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" Gamers weekend on 2-3-4 November 2007

With a 'USED GAMES & CONSOLES FAIR' on Saturday 03-11-2007

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Eurocon is a annual convention for the classic game enthusiasts who gather
 together for playing, selling, trading, chatting, socializing, laughing and drinking beer (or wine or...)

The conventions are small in size (about 20-30 people attend the full weekend)
 so you can really get to know each other.

There is a regular group who attend every year, but new faces are always welcome!
So if you want to join, please do so, and sign up.

Here are some pictures of last year`s Eurocon: (for more pictures see page 'links')


A typical Eurocon weekend will usually include some if not all of the following activities: 
gaming contests, a sale and trade session  (also open to the public)  an auction, a quiz, 
a "show and tell" session (where a collector talks about a centerpiece of their collection),
and sometimes a night out on the town.

This year is the eighth time it is held. 
It started in 1999 in the Netherlands. Here is an overview of the previous Eurocon party`s:

1999 Amsterdam, Netherlands
2001 St Annes (near Blackpool), UK
2002 Vienna, Austria (
Austrocon, a Eurocon in all but name!)
2003 Karlsruhe, Germany
2004 Scheveningen, Netherlands
2005 Bochum, Germany
2006 Great Eccleston (near Blackpool), UK

We hope to make this year`s Eurocon as enjoyable as the previous ones were!
If you have any questions: do get in touch.  

email  sgoedhart (at)