert: 3368
LEVEL 12- Novice: 5829 Expert: 2891
LEVEL 13- Novice: 3212 Expert: 1020
LEVEL 14- Novice: 6652 Expert: 7402
LEVEL 15- Novice: 8692 Expert: 2245
LEVEL 16- Novice: 1416 Expert: 6157
LEVEL 17- Novice: 4761 Expert: 1024
LEVEL 18- Novice: 0844 Expert: 5485
LEVEL 19- Novice: 7571 Expert: 4264
LEVEL 20- Novice: 8735 Expert: 7192

Ninja Golf
How Many Hits to Kill the Dragons in:
HOLE 1- 6 Hits
HOLE 2- 7 Hits
HOLE 3- 8 Hits
HOLE 4- 9 Hits
HOLE 5- 10 Hits
HOLE 6- 11 Hits
HOLE 7- 12 Hits
HOLE 8- 13 Hits
HOLE 9- 14 Hits

Scrapyard Dog
Change background music:
Press the Left Difficulty switch.
Hint: Completing level 2-3:
There is a large gap in level 2-3 that Louie must cross. Jump on the middle sewer pipe, then jump on the pipe to the left. Walk to the left edge of this pipe and, then run to the right. Continue running until Louie reaches the edge of the third, and lowest, pipe in the series. Then, jump to cross over the sludge gap.
Three extra magic cans:
On the second level (Eisenhower Lane) Go to the end of the ledge you are standing under at the beginning of the level.
If placed correctly, you can jump three times for three magic cans.

Tower Toppler
Level select:
Move the difficulty switches to the left at the beginning of the game, when the frog-alien is getting out of the BA-1. 
Then you will proceed through the next towers. When you want to get off at a tower, move the switches to the right.
The frog-man will then get out of the sub so you can climb the tower.

Unlimited lives:
Use the "Level select" code to choose the tower immediately before the desired tower to be played with unlimited lives. After moving the switch back to the right, intentionally lose all lives. Move the Left Difficulty switch to the left after the last life is lost, but before the game over screen appears. The next tower will appear. Move the switch back to the right to begin game play with unlimited lives.
(OR:When you lose your last life, quickly flip the left difficulty switch to the right. If done correctly, the sub should take you 
to the next tower. Be sure to flip the switch back to the left when the frog-man is getting out of the sub.)
Defeat the final tower:
There are four doors at the top of the final tower. You must choose one to enter the control room to detonate the tower. 
The correct door is the third one from your vantage point.